Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


6. Telling The boys

Sarah’s POV

“…..I’m Pregnant” I say awaiting his reaction.

“Sarah! Are you serious?!” Josh says while getting up off his chair. I nod slightly with a smile.

“I’m so happy for you!!! You and Liam must be so excited!” He says as he gives me an excited hug.

“Yeah we are both pretty happy, except there is one thing…” I say as Josh sits back in his seat and waits patiently for my explanation.

“Liam is not actually the father…. Jason is. He’s the one that drugged me that night” I explain in a voice of embarrassment.

A gasp escapes Josh’s lips as his face becomes shocked.

“I don’t want you to make a big deal out of this because we haven’t told the boys or Sarah and we most defiently don’t want the fans to find out. We have accepted the situation and decided that this will not affect the baby’s life at all. Liam will be the father and nothing can change that not even DNA” I say explaining our decisions about the situation.

“You’re the strongest person I know Sarah, you really are incredible” Josh replies with a nod and a smile before we leave the café and make our way back to the house.


Walking through to the lounge room I see all the boys doing their own thing on the couch, paying no attention to each other at all.

“Well don’t you guys look so social today!” I say with a smirk getting the boys attention as they stopped whatever they were doing.

Walking into the kitchen with the shopping bags we picked up on the way home I hear footstep behind me before arms wrap around my waist and I feel a light kiss on my cheek.

“How are my two favourite people doing?!” Liam asked with a smile as I turn around and he places his hand on my stomach.

“Surprisingly well!” I reply giving him a kiss before turning back around and finish unpacking the groceries.

“I told Josh everything, even about the baby. I think it’s time we tell the boys too” I say before turning around to face Liam.

“I agree lets tell them now!” Liam says as he grabs my hand and walks with me slowly into the lounge room where the boys were now all talking to Josh.

“Hey guys there is something we need to tell you” Liam says as he walks into the room and sits on the couch with me on his lap.

“So at the hospital when I was getting my final check through after the accident not only did the nurse tell me that I was well and recovering well, but they also told me that my baby was not harmed during the accident….” I say before giving Liam a smile.

“Sarah’s pregnant!!” Liam says excitingly as all the boys got up and jumped on us in a group hug, screaming and yelling congratulations at us. I couldn’t help but laugh at their reaction.

All the boys were so excited, all except for Harry…

“Good for you guys” I hear Harry say with no emotion in his voice as he gets up off the couch and heads towards his room.

“Harry…” I say in hope he will turn around but it was no use, the sound of his door slamming was lous enough for it to echo through the house.

“So when did this all happen?”

“Was this planned?”

“How long till we have a little Payne running around here?” 

All the boys started throwing questions at us..

“Well there is actually one more thing we have to tell you….”





“that’s why you went through that depression phase wasn’t it?”

“Why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

“At first I didn’t react to the situation well at all, I was mentally telling myself that keeping it too myself was the best thing but I think bottling it up inside of me made things worse. To be honest the whole situation affected me so much that the thought of getting pregnant never even crossed my mind until the doctor told me.” I explained to the boys clarifying a few things.

“I’m so sorry Sarah” I hear Louis say as a tear fell from his eye.

“Don’t be. Nothing could have stopped this from happening, and even if you did find me in time I would rather he have gotten to me than to have hurt any of you….” I intertwine my hand with Liam as he gives me a reassuring smile.

“We really don’t want this to affect the baby either. Liam will be the father and not even DNA can change that so fans aren’t going to find out, neither will a lot of our friends, only the people closest to us will know and we don’t want it to change anything. We really want your support us with this, we want you to love the baby no matter what I mean especially cause you are all going to be uncles!!” I say with a smile, as all the boys smile at the thought too.

“We will love it no matter what! Nothing can change that!” Niall says as he gives me a hug before heading to the kitchen to grab some food.

After the intense conversation everyone started to talk within themselves about everything thinkable, but my mind was on Harry. I knew the news would hurt him seeing as him and Liv just lost their baby but I really thought he would be happy for us.

“I’m gonna go check on Harry” I say to Liam as I start to get up and grab my crutches.

“I’ll go Sar, you stay here and rest you leg” Zayn says with a reassuring smile before getting up and heading towards Harry’s room.

Thankyou, I mouth to Zayn as he gives me a nod and closes the door behind him.

Zayn’s POV

“Hey mate..” I say as I close the door behind me and sit on the chair next to Harry’s bed.

“Hi” was all I received from Harry as he seemed to distracted hitting the tennis ball at the room as he laid on his bed.

“how do you think I am” He asks back almost harshly while not giving eye contact.

“I’m really sorry buddy” was all I managed to say not knowing what would make things better in this situation.

“Sorry for what, the fact that the love of my life doesn’t remember me, or for me losing my baby?” Harry replies back as he stops throwing the ball and sits up on his bed.

“I’m sorry for everything. I don’t even know what I can say to make things better for you..” I reply as my heart drops from the ache Harry is obviously experiencing.

“NOTHING. There is absolutely nothing you can say right now to make what is happening any better. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong did, now I feel like my heart it slowly and painfully getting ripped from my chest and I just want it to stop….. make it stop”  Harry says as tears start to stream down his face.

Quickly I get up from my seat and wipe the tear that was about to fall from my eye before I sit next to Harry and embrace him in a hug.

“I’m so, so sorry Harry…. I promise things will get better. At the moment you are at your lowest but from here on the only way is up. Things will get better, and just remember don’t ever think you are ever going through this alone because we are and always will be here for you….”  Was all I could manage to say before the tears started to drop from my eyes as well.

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