Going Insane

Alexis Munroe's family is picture-perfect. Big house, sporty car and well-payed jobs all around. Her parents have their eyes on the perfect man for their perfect daughter, but it isn't who Alexis wants to spend the rest of her life with. She wants to spend the rest of her life with Nathan Keys, the baddest bad boy in town.
The perfect girl and the bad boy boyfriend... how well will that go down with Alexis's family?


2. Beach Babe

Alexis's P.O.V.


I sat down in the sand beside Naomi, who was wearing her leopard print bikini and Ray Ban shades.

'And your mum said WHAT?' Naomi asked, and when I replied, she threw back her head and laughed. It didn't bother me too much because when Naomi had had trouble with Harrison I would laugh endlessly too, but now I was going to have to spend the rest of my life battling him off. When was this going to end?

'Your so helpless, aren't you?' Naomi sighed finally, turning to face me. She took off her sunglasses and blinked furiously. My guess was that she had sand in her eyes from leaning so far back to laugh. Served her right, really.

'Yes, I am. And oh, look who's walking this way!'

Naomi followed my gaze and rolled her eyes. Harrison had located us and was moving in fast. He was no longer wearing his suit, he was wearing beach shorts and nothing else. He had the largest most menacing smile on his face. 


Nathan's P.O.V.


I watched out to the waves, allowing the salty scent to tingle my nose. I was sat up on the rocks away from the public, although I could see clearly the sea of faces (get it, sea?) sunbathing, playing volleyball or eating ice creams, and some were even building giant holes in the ground or castles out of sand. The beach wasn't usually a place where you would find me, but here I was, soaking it up.

'Go away, Harrison!' a girl shouted angrily, and I turned my head in the direction of two teenage girls and a tall, dorky looking guy with wavy blonde hair and stupid beach shorts. Was he winding them up?

I hopped off the rocks and strolled casually towards them. I flicked my dark hair out of my eyes so I could see better.


Alexis's P.O.V.


Harrison sat down on the towel with me. He was starting to really piss me off now...

Behind him a guy came up to us. My jaw fell open with shock. He had dark glowing orbs and swept back dark brown hair, and was wearing nothing but a black vest and black skull 3/4 length jeans. He folded his arms, looking down at Harrison.

'Is he bothering you?'

We met each others eyes and I melted inside. My heart was racing so fast I thought I couldn't breathe, and my palms began to sweat so bad I found myself wiping them on my shorts.

'Y-yeah,' I managed to mumble, and he raised an eyebrow. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen a guy do. He knelt down and whispered something to Harrison. Harrison's eyes widened and he left moments later. The guy smiled.

He got up almost immediately to leave when I said, 'What's your name?', hoping I could get more information about him before he left forever. There was no way I would see him again. I had never seen him before, it wasn't like he went to our school or anything.

'Nathan Keys,' he replied, and then he was gone.

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