Finding My Fairytale || Z.M

All sweet Isabella wanted was a caring, passionate love. Somebody to love her unconditionally and protect her with everything he has. She wanted a fairytale ending, but not what you read about. Watch as Isabella sets out to write her own ending, finding Zayn along the way. A guy who adds a real twist to her happily ever after. Copyright 2013©


2. Chapter One

Chapter One


   It was the night before I was to be wedded, and after continuous arguments which I so often lost to, my mother agreed to let me meet my groom. I was finally told his name, which brought a smile to my lips. Smith William Truhason. The name didn't sound very well attractive but I stayed optimistic because in hours timed, I'd leave. It was late at night, nearly midnight, when Mr. Truhason finally arrived. I watched as he was pulled around the fountain out front, thoughts scattering in my mind. Isabella Truhason. I hated it with a rage, only I was allowed to witness.

   He had finally made his way to the front door as I looked at him in shock. He had an explicit beauty to him, I've never seen. He had raven black hair, and dashing ocean blue eyes. His attire matched him well and his defined jaw line only added. He bowed down as I looked around, giving a smile.

   I felt my mother hit me with her fan as I groaned, rolling my eyes and reluctantly curtsying. His lips turned into a smile, almost like a smirk and he looped his arm through mine. We were led to the dining table, where a ravish meal was set out for my family and our guests.

   "This is such a Brobdingnagian meal. Amazing." Smith's mother pleased as I secretively rolled my eyes. There were many things I hated about this Kingdom, and the use of unnecessarily large words were one of many. we were sat down but of course, my mother was the one to urge things, not needed.

   "Isabella? Why don't you and Smith go to the yard to speak? Get to know each other." She smiled. Too late for that. If she wanted me to have gotten to know him, why did she wait mere hours before my wedding to allow it. The idea made no sense to me, only urging my desire to run away and find freedom in a world I've never known. Never have I been outside of the gates, nor have I ever actually seen the gates. In order to get to them, you'd have to pass what King Lordies calls The Forest of Darkness. I presume it's exactly as it sounds. Dark creatures roaming the ground, and danger lurking behind every tree. Nothing magical, nor mystical but a place where light was capture and turned dark. A place where one could lose themselves.

   Smith gently took my hand, leading me out to the back yard where I usually came to escape everything. The mystical appearance made it difficult to find a person. Grasses were tall, taller then me by a long run. A stone path weaved through the grass and in the middle was my favorite part. A large fountain, glimmering baby blue water shooting up and down. Flowers were abundant and there was a gazebo, I always found myself beneath.

   "You can cut the act, it's obvious you do not wish to wed me." He snapped, guaranteeing my sudden shock as I narrowed my eyes.

   "What made it noticeable? My constant glaring at you and the rolling of my eyes?" I replied angrily, ignoring my stupid mothers voice in the back of my mind, scolding me on how to be a lady in front of gentleman like him. He was no gentleman to me anymore. 

   "You will marry me and there is nothing you can do about it. I'm the only prince rich enough to save your sickly family. Wouldn't want to be the cause of their depression, would you?" He smirked as I stomped my foot down, my face directly in front of his.

   "Don't be so ignorant. It's unattractive." I spat before running back down the stone path. My heels clicked against the hard surface and I quickly pulled them off so he wouldn't find me. My dress became a struggle and I bent down, picking it up in my hands as I ran barefoot to a secret path I had discovered. It led straight to my room. I heard Smith calling, only urging myself to run faster. I hurried into the tall grasses, searching around for the hidden doors on the ground. I finally found them, opening them and jumping down. The fall was hard and the right side of my body stung but I forced myself up and continue forward.

   I ran through the dark lit hallways, finally coming to a ladder which I quickly climbed up, pushing the top open. The door pushed up and I was beneath my bed. I pulled myself out, closing and locking the door as I stood up, gasping with a tire.

   "She ran away, check her room!" I heard Smith yell and I knew it was time to continue with my plan. I quickly took possession of a basket that had a few dresses, shoes and some other things I might find myself needing. Without a second thought, I ran into my bathroom, pulling on one side of the mirror mounted to the wall. It opened, revealing a tunnel which I quickly climbed into, still quiet. Just as I closed the mirror, I heard my bedroom door slam open and my parents voices yell through my expansive room.

   This is it. I'm running away.




   The tunnel was cold and dark. I tried my best to be as quiet as I could, but the metal echoed beneath my feet. I was looking forward, not realizing there was a drop before I felt myself fall. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. They'd surely know I'd taken the escape route they thought only they knew of. I kept my mouth shut, wincing once my body made impact with the ground. I would have groaned in pain but a light down the hall panicked my being,

   I pressed myself against the wall, tears strolling down my cheeks as I prepared to get punished. They found me, it was all over. I was barely five minutes into my freedom. 

   "Isabella? Isabella?" I heard a familiar voice call as I smiled in recognition. It was Rosalinda.

   "Rosa!" I exclaimed in excitement as she found me, surrounding me in a hug. We held tightly to each other as she set the lantern down, quickly speaking yet still in a whisper.

   "Smith rushed in, talking about how you ran from him and I immediately knew you had started! I sneaked away and I knew you would take the mirror route so I came down as fast as I can! I'm coming with you! You won't be alone!" She exclaimed as my mouth fell open in happiness.

   "I can not believe it!" I spoke as she gave me an arch of the eyebrow.

   "First, did you really believe I'd leave you to yourself? Second, you don't have to break up your words! Say can't, not can not!" She playfully rolled her eyes as I nodded, once more engulfing her in a hug. Words couldn't explain the overwhelming joy I felt in the pit of my stomach.

   "Well, here. Get changed. We're going to have to take all underground tunnels to get to the Garden of Mystery. If we don't, people will find us. I'm sure your mother already has the Kingdom searching. I nodded, taking off my large, dirty dress and stuffing it into a secret storage unit.

   "What's the Garden of Mystery?"

   "It's the light before the Forest of Darkness. You've heard how light gets captured and turned to darkness? That's it."

   She pulled a dress from my basket, telling me to change into it and I did so. The corset top pressed firmly against my body, the bottom bumping out. The gold and red material cascaded over each other and I found myself admiring it's beauty. I had never worn a strapless gown before but I loved it.The bottom wasn't nearly as large as the ones I was always instructed to wear. It had some poof, but not much. I was then changed into flats, which I had never worn either. Heels were always stocked, and flats were rare to find.

   "Beautiful, now to keep you warm." She spoke in thought, pulling out my red cape. She draped it over my shoulders, tying it in front of my neck and pulling the hood up. The front of left open, considering there were no strings and my dress was on display. I loved it.

   "You look amazing!" Rosa complimented as I thanked her. My brunette curls fell down to my torso, and the look was so new but I found myself appreciating it more then any outfit my mother had forced me into before.

   I was about to speak but voices above froze both of us.

   "Go, go!" I whispered, taking everything in my basket and running forward. To both of our advantages, neither of our dresses touched the floor so running was made easy. Our steps were quiet and inaudible as we ran, hoping to rid them. 

   "Mr. Gertrud, with all do respect. My daughter does not know about this escape tunnel. It is impossible for her to have taken it." I heard my mother speak as I rolled my eyes. It's what she thought.

   "Do you wish to go back Miss?" I heard Thomas, the guard ask as my mother replied with a please and thank you. Rosa and I both let out a breath of relief.

   "That was close." She spoke.

   "Too close." I agreed.

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