invisible, they are like us in ways they have the same looks the same details but there's one difference there eyes you see that's how you can tell, they stand out stranger than any eyes you've ever seen, changing constantly


2. revaluations

That week went fast, Clayton slowly started to grow on me, his warm smile and his welcoming eyes made me feel as if I could trust him, I was wrong he lies, he lies to your face, he lies behind your back, he always lies but I always believe him I don’t know why but I always believe him. I think it’s because of his eyes whenever he tells me something which ends up being a lie his eyes turn grassy green.

Clayton had sat with us every day for the past few weeks but something was wrong with him this week something i couldnt explain, as the week passed I noticed some thing odd happening to Clayton, he was becoming weaker, not like tiered kind of weaker, but as in physically weaker, one day he could barley even walk, that's when I noticed his eyes were once again grey, like the life had being sucked out of them, like he was dying,little did I know that Clayton wasn't really human.

As I entered Clayton's house that afternoon I noticed something about him, he always put his hood up when he went out side, anyone would think he's a vampire, "Clayton, are you alright? you seem a little pale" I asked his reply was more of a statement than an answer "Isebelle theres some thing you need to know, your not human Isabelle and neither am I, I'm a vampire Isabelle, but you could tell I wasnt human couldn't you? I saw it every time you looked at me I saw it in your eyes, you can see my eyes changing cant you?" I was in utter shock all my life had just been flipped upside down, I wasnt human?? Vampires are real, only I could see them, so I was different.

"what am I" I shout begging for the truth but the answer never comes.

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