The Monster in my Bag

My character decides to clean her room, and uses a bag she got from her dead grandmother to hold some of her bobbles. A monster comes from the bobbles and she embarks on an adventure to return home and save her grandmother's spirit. This is my first story, so I really hope you enjoy it! I love writing!


2. Destinu and Aazhacka

I feel wiped out. Extremely exhausted, and dizzy, and… ugh, sick. It takes all my strength to open my eyes and to see where I am. It’s like the Nether in Minecraft. Cracked black floors with curry powder colour lava seeping and bubbling through. The sky is dark with random blotches of light grey in it. I’m lying on a, I guess, platform of obsidian, with no lava, thank God, with the monster a bit away from me. He’s looking into the sky and his hand is still outstretched. I feel like letting my sore eyes just fall closed and let my hands sag over and just sleep, and let it be over with and…

‘Open your eyes, Human!’ a voice screams in my ear. I jolt awake, staring fearfully around. I can’t see anyone. I feel like throwing myself into the lava, because I’m so exhausted and confused and sick. ‘Up here, you’re so stupid!’ the voice rants. I slowly lift my frail head to see a face in the sky. Well, not a face. Two lumps in the sky, the eyes, a long blotchy bump, the nose, and two squished sausage shapes, the lips. The face smacks their lips and smirks. ‘Tired are you?’ it muses, then it begins to laugh. Lightning crackles around me as I watch it, waiting for it to stop. Finally it does. It spins one of its eyes down towards me and surveys me before winking once. Energy spills into me, like pouring squash into fizzy water. I leap to my feet, all signs of sickness and fatigue lost. The face smiles. ‘Better now?’ it asks, almost sympathetically. I brace myself for it to maybe strike me with lava, or set the monster on me. The monster is sitting quietly, not moving, only its rasping breath reminding me that it’s still here. ’Yeah, I am,’ I reply, slowly blinking up at this beast in the sky. ‘W-What do you want with me?’ I stammer, struggling to compose myself and regain my ‘don’t care’ attitude.

The sky monster smiles and says ‘My name is Aazhacka, Father of the Sky. I was born to lead and reign over this place that I call home, Destinu. My followers listen to me and thwy do anything that I ask them to. That is how it should be. But a few years ago, maybe, mmmh, thirty, a woman came here. No one knows how, because only my most trusted followers can issue the call that transports you to my place and then you back to your home. None of my followers did this with this woman. She came here and she told lies about me to my followers. She made them think that I am evil, that I am forcing them to do my bidding because I am lazy, and if they left, I would be nothing… A worthless shrivelling SCUM!! That woman ruined my home, the place that I had poured my heart and soul into. I had to kill my followers, because they were determined that I was no good, and they tried to kill me. I will never forgive that woman, or any descendant of hers. But, someone can set it right. I kept the woman’s soul alive but killed her, so she is wandering in an enclosed place named…Well, it doesn’t matter. I thought it would be a very good punishment to keep her living forever, trapped in there, but she seemed to enjoy the free life, captured or not. So, I tried to kill her soul, but I must use the heart of another person from her family to pierce through the protective shield and finally rid me of her. That’s where you come in handy.’ he smiled evilly ‘That woman was your grandmother.’ 

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