Guitars, Postcards and Love || N.H

Ally and Niall knew. They understood the struggle they'd put in just to see each other for a few special moments, when they first met. Memories were all they had to comfort them while they were apart. That and postcards. There are only so many ways to reconnect and remember the love they shared. For Niall and Ally it's Guitars, Postcards and Love.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter One


   "Do you have to go?" I asked sadly, his hand taking mine. I looked up into his eyes, a few tears falling as he frowned. This wasn't easy for both of us but I think we both knew I was going to be more depressed about this then he was. He nodded glumly as I sniffled, letting my hand fall.

   "I'm sorry princess." He spoke quietly, pressing a gentle kiss to my lips. Something I would miss for several months. I don't know how I could live the way I had before. Trapped within my room, a friend of nobody.

   "Mr. Horan? It's time to say your final goodbyes." The bodyguard spoke as he nodded.

   "I love you princess. As soon as the plane gets to a high enough altitude, we'll video chat?" He asked as I nodded, a slight smile pulling at my lips. At least I'd be able to see him. That's all that mattered to me.

   "Mr. Horan." The guy urged. He nodded, pressing a soft kiss to my forehead before picking up his bags and walking towards the private jet.

   "Bye princess."

   "Bye Nialler!" I called out as he followed in behind all the boys. The door close and I stood watching. After several minutes, the plane began moving forward and in no time at all, had lifted into the air. I watched it until I couldn't see it any longer and tears continuously fell down my face. I walked back, several screaming girls toning down as they watched me walk back. One girl in particular grasped my arm, stopping me.

   "I know it must be hard for you.I'm sorry!" She spoke as I smiled. Most of the girls were screaming hateful things at me so to know there's a girl who understood; it felt good. 

   " is." I replied, looking up at the sky where you could no longer see any speck of the plane. He had left and I was stuck for five months at least, waiting for his return. This was his first tour since we met and neither of us had expected it to be as hard letting go, as it actually was.

   "Do you want to talk about it?" She asked as I looked at her oddly.

   "You don't hate me for being Niall's girlfriend?"

   "Of course not! You've given me no reason to hate you so why should I?" She asked as something warm spurted within me. I wished more people were like her, understanding. Yet still, most fans decided to take it to their own will, calling me nasty, horrible things.

   "Are you still up for talking about it?" I asked with a chuckle as she nodded with a smile.

   "How about you come over later?"

   She nodded excitedly as I wrote down my address, giving it to her. She promised not to tell anybody and I trusted her with that. We bid our goodbyes and I was soon off in my car, driving home. The car felt empty without Niall in the backseat, sleeping so he could stay awake on the plane. It felt empty without Niall sitting in the passenger seat, singing quietly to himself. It felt all around empty and I hated it.

   Time passed quickly and before I knew it, Evie had come over. I learned that's what her name was. I allowed her in as she thanked me, pulling her shoes off and setting them by the door.

   "Here, go to the living room and I'll make us something to snack on." I smiled as she nodded, walking over to the couch. I laughed silently, looking down at her socks. She wore Harry socks. My smile remained as I fixed us some tea. I hurried to set them on the coffee table out front, but instead of making a snack we opted for ordering an extra large pizza. Niall would be proud.

   The pizza came within ten minutes, and we were soon talking and eating. A ringing interrupted our conversation and I gasped in recognition. It was my laptop. I hurried to get it from the dining table, running back to the living room and setting it on my lap. I signaled for Evie to be quiet and I opened it, answering the call.

   Niall's face popped on screen as Evie let out a silent gasp. I chuckled quietly as Niall looked closer at the screen.

   "Hey princess." He smiled, his cheeks flushing red.

   "Hey Nialler!" I replied, signaling for Evie to wait before I introduced her.

   "I miss you so much babe." He spoke, his smile turning into a frown.

   "I miss you too! More then you could imagine." I sighed, as we both frowned, staying quiet.

   "Well, I want to introduce you to somebody!" I smiled as Evie raised her head, her smile growing larger by the minute.


   I turned the laptop so it showed both Evie and I as Niall looked at the screen confused.

   "Maybe it won't be so lonely with her around!" I exclaimed happily as she said a hi, giving a wave.

   "Hi!" Niall exclaimed excitedly, obviously proud I wouldn't be depressed for such a long time.

   "Hey Niall!" She replied and they voyaged off into their own little conversation. I smiled, happy she could talk to one of the people she looks up too. While they talked, I finished my half of the pizza, sipping up my tea in the process.

   "Mr. Horan. Laptop away please."

   Niall groaned, asking Evie to pass it back to me as she obliged.

   "I gotta go princess." He spoke sadly as I nodded.

   "Talk later?"

   "Definitely." He reassured with a smile.

   "Love you!" I spoke, giving my laptop a hug.

   "Love you!" He replied, doing the same.





Hey guys sorry this is kinda bad but once the story gets further in, it'll get better! Hope you liked it :)


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