Little things (1D fanfiction/Liam Payne)

Samantha didn't know she was going to fall in love, she didn't know that he would leave her and most importantly she didn't know they would meet again but not recognise one another. They fall in love all over again not knowing they had loved before.


1. Chapter 1

I don't know how long I had been laying here in the open field. I sighed as I relaxed. I watched the clouds pass by quickly so it had been some time. The field was between the forest near my town. People thought it was dangerous but to me it was my safe haven. Nobody could disturb me or make me feel like I don't belong.

My phone rang in my pocket. I sat up and pulled it out to find my mom calling me. I groaned and picked her call. "Where the hell have you been? You better not be in the forest again you know how dangerous it is out there!" She went on and started a rant.

"I'm coming home stop yelling please I'm getting a headache, you know my condition mom" I told her. She sighed and said okay then I hung up. Don't get me wrong I love my mom but she has been a bit harsh on me the year back along with my dad and aunt so I went into depression at a young age.

I sighed which I have been doing a lot no surprise here. I got up and started walking out of the forest. I got to the road and put my headphones in and started listening to pitbull because that's what is hit in 2009. While walking I noticed a poster. It was about a talent show and the winner would get to go to the top school in England according to their talent category. It wouldn't hurt to try would it?

I took the poster off and put it in my bag. No harm done because there were tons of those posters hanging around everywhere so I'm guessing its a big show.

I walked home and opened my front door. I walked inside to find my family in the living room watching the X factors. "Samantha look! X factor is on come join us." And so I did. I took the poster out of my bag and showed it to my parents. "Can I join it please? I wanna do something with my life." I said sighing yet again.

"Sure kiddo you can go ahead but what are you going to do?" My dad asked. "Singing because I'm actually pretty good at it." I told him. "Alright I'm calling them to sign you up."

"Yes her name is Samantha Wilde. She's 15. Yeah that's right. Okay thank you bye." He hung up. "Auditions are tomorrow at 10 am. Be ready kiddo I'll drop you off." He said and ruffled my hair up. I nodded and said thanks then went up to my room. I did my homework and checked the time. 9:45 pm I should sleep. I thought about why I would sing tomorrow and soon drifted off to sleep.

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