Going Insane

Alexis Munroe's family is picture-perfect. Big house, sporty car and well-payed jobs all around. Her parents have their eyes on the perfect man for their perfect daughter, but it isn't who Alexis wants to spend the rest of her life with. She wants to spend the rest of her life with Nathan Keys, the baddest bad boy in town.
The perfect girl and the bad boy boyfriend... how well will that go down with Alexis's family?


1. Typical Saturday Afternoon

Alexis's P.O.V.


I hurried down the grand marble staircase into the giant hallway. The doorbell rung six more times before I reached the front door and pulled it wide open. My face was a brewing storm of mixed emotions. Anger and Disgust took over.

'What do you want?' I spat at Harrison, who stood there as modest as modest could be. He wore a smart suit and tie and held the same bouquet of flowers he had held EVERY DAY for a MONTH.

'All I want is your love, Alexis,' he replied simply, moving in for a kiss. I slammed the door in his face and rushed outside to the patio. My mother and father (I couldn't even bring myself to call them mum and dad, unless I were speaking to them directly) sat lounging on their deck chairs, sipping small glasses of champagne, as innocent as could be. I knew it!

'For God sakes mum  and dad, tell him to leave me alone!' I exclaimed, dropping my hands to my hips. I wore a pair of shorts and a navy blue vest-like top. I was almost ready to meet my friend Naomi at the beach but Harrison always got in the way. Today was no exception.

'But your in love,' my mother cooed, lifting her sunglasses on to the top of her head, 'you can't keep pushing him away for ever. Your perfect together, honey, can't you see?'

'No we aren't,' I scowled, 'he's a money grabbing prick and I'm never EVER going to date him, let alone have kids with him.'

I stormed off inside, only to hear my mother say, 'she'll get over her teenage attitude soon enough, then she'll be dating him like none of this ever happened.'

That was it. I was leaving. NOW.


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