Sienna and Harry bump into each other after having not seen other for two years. But something's about to change.


2. 2

Before I start this chapter, I just wanted to tell you guys the actors I imagine as I write my story (In case you were curious hehe)
Obviously all the One Direction members as themselves.
Kendall Jenner - Sienna
Sebastian Stan - Carter
Ariana Grande - Hayley (Sienna's work friend) 
Taylor Swift - Sophie


Now that that's done, here's chapter 2!

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- Sienna -


Carter picked me up at 12:30 right on time. He looked amazing with a white t-shirt and jeans, his brown hair pushed back and his 10 million dollar smile. I've never seen without his suit before.

"You look great" He grinned at me.

I'm wearing my new white skinny jeans with loose black singlet and black ankled high heeled boots.

"Thanks Carter." I blushed. "You do too, really good actually."

"Shall we?" He held his hand out.

I nodded and took it as he led me to his black Audi.

Here I am, sitting opposite Harry with Carter by my side. Harry's slut of a girlfriend is on the other side of Carter. I think her name is Sarah? Sabrina? Sally? I don't really care, to be honest. This couldn't get awkward enough.

"So, what do you do for a living Carter?" Harry tries to make conversation.

"He works at the publishing company I work at." I answer for him. "He actually has a job."

"Singing is a job." Harry snaps. "And I'm asking your boyfriend here."

Carter widens his eyes when Harry says 'boyfriend'. For all he knows, we're just having a friendly double date. Well, not for long. I can't stand looking at Harry for another minute.

"Um" Carter clears his throat. "What do you do Harry?"

Harry looks at him, eyes wide. "You mean you haven't seen me or heard of me before?"

Carter shakes his head and I smirk.

"He's in the world's biggest boy band." I say sarcastically and use air quotes when I say 'world's biggest boy band'.

"One Direction?" Sarah snaps.

"Ohh, never heard of them." Carter replies cooly and I let out a laugh, causing Harry to glare at me.

"Carter is classy and smart." I my hand on Carter's thigh, making sure Harry sees before kissing him on the cheek. "Unlike some people." I roll my eyes at Harry before kissing Carter on the lips this time. He's taken back at first but he slowly eases into it.

Harry clears his throat and I pull back and smirk at him.

"What do you do as a job Sarah?" I turn to look at her. "Gold dig?"

"Actually, it's Sophie. And she isn't a fucking gold digger." Harry snaps at me, not giving Sophie a chance to answer. 

"Really? Because it sure does seem that way, two years ago and right now." 

"Wait what?" Carter asks.

"Well she's not. At least she's not a stubborn bitch like you are." Harry continues.

"I'm not a cocky man whore." I say icily.

"Selfish slut"


"You're unbelievably rude, you know that?"

"Well you're-"

"Ok! We get it!" Carter interrupts us. "Jeez, enough already!"

I'm glaring at Harry, fuming with anger and he the same.

Carter continues. "Look, you two obviously have had some sort of past. And you obviously have more things to sort out. But do it in your own time."

He gets up and takes his wallet out before leaving a hundred dollar note behind.

"Where are you going?" I ask.

"I'm leaving."

"But the food hasn't arrived yet! This is one of the best restaurants in New York! I'll leave too then." I get up to join him.

"No, you stay." He insists. "I'm leaving. Maybe your friend here can take you home." He storms out of the restaurant and I run after him. I hear Harry laugh behind me and I turn to face him.

"Thanks for ruining everything." I yell at him and he smirks.


"Nice seeing you again Sally. Not really." I say to her icily.

"It's Sophie" She replies back in her dumb voice and I roll my eyes.


I run to catch up with Carter outside the restaurant just as he unlocks the car.

"Carter! Wait!" I call out and he turns to face me.

"What now Sienna? What more do you want to do?" He runs his hand through his hair and takes a deep breath.

"Don't leave, please! Or we could go somewhere else and eat, I know you're starving. I sure am."

"Why? Aren't you done with using me?"

"What do you mean?"I pretend not to know what he's talking about.

"Oh come on Sienna" He rolls his eyes. "You were obviously using me to make Harry jealous. I mean, did you think I wouldn't see? I'm not a fucking idiot."

I look down and fiddle with the hem of my shirt.

"I thought you were the nice one. You're so lovely to everyone. I thought that when you wanted to go out with me, it was because you wanted to and you see us becoming something. Obviously, I was wrong. But whatever," He shrugs. "I'm gonna go now. I'll see you at work on Monday."

"Wait!" I grab his arm. "Carter, I'm so sorry. You're right, I did use you, but you don't understand! Harry is a dick! He dumped me for that girl and I needed to show him I've moved on after two fucking years. I'm sorry ok, I know I was wrong and I understand if you never forgive me but just know that I really am sorry." 

I look down. I probably sound like crazy desperate ex. I'm about to turn and walk away when Carter grabs my arm.

"Thanks for being honest." He whispers.

I sigh. "I couldn't bear using you like that. But when I was in there, my hatred towards Harry took the best of me."

Carter lets out a little laugh. "You did kiss me."

"And you were a pretty good kisser." I reply and immediately turn bright red.

"Was I now?" He raises his eyebrows. 

I nod shyly. "Look, again, I'm truly sorry for putting you through that."

"I forgive you Sienna." He tucks a strand of hair behind my ears and I don't know how, but suddenly we only inches apart. I can feel his mint breath and our noses are nearly touching. 

Before I know it, he's leaning in and kissing me on the lips. A gentle, sweet kiss. I kiss him back and I can taste his minty breath. Without sliding his tongue in, he pulls back almost too quickly and it takes me a second to get back to reality.

"You wanna go grab some lunch somewhere but here?" He grins at me and I nod.

"Definitely, I'm starving!" I say and he opens the car door for me.

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