Pretty Boy


1. The Prologue

When Harry Styles loses his grip on his career and loses interest in his passion of singing, he chooses to drink and party and sleep with tons and tons of different girls. He wakes up in different beds and ends up on each and every cover of every tabloid in the world. One Direction management thinks he’s had enough and comes up with only one solution. It’s to let Harry date more girls! They hire a very obnoxious and arrogant secret agent to set him up and find the most decent girls there are. He gets a very rocky relationship with the secret agent right from the start. He obviously is terrified of her, and she, on the other hand, is disgusted by his attitude. In other words, they couldn’t stand each other’s company. The 150-day deadline to find that girl comes to an early close when Harry finds the girl of One Direction management’s dreams. A very funny, smart, bubbly, kind and sweet girl that the secret agent sets him up with. Little does the agent know that the wrath she has for Harry is actually a lovey-dovey thing. She pushes her feelings aside when she gets her $100,000 salary and his girlfriend, but she attempts to rekindle those feelings when Harry’s life is on the line. Well, it seems like it’s time to bring out the guns, because she’s near and she’s coming his way; with her braided dark hair, knee high boots, black shades propped on her shirt and leather jacket swung over her shoulder. I know, how embarrassing. The pretty boy is saved by the 20-year-old secret agent. - HI!
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