Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

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34. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

2 months later

Harry's pov

I woke up and made my way down to the kitchen with Niall beside me. We could smell something amazing. We reach the kitchen and there was Liv at the stove with her hair in a messy bun wearing just my t-shirt. I walk up go her while Niall takes a seat at the table along with Sarah and the boys.

"Good morning Beautfiful!" I say sliding my arms under hers and hugging her from behind.

A huge smile appears on her face and she puts the utensils down before turning her head and kissing me.

She breaks the kiss and continues to cook.

"So what are you cooking miss Parker?" I ask grabbing her ass stabding beside her.

She looks at me and laughs.

"Eggs Benedict!" She says with a row of 7 empty plates along the kitchen bench.

"Do me a favour and put a slice if bread on each plate" she says pointing to the bread.

I place a price of lightly toasted bread on each plate while she places a price of ham ontop she then bring the the pot with poached eggs and places one ontop of the ham on each plate. She then grabs the hollandaise sauce she made and pour it ontop of each plate.

It looked like a dish you would get at a restaurant.

I take a seat at the table and she places a plate infront if everyone. As soon as the food hit the table everyone dug in and a lot of 'mmm' came out of our mouths.

"Fuck this is so good!" Niall says with a mouth full of food.

Everyone nods and agrees.

Liv pours a glass if orange juice for everyone and as she was pouring mine I pulled her into my lap and sat her down.

"Stop serving and eat!" I say sliding her plate infront of her.

"I'm not hungry babe!" She says shaking her head.

"Well why did you make one?" I say with a laugh.

"Can I have another one?" Niall says eager with a clean plate.

Liv takes her plate and places it infront of Niall.

"That's why" she says sitting back on my lap laughing.

Everyone was still eating and it was silent until Louis phone buzzed on the table.

"It's Simon" Louis says putting his fork down and swiping the phone to pick it up.

He put it on speaker.

"Hello mate" Louis says friendly.

"Hello how are you?" Simon asks

"Yeah not to bad thanks, what's up?" Louis asks

"Well I need youse to come to my place for a meeting!" He says casually.

"Okay what time?" Louis asks.

"Be here as soon as possible" Simon says

"Okay cya soon mate" Louis says before hanging up.

Everyone finished there good and Liv and Sarah do the dishes while us guys go upstairs to get ready.

It wasn't long before we were all ready and down stairs.

We said goodbye to the girls and left getting in my car.

Livs pov

"I wonder what the meetings about?" I ask washing the dishes before rinsing them.

"Yeah I would have no clue" Sarah says drying the dishes and putting them away.

"Ouch!" Sarah says bringing her hands I her belly.

"What's wrong?" I ask walking up to her.

"Nothing it's just this baby is eager to get out!" Sarah says with a laugh.

"Well any day soon!" I say rubbing her belly.

"Yep!" Sarah says taking a seat at the table.

"And then we will have another child to clean up after!" I say causing her to laugh.

I finish the dishes before we make our way upstairs to get ready.

Liam pov

"So what's up mate?" I ask simon as we all take a seat on bus couch.

"Well I have exciting news..... It's been confirmed!" Simon says with a. A huge smile on his face.

"What's been confirmed?" Zayn asks confused.

"The where we are tour!" Simon says standing up.

We all look at each other before jump up on our feet cheering and jumping ontop of each other in excitement.

"And so it begins!" Simon says laughing.

"Now we are going to be busy from now on so make sure you spend a lot of time with your girlfriends" Simon continues.

"Wait what do you mean? I thought they could come on your with us"I say with confusion

"Yeah I thought about your request on bringing them but unfortunately they won't be allowed" Simon says in an unfortunate tone and all out faces dropped.

The room went silent.

"I'm kidding!" Simon says as he begins to laugh.

Me and Harry look at each other surprised and shocked.

We soon fall into laughter with the rest if the boys.

"Don't do that to us man!" Harry says laughing.

"Okay so these are the tour dates and outside is the tour bus, just so you can get a look at it!" Simon says handing us a piece of paper.

"So the tour bus is outside, go check it out!" Simon says.

All us boys look at each other woth excited facial expressions before sprinting to the door. We ran outside to find a massive Sint black and red tour bus.

Niall runs up to bus and pretends to hug it. It was massive! Even bigger than last years.

Zayn opened the door and we all ran in. It had that new car smell! Everything set out so nicely, everything had its own little compartment, there were 10 beds with a loungue room even!

"We should go surprise the girls with it!" Louis says taking a seat JN the drivers spot.

"Yeah because we can drive a bus!" Harry says sarcastically.

"Speak for yourself!" Louis says starting the car.

We all take a seat and shot gunning our beds.

"Shot gun top!" Harry says jumping up into a bed.

"Harry just a reminder that there is only a curtain blocking the noise so if by any chance you and Liv will get 'loud' than I suggest you sleep in that bed!" Niall says with a smirk pointing to the furthest bed.

Harry gives Niall a weird stare before letting out a laugh and making his way to the end bed.

Louis accelerates and beeps the horn to Simon as he drives off.

We crank up the tunes and start singing along to every song that comes on the radio.

"Oi just park it at the front!" Zayn says pointing to the front of the house.

We get out of the car and make our way to the front door before opening it. All our jaws dropped. The house was spotless. We ealked into each room to find everything in place without a speck of dust.

"Okay guys so we decided that we need to get something clear around here! Youse need to start cleaning up after yourself the things we found in your bedroom were disgusting!" Liv says throwing a towel over her shoulder.

"Like really disgusting!" Sarah adds I'm nodding.

"Wait you cleaned our rooms?" Niall asks sprinting upstairs.

"Yes! And Niall yours was the worst!" Sarah says with a disgusted look.

"Oh my god!" You hear Niall say shocked from upstairs.

Moments later the rest of us made our way upstairs. I walked into nialls room and everything was perfect and in place.

"Embrace the cleaness because it won't be like that in a weeks time!" Louis says stunned about how clean nialls room was.

"So off this topic! We have something exciting to tell youse!" Harry says with a big grin on his face.

"What is it?" Sarah asks eager.

"We will tell you down in the lounge room!" Harry continues as we all make our way into the loungue room to get comfortable.

"So what is it?" Liv asks excited.

" well we just had a meeting with Simon..." Harry begins.

"Andddd???" Liv asks eager.

"Well it's been confirmed!" Harry says.

"What's been confirmed?" Sarah asks.

"The where we are tour!" I say butting in.

A huge smile appeared on their faces and they get to their feet with excitement.

"Oh my gosh how exciting! I'm so happy for you guys!" Liv says with a smile.

"Wait we're not finished!" I say as Liv takes a seat back down next to Sarah.

"So um we asked Simon and he said it was okay so like um did you want to um I don't know, come on tour with us?" Liam asks and Sarah and I are on our feet once again jumping around with excitement.

"YES YES YES!" Sarah shouts out loud causing all the boys to laugh!



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