Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

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All Rights Reserved


2. What Do You Remember?

Liv’s POV

That was so weird, who was that guy, I’ve never seen him before, I don’t know him.

“Who was that?” I say to the nurse as she is testing my heart beat.

“Let's not worry about that for now Hun. Let start with the last thing you remember before the accident?” she asks while getting a pen ready to take down notes.

Still confused about the whole situation  I answer her question,

“It was my mum’s birthday and we had family over for a party” I say confident that, that was the last event that took place.

“Okay and are you in a relationship with anyone at the moment?” she asks as her face goes a bit red.

“Yes my boyfriend Jason, we have been going out for nearly two years now” I say nodding.

“Where is he? Is he here?” I ask looking out the door.

“No I'm afraid he's not”  the nurse says shaking her head.

“Now I need you to rest, your head has been knocked around a bit so a nice long sleep and lots of rest will help your recovery. Also I was advised to let you know that your sister was in the car along with you at the accident” she says as her voice gets lower.

“WHATT?” I say quickly sitting up as I feel this sharp pain in my head causing me to immediately drop back onto the bed.

“You need to rest” the nurse says quickly rushing over to me making sure I was alright.

“NO! I need to see her, is she alright!?” I raise my voice in concern.

“She just has some bad bruising and an injured leg,” the nurse says walking towards the door.

What is going on? I feel scared, I don’t remember what got me here and I don’t know how badly Sarah was injured. Before the doctor could walk further enough away I grabbed her hand making her turn around.

“Please. I need to see her” I say hoping she will listen to my request.

She gives me a sympathetic look and a small nod before walking out of the room and closing the door.

Almost 5 minutes after the nurse left the room I hear a small knock on the door before, it opens slightly revealing Sarah and the nurse

“OMG Sarah are you okay?” I say concerned noticing blood on her forehead and the strapping on her leg..

“I’m fine Liv don’t worry about me! The real question is are you okay?” She says as the wheelchair is wheeled to the side of my hospital bed.

She reaches out her arm and places her hand on mine.

“Yes I’m okay I guess, my head really hurts, this crazy guy came in claiming he was my boyfriend! It was so weird Sarah” I say frowning and shaking my head.

“What was his name?” Sarah asks as her voice drops.

“Harry I think” I respond watching her face drop.

“What’s wrong?” I ask her confused.

She looks at the nurse and then back at me.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” Sarah asks

“Mums birthday remember? We were having so much fun!  It was also me and Jason’s anniversary?” I say asking confused.

“Olivia…… you and Jason broke up” she says shaking her head

What? What is she talking about? We didn’t break up, I wouldn’t break up with him, I love him…..

“What… what are you talking about? We are still together!” I say raising my voice slightly.

“Olivia….. Harry is your boyfriend” Sarah says squeezing my hand.

“NO! I DON’T KNOW HIM!” I shout in confusion pulling my hand out of her reach.

Why is she lying to me? The nurse quickly steps forward and gives Sarah a little nod.

“What… what is going on?” I look between Sarah and the nurse.

“Olivia… I’m so sorry to tell you this but in result of the accident you have unfortunately lost approximately 3 years of you memory…. I’m so sorry” she says placing her hand on my leg.

I look at Sarah and, my heart sinks. I can’t even breath properly, my mind is going insane. That can’t be right! NO………..

“But………” is all I can seem to say.

Tears start to form in my eyes as I also notice the tears falling from Sarah’s eyes.

“I’m so sorry Liv” Sarah says placing my hair behind my ears.

This can’t be true….. What?….

“I will leave you two to talk, I will be back shortly” the nurse says with a nod while leaving the room.

“When you’re ready for me to tell you anything I will, I will help you through this Liv, I promise” Sarah says sympathetically.

After 10 minutes of just complete silence the nurse returns in the room with a doctor.

“Hello Miss Parker I am Dr Henderson and I’m here to explain to you in more depth about everything that has occurred” he says placing the clipboard on the table.

I just nod and stay quiet.

“So we have discovered you have lost around about 3 years of you memory. It is not confirmed to be permanent so there is a possible chance you will regain memory of all the events you have lost.  It takes time and patience, you need to get into your daily routine that you remember, your parents are on their flight now to come and see you. I ask you to stay away from social media. I want you to stay in doors for a while. If you get confused ask questions, it’s just sometimes they can’t be answered because things need to be taken slow. You are currently in a relationship with Harold Edward Styles. You two live together with his band members and your sister” he says and then stops immediately while Sarah and the nurse look at him with wide eyes.

“Band members?” I ask confused.

“Ahhhhh yeah, this might be a bit too much to process for today, we will fill you in with the rest tomorrow” he says quickly trying to avoid the situation.

“No tell me now” I say with a strong tone.

“Ahhhhh well your boyfriend is in a boy band called One Direction, they’re a worldwide known band and your relationship with him is viral” he says with a lot of hand gestures.

“What? my boyfriend is famous? ………..That can’t be! I’m….I’m so confused….. I want to see my parents” I say hyperventilating.

“Like I said they are on their way to London right this moment, your sister will be released from hospital tomorrow hopefully and you will be released shortly after as you need to get back to your normal life as soon as possible” he says before grabbing his clipboard and leaving the room.

“You need to get some rest, I’m sorry but no visitors after this” the nurse says as she starts wheeling Sarah out the room.

“You need some sleep Liv, I will be in the other room if you need anything” Sarah says waving goodbye before the door is closed behind her.

“Yeah I won’t be getting any sleep” I whisper to myself.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes. This can’t be happening why me. Why does bad stuff always happen to me!

My eyes slowly open as I can hear voices outside the room in the hallways. I turn my head and notice 4 guys walk past the door. One boy stop in front of the door and looks through…… it’s Harry. He places his hand on the window on the door with tears in his eyes, he makes eye contact with me before I sadly turn away from his hurt expression, looking back he has walked away and all I am left with is unanswered questions.

It’s so weird…. I look at him and can see in his eyes that I should be feeling something but there is nothing there. My thoughts towards him are empty. He is a complete stranger to me, he can’t be my boyfriend….

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