Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

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All Rights Reserved


25. You're All Chicken

Liv’s POV

"There is no way I'm going on that ride!" Perrie says holding onto Zayn’s hand and pointing to the huge roller coaster situated just in front of us.

"I second that! I'd like to survive until tomorrow thanks" El says laughing and holding onto Louis hand.

"It won't be that bad! It will be fun" Niall says trying to convince us.

"Well I'm out because there is no way a pregnant girl will riding that safely" Sarah says causing us all to laugh.

"If Sarah isn't I'm not!" Liam says wrapping his arm around her waist.

"That is so high, I would probably faint" Louis says pointing to the huge roller coaster.

"Exactly and if Perrie’s not I’m not" Zayn nods.

"Ahh you guys are all chicken!" I say teasing them.

Niall being Niall decided to begin making the sounds of a chicken  while walking up to each of them looking like a weirdo.

"Well Niall and I are going on! So you guys all have fun sitting on the sidelines" I say linking arms with Niall.

I could tell Harry eyes were burning through mine and Niall’s arm.

"Are you coming on Harry?" I ask breaking him from his stare.

"Are you crazy? I want to still be alive for the bucks party's!" Harry says and everyone laughs.

"We'll that leaves us, I'll buy you a ticket!" Niall says as we walk up to the box to get our tickets.

The lady gave us two tickets and we went to line up.

"Just remember that I love you if you don't make it" Sarah says to me causing us all to laugh.

After a ten minute wait in line we were finally ready to go on. Because we were first in line we got to go into the front cart. We sat down and nerves started to run through my body's.

"Why do I regret doing this!" I say worried.

"Yeah I don't know what we were thinking" Niall says.

"Arms up in the air!" The guy instructing the roller coaster says.

Me and Niall look at each other while slowly lifting our hands in the air.

The instructor strapped us in slowly before lowering the bar over our heads before dropping our arms in front of us.

"Are you ready?" Niall asks

"Not even close!" I say shaking my head.

"It's okay , it will be fun" Niall says trying to calm me down.

"The ride will begin in 3..2.. " the instructor says before the ride shoots of.

On the count of two Niall quickly grabs my hand and holds in tightly. I look at him and smile and we both take a big breath.The roller coaster begins to move up slowly and slowly reaching the top of the roller coaster.

"OMG OMG OMG I AM GOING TO DIE" I say staying completely still but freaking out.

Niall grips onto my hand tighter as we reach the top before the drop. The roller coaster slowly begins to go down but within a second it moves faster than imagines. Niall and I screamed as loud as we possibly could.

"Oh my god now we are going to go upside down!" Niall says pointing to part of the roller coaster that does a full circle.

The roller coaster starts moving faster and we start screaming louder and louder. Before we knew it we were hanging upside down. It just stopped, right when we were hanging upside down meaning my hair was dangling down aswell as my hands.

Niall and I were still holding hands tighter than ever before.

Harry's POV

I watched as they hung upside down screaming. Olivia's hands were swinging and I soon notice them both holding hands. It made me cringe inside. Damn I should have gone on that ride so she was holding onto me and not him

I let out a sigh as the roller coaster continued. After a couple of minutes pasted the came running back to us all puffed out, and I couldn't help but notice they were still holding hands. My heart was aching inside.

"That was the best roller coaster I have ever been on!" Niall says and everyone laughed.

"What's so funny?" Liv asks confused.

"You guys were both screaming your lungs out! I'm sure you enjoyed it" Sarah says sarcastically.

"That's what makes it so fun!" I say laughing.

"I'm hungry let's eat something!" Louis says grabbing everyone attention.

"Yeah, what should we get?" Zayn asks.

"Well let’s see what there is before we decide Liam says and we start to walk to the food stalls.

While everyone was discussing food I was walking slowly in the back staring at Niall and Liv’s hand glued together. Liv turned around and noticed me staring at them holding hands. She immediately let of him and walked a bit slower so that we were walking at the same pace.

"Sorry" she whisper a before linking out arms together and resting her head on my arm.

I don't know if she is doing this because she saw me get upset or if she is really gaining feeling for me again. I honestly have no clue with this girl.

"I fell like French fries" Niall says pointing to the stall that was selling French fries.

"Yeah let's all get them" Louis says and we all make our way over to the stall.

"Could I have nine cups of French fries!" Niall asks.

"Make it eight I'm not that hungry" Liv says.

"Okay so eight cups of French fries" the lady at the stall repeats.

"It shouldn't be too long!" She ensures us.

We all took a seat at a huge table close to the drink stand.

"Your chips are ready guys!" The lady says calling from the stall she was standing behind.

"Thanks" Niall says getting up with Zayn and Liam to grab the chips and bringing them back to the table.

"So are we going to 'windmill' tomorrow night guys" Niall says with a mouth full if chips.

"Windmill?" Perrie asks

"Yep" Niall nods and gives a little smirk to all the guys.

All the girls look at each other with a little signal.

Sarah's POV

I quickly grabbed my phone out and typed in Windmill London without the guys seeing. Just as I expected it was a strip club. I screen shotted it and send it to all the girls. They all at the same time looked down at their phones and then back up at me with shocked faces.

"It's on!" Perrie sends to all the girls.

We all exchange smiles and continue to eat.

"Hilarious, handsome sexy guys entertain you all night, on and off the stage, in and out of costumes, from the moment you get through the door until you hit the dance floor!" Liv reads out loud so that all the guys could hear.

All the girls including me start pissing themselves laughing.

Liv made that up on the spot to see the guys reactions.

"Wait what?" Zayn asks

"Oh nothing that you need to know" Perrie says so innocently looking at Zayn.

"No strippers at the hens night!" Zayn says warning us girls.

"Who said anything about strippers" Liv says and all the girl laugh.

"Ha ha!" Zayn says sarcastically.

"Problem?" Sarah asks.

"Nope!" Zayn replies.

All the guys looked at each other with wide eyes.

 With a grin on her face El looks down at her phone and types away quickly, my phone soon vibrated causing me to look down at the message that had just come through,

"Good job girls!" 

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