Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

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38. Thank You!!!


We can honestly not believe we have now officially finished Don't Forget Where You Belong!

To think that it has already almost been a year since we started the Little While Lies series is absolutely crazy!

Thank you so so much to everyone that has been reading, your support towards the book has been so greatly appreciated, you guys are the reason we love and continue to write :)

So much happened throughout this series and we really do hope you enjoyed all the ideas and story lines we added in.

Thank you to everyone who has liked, favourited and  commented on the book it is great to have ideas come from you guys it makes the book more meaningful especially to us :)

Now that this series is officially ended we will be starting a new book that is completely different to this one!

We have new characters, new story lines and new drama!

We hope that you all continue to support us with our writing as we really feel as though we have improved so much over the last year hopefully meaning the new book will be even better than this one !!

We will publish in this book as soon as the new one is up and running so you guys can start reading it!!

Thank you once again to you all, we couldn't have done any of this without your support! :)

Speak soon !!


Mirella and Olivia

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