Finding My Fairytale || Z.M

All sweet Isabella wanted was a caring, passionate love. Somebody to love her unconditionally and protect her with everything he has. She wanted a fairytale ending, but not what you read about. Watch as Isabella sets out to write her own ending, finding Zayn along the way. A guy who adds a real twist to her happily ever after. Copyright 2013©


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Songs For This Chapter-

Blink 182- I Miss You

Little Mix- Madhouse


   The tunnel seemed to spiral endlessly and after hours of walking, there was no sign of light anywhere. Not that I could blame the tunnel itself. In order to get to the Garden of Mystery, you'd have to walk all the way across the Kingdom. That is, underground of course. It could take the whole night but I knew for the sake of both of us, we hoped it wouldn't. Her hands shook, rattling the lantern as I pulled my arms closer to my body. The temperature had noticeable decreased and not anything I wore could keep me warm. I heard Rosas' teeth chatter, and mine were near doing the same thing. Even through the struggle of cold weather that threatened to freeze our bodies, we pushed on. In my eyes, the idea of having to face my parents after such an action is much worse then getting a cold. Our footsteps began slow, and I pulled any cloth tighter around me, trying to retain body heat.

   "W-We've been w-walking for hours! W-Where's the G-Garden?" I asked, trying to control the way my voice stammered uncontrollably. She sniffled, holding the light forward as she squinted in front of her.

   "I-I don't kno-, wait! What's that?" She spoke, protruding her arm and pointing to something further down. I cocked my head, craning my head forward in hopes I could see what ever she had. She began smiling, clapping and jumping up and down as if she were a small girl. I was confused, all I saw was darkness. After walking another five minutes, I finally saw what had made her so happy. Some point in the distance, an extremely small dot of light was poking through. My mouth dropped, my eyes widening as I began jumping up and down, much like Rosa had. Without a moments hesitation, we both bolted down the rest of the tunnel. The light grew bigger and bigger, but we never seemed to reach it.

   I stopped, doubling over and panting as I rushed to catch my breath. Just breath. I finally regained posture, hurrying towards the light once more. I was convinced it was a dream but soon we stumbled through some clearing, back out the fresh air. I gasped, the darkness surprising but I didn't mind. I didn't understand. It had to be around one or two in the morning. How did we see light? I looked around and realized that far in the distance people were frantically looking around. No doubt for the missing princess.

   I looked at Rosa, then up at the arch that had flowers weaving in and out of it's thorns. We nodded hesitantly, walking towards the entrance. An inch away from it. This was it. I placed one foot in front of me and it went through. I grasped Rosas' wrist, pulling her through with me as I looked back. Vines and thorns began growing over the entrance, shielding us from sight. I looked around and soon a tall barrier of vines and thorns circled the garden.

   "Where do we go?" I asked, looking at all the paths sprouting in different directions from where we stood. She shrugged her shoulder and I took a route that I hoped was safe. I took the one on the furthest left, Rosa close behind me. 

   "Hehe, hi!" I heard a tiny voice squeak. I looked around frantically, "I'm in front of you, silly!" It spoke again and I turned straight forward. Rosa and I gasped as I leaned closer, pointing a finger out. A small pixie type thing sat on my finger, smiling as she swung her feet. She had long silver hair, curling down until her waist and a purple dress fitted her body before flowing out.

   "What are you?" Rosa asked in surprise as she giggled, pulling all of her hair onto one shoulder.

   "Hi! I'm Magnolia, the fairy of illusion!" She exclaimed as I nodded in astonishment. She was so intriguing. Suddenly she stood on my finger, straightening her posture, "What are you two doing in the Garden of Mystery?" She asked, attempting a stern face but miserably failing. I looked quickly at Rosa before looking back down at Magnolia.

   "Uh...just venturing." I lied. I couldn't tell anybody that I was running away. Not even a harmless little fairy. She nodded before fluttering up so she hovered in front of my face.

   "Well, hope to see you again!" She smiled before flying quickly away. In the blink of an eye, she had disappeared. I stood shocked for a moment before Rosa walked up beside me.

   "Let me see your basket." She demanded as I nodded, handing it to her. She dug around , finally reaching the bottom as she pulled out a book I brought. It was large, dusty and brown. She blew against the cover, dust flying around us as we both began coughing.

   "I don't trust Magnolia, or any fairy!" Rosa mumbled quietly as I forwarded my eyebrows.

   "Why not? She has not given you a reason not to!" I defended, looking at her like she had grown two heads. She shook her head, flipping through the old, worn, yellow pages.

   "Ah!" She smiled, apparently finding what she wanted. She turned the book so we could both look at it and what I saw made my jaw fall open. I had never read into this book but, as I bent down looking at the cover I realized it was about anything and everything we might or could encounter.

   "Look." Rosa spoke pointing to the heading but two sentence in the dozens caught my attention.


Do not trust these fairies. They will cause death among whoever comes in their path.





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