Going Insane

Alexis Munroe's family is picture-perfect. Big house, sporty car and well-payed jobs all around. Her parents have their eyes on the perfect man for their perfect daughter, but it isn't who Alexis wants to spend the rest of her life with. She wants to spend the rest of her life with Nathan Keys, the baddest bad boy in town.
The perfect girl and the bad boy boyfriend... how well will that go down with Alexis's family?


3. School Surprise

Alexis's P.O.V.


My alarm beeped noisily and I slammed my hand down on the power switch to turn it off. Then I climbed out of bed and jumped into the shower, washing away all the bad vibes. I hated Monday mornings so much more than anyone else in the house. My parents didn't go to work until around 10:00am so I was the only one who got up at 7:00am.

I dried off, dressed up and sprayed on my daily scent. Then I dried my hair, threw back my head and scooped it up into a neat ponytail. My make-up came next: Foundation, concealer, eye liner and mascara. Then I took the stairs two at a time to the kitchen. As usual the clock ticked away in the corner and the tweeting of birds woke up the world outside. For breakfast I had a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. When I had eaten I washed up and put away my dishes. I knew my parents were grateful for my tidiness. If anything, they thought I was OCD. I probably was in some ways.

Outside someone pipped their horn. I knew it was Naomi's mother, so I grabbed my school bag, slid on my shoes and headed out. There sat Naomi, yawning in the back seat.  I clambered in next to her. When she saw me she smiled.

'Hey Alexis,' she droned sleepily, and I grinned.


Naomi's P.O.V.


We arrived at school minutes later and we got out of the car and headed off inside. Once we reached the Quad I ran off to my boyfriend, Jake. He scooped me up in his arms and kissed me. Behind us, someone coughed. When I pulled back, I met a familiar pair of eyes. It was the boy from the beach, Nathan Keys. Jake let me go and turned around.

'What? Aren't I allowed to kiss my girlfriend?' he demanded.

Nathan smiled sarcastically.

'Not when I was sitting here first. Why don't you find a new love spot?'

Behind me, Alexis joined us.

'What's the problem?' she asked, looking back and fourth between Jake and I.

'Nothing, Alexis. Were just trying to teach this guy some manners,' Jake frowned. Alexis looked around me to get a better view. Her eyes widened when she noticed Nathan. Then she hung back behind us and pretended she hadn't seen him. What was going on with her?


Alexis's P.O.V.


I couldn't believe it. What was he doing here? He didn't go to our school! No, no, no. He had to be new. That would explain it. Ugh, why did this have to happen now? There were so many other schools here, why this one?

'I don't need to be taught manners,' Nathan growled. He stood up, slung his backpack on his shoulder and stalked off, disappearing inside the science block. I let slip of a sigh, and looked back to Naomi and Jake. They were already gazing at me.

'Your a shy little mouse today,' Jake commented. I smiled weakly.

'Those eyes scare me,' I lied, and Jake and Naomi laughed. Hopefully they thought I was telling the truth. Admittedly, I did sort of think he was hot. But never would he go for me. I was a good girl, and from what I could tell already, he was a bad boy.


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