Finding My Fairytale || Z.M

All sweet Isabella wanted was a caring, passionate love. Somebody to love her unconditionally and protect her with everything he has. She wanted a fairytale ending, but not what you read about. Watch as Isabella sets out to write her own ending, finding Zayn along the way. A guy who adds a real twist to her happily ever after. Copyright 2013©


1. Prologue | Characters | Copyright



   "Isabella, you will marry into this family! He has plenty of money and is a very sweet boy." My mother stated firmly as I groaned, throwing my head back as I rolled my eyes. She may have added him being a sweet boy, but it was plainly obvious money was of utmost importance to her. It disgusted me, practically selling her only daughter to another man. It wouldn't matter what he would do, only if he could provide money to save our falling economic state.

   "Princesses do not roll their eyes!" She exclaimed angrily, taking my face in her hands and pushing it up so it was straight and poised as she would say. I didn't understand any of this, nor did I want to. I refused to marry and if it required her angry at me, I could handle whatever she threw. What upset me most, was the simple fact. I had never met this man, nor did I even know his name. If I were to be a bride in a weeks time, shouldn't I at least know my grooms name? Apparently not. I rolled my eyes once more, pushing at her nerves as she set her jaw, her eyes narrowing.

   "Isabella Marie Delagardio!" She exclaimed, clenching her fist before releasing them. Of course, a queen never shows anger and remains calm in the toughest of scenarios. Her words, the kingdoms words. Never mine and nor will I ever utter them.

   "Cara Frances Delagardio!" I mimicked, as her eyes widened. If there was one rule emphasized by the Kingdom of ScotchHelm, it was to never disobey your parents nor disrespect them in any way, shape or form. I never comprehended the rule, therefore I never followed it. What was fair about parents rudely ordering their children around, while they were stuck, unable to do anything?

   "Go to your room now! Rosalinda will be in there, ready for your dress fitting! You are getting married in seven days! End of story!" She exclaimed, shooing me to my room. I sighed, walking in and slamming my door shut. I felt the ground vibrate and Rosalinda, Rosa as I called her, looked up at me startled.

   "Hello Miss. Delagardio. Problems with your mother again, I presume?" She asked as I nodded with an over exaggerated groan, falling back onto my bed. Rosa was a mere few years older then myself, and out of everyone I had come to know, she was the only one I trusted. She understood how I felt and tried to help whenever she could.

   "I don't know what to do! She will not listen, whatsoever! Anything I say, she dismisses rudely!" I exclaimed in anger as she nodded. I sprawled my arms beside me, as she pushed several pins into the cushion strapped around her small wrist.

   "As much as I hate to torture you, we do have to finish the dress." She spoke sympathetically as I scoffed. I hated the idea of wearing several pounds of material, trying to walk like you didn't want to rip the thing off.

   "Look, do not get upset! If your plan goes smoothly, you'll never have to smile by force again!" She smiled gently as my own smile turned onto my lips. She had a point. I had planned to run away the night of my wedding. A time when nobody could notice. I'd leave them and they'd wonder where I went but I'd be long gone with no regrets. Rosa had known of my plan for several weeks, and I was thankful she hadn't muttered a word.

   "I wish you could come!" I took a deep breath, imagining what life would be like without a nice friend to support you and listen to your endless babbling.

   "Yeah so do I." She spoke with a secretive smile but I slid it off. I was to tired and my voice was almost gone due to my loud argument with my mother. With a push of energy, I sat up, standing and slowly making my way towards the podium in front of  my tri-fold mirror. I was instructed the change out of my current dress, and I did so. I stood there shameless. She had seen me in only undergarments plenty of times. By law, no person was supposed to see royalty bare but quite frankly, we didn't care. We were friends and it remained that. She had helped me into my wedding dress, the material tight against my torso.

   She strapped it up the back and I gasped, taking in as much air as I could. If a princess were to be modest, I didn't understand why this dress felt the need to emphasize my chest. Her hands were gentle as she made arrangement, tightening some places, loosening others.

   I have to admit, the dress itself were beautiful. If only I were marrying somebody I truly loved. Then this would be my dream dress. Yet this wasn't some fairytale ending my mother used to read to me. It was reality and if I wanted a happily ever after, I'd have to write it myself.

   Time to begin.







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