Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


11. Unwanted Company

Liv’s POV

“Hey Liv, the boys are still at the recording studio. I gotta go pick up a few things from the shops then I’m gonna go pick them up cause they need two cars will you be okay home for an hour or so?” Sarah asks as she fixes her hair in the bathroom mirror.

“Yeah I’ll be fine don’t worry about me!” I reply while I walk back into my room and go on my phone.

“I should only be a hour” Sarah calls as I hear the front door close and silence fills the house.

The sound of silence! Something I fell is foreign to me now. My mind is immediately at ease knowing that I don’t have to put on an act about my life. I can finally just sit and think about all the things that seem real and not everything everyone is trying to convince me about.

My phone suddenly buzzes interrupting my thoughts,

Hey babe what you up too? - Jason

A smile appears on my face after reading his message.

Nothing actually everyone is out xx Liv

Cool ! Mind if I come for a visit?

Not at all J!


I quickly message him the address and decided to get dressed. Putting on a pair of shorts and one of my favourite floral tops I made my way into the lounge room and waited for Jason.


Quickly getting up with a smile on my face I ran to the door and jumped on Jason in a hug.

“I have missed you!” I say as I give him a kiss on the cheek

He simply smiles back as he intertwines his had with mine and walks inside.


Sarah’s POV

“I think she is doing better actually, she doesn’t seem too uncertain about living arrangements and stuff now” I say replying to Harry’s question as we walk up the front porch steps. He nods understanding as he grabs the keys from my bag and opens the front door.

“After you!” He says as he directs me in but pushes Liam out of the way so he could enter first. I let out a smile giggle at his action.

“thanks!” Liam say sarcastically as he waits for Harry to go first.

“Did I ever say you could go before me? No ! so therefore I don’t not think you have a say in this situation!” harry replies with a smile and a small laugh.

Slowly making my way to the kitchen I see Liv sitting at the kitchen table with a brunette guy.

My heart stops. All the air felt like it left my lungs and I felt like I could no longer breathe. Everything I was carrying suddenly dropped with a loud bang, getting attention from everyone as the boys were immediately by my side.

“Babe what’s wrong, what happed? Are you okay?” Liam asked nervously noticing my state.

My lungs still felt empty and no words were able to leave my mouth.

“Hello Sarah!” I hear Jason say with a cheeky grin as he gets up off his chair and makes his way closer to me.

“Guys! Your back! I want you to meet my boyfriend… Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis this is Jason Walker. Jason these are my friends!” Liv says so innocently knowing nothing about what Jason has put me through over the past few months.

I felt Liam and Harry tense up next to me at the sound of his name. I was still unable to talk scared of what he would do to me.

I never ever wanted to see him again and now he is right in front of me, in my house.

“YOU NEED TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW!” Liam yells in his harshest voice making Liv flinch back slightly.

“Well that’s no way to treat a guest now is it” Jason replies back smugly as Harry and Liam take a step in front of me in sync creating a small barrier.

“You are NOT a friend and you most defiently are NOT welcome in this house so I advise that you leave before I call the cops” Louis says as he take a step closer to Jason and clenches his fist.

“Guys back off, this is my house too” Liv says grabbing Jason’s arm and defending him.

“Leave now” I say in a harsh whisper, still loud enough that all the boys looked at me.

“Get out of our house” I say a little bit louder as I look up at Jason and his disgusting smirk.

“Sarah, I thought we had a connection… didn’t you enjoy our night together. Cause I most certainly did” he replies with a wink.

Within seconds Liam fist had connected with Jason’s face with a loud hit.

A gasp escapes Liv’s lips while she tries to get Liam off of Jason. I feel frozen in my place. There was nothing I could do I felt so weak.

Noticing my expression Zayn quickly took hold of Liam’s arm getting him off of Jason.

With Liam out of the way Harry immediately walked up to where Jason was laying and grabbed him by the top if his shirt lifting him up.  With a hard punch, Jasons face was covered in more blood than before.

“You are going to leave right now while you can, because I promise if we ever see your face again you won’t be able to walk away next time. Take this is as a lifeline mate and stay the fuck away from us.” Harry says harshly as he drags Jason to the door still holding him by his top and throwing him out the door.

I turn to face Liv, tears were streaming down her face and she looked so innocently confused. She took one look at all the boys before running upstairs to her room and slamming the door.

“Sarah are you okay baby?” Liam says as he gives me a comforting hug.

All I could do was nod in reply, my lungs still hurt and my heart was racing to fast for my body.

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