invisible, they are like us in ways they have the same looks the same details but there's one difference there eyes you see that's how you can tell, they stand out stranger than any eyes you've ever seen, changing constantly


3. Clara

Two weeks have passed since that day and I still don't know what I am all I know is I'm not human, as each day goes by I slow forget about the talk with Clayton, talk of the devil here he comes now, with his new friend Clara, she's so blind can't she tell he's not normal the way he lust after her he wants her dead, he wants her blood.

I should warn her but then who am I to interfere for all I know I could be wrong maybe it's jealousy. Wait what? In not jealous why would I be jealous ? I don't even like Clayton do I? But then again he dose have that amazing hair and magical eyes and wait what? No he's not even human how could I like him ? Ergh why is everything so complicated?

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