Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


20. So You Remember That?

Liv’s POV

I wake up with Harry's hand rested on my chest. I laugh a little and pick up his hand before placing it beside him slowly trying not to wake him. I reach for my phone on my bedside table and the time reads 7:30am. I cringe as the light from my phone hurts my eyes.  I blink my eyes multiple times before unlocking my phone to find a message from Josh.

"You left your shopping in the car last night, I left it on your front porch xx"

Ahh im such an idiot. I look over to see Harry so peacefully sleeping.

Instead of getting up I decided to search the internet. I know I'm not supposed to be on any social media because it will confuse me but only a little look won't hurt.

I begin to search my name on google but backspace the letters. Do I really want to do this? Oh who am I kidding of course I do! I type in my name and click search. I take a deep breath and roam.

"Is Olivia Parker cheating on the famous Harry Styles?"

"Olivia Parker found out with another guy"

"Poor harry styles...." I click on the link and read.

"Poor harry styles!! :( is his girlfriend cheating on him with a mystery boy. After months of being together Olivia seems to have just thrown the relationship away, and to think that things were getting serious with this couple. Not only did they look long term but the couple were also voted as The Most Perfect Couple of 2014. It seems that after a huge accident everything changed.... Will Harry and Olivia get back together or will Olivia move on with mystery boy??? Be sure to keep updated with our site to hear any further news on this story"

I shook my head and just tried to brush it off, lies, lies everywhere.

Continuing to look through the news articles I clicked on images and I was shocked to see what came up! I couldn't believe my eyes! I MET ZAC EFRON??!! I clicked onto the picture to see if it was real or photo shopped and it led me to my twitter page. Oh my god, how could I not remember something like this? I started getting all excited and hypo in a quiet way trying not to wake up Harry but I failed. His eyes fluttered open and went straight to the photo on my phone.

"Liv! Your not supposed to be on the internet!" He says sitting up in bed and snatching my phone from my hand.

"I know, I know and I’m sorry but I can't believe I have met Zac Efron!!! OH MY GOD!" I say fan girling.

"Wowww! Why didn’t I get this reaction!!" Harry says shaking his head in disappointment.

"Give it back!" I say holding my hand out to him.

"No!" he says holding it as far away from me as possible.

I immediately jump on him and trying to grab my phone.

"Get off of me!" he laughs while trying to push me off

I look down at him and all the blood rushes to my head, I begin to start feeling dizzy and a memory come flooding back.

*flash back*

“OMG he just touched me!” I say jumping up and down as Sarah joins along.

“OMG! OMG! OMG!” Sarah says squirling.

“OMG I want a photo with him!” I exclaim excited

“Go ask for one!” Sarah says while trying to push me in his direction

“No you!” I reply before the nudge was too big for me to reject making me trip backwards clumsily.

"I’m so sorry!" I say turning around to apologise to the person I had just bumped into.

“It’s okay babe” He says as realisation hits and I notice Zac looking down at me with a smile

“Hey.. umm… would it be alright if I got a photo with you?” I ask politely hoping he would say yes before looking at Sarah to be greeted with a smile

“Sure babe!”

*end of flash back*


"Olivia!? Olivia?! What's wrong?" Harry asks lightly shaking me.

"I... I remember it!" I say smiling.

"Wait what? Remember what?" He says surprised.

"I REMEMBER MEETING ZAC EFRON!!!" I say shouting and playfully hitting him.

"Be quiet, I'm trying to sleep!" I hear Niall say from the other room.

"Niall!!!!" I shout getting off of Harry and running into Niall’s room before jumping on top of him.

"What?" He asks rubbing his eyes.

"I have met Zac Efron!!" I say playfully hitting him with the pillow.

"Yes Liv I knowww, now let me sleep!" He says is a groaning sleepy voice as he turns his back to me and wraps his sheets around his body tightly.

"Okay just one more thing..." I say as I stop hitting him.

"What?" He asks

I immediately grab the pillow from under his head and hit him in the face with it before quickly running out of the room.

"You are going to pay for that!" He shouts.

"Sarah Sarah!" I shout running into her room.

"What? What happened!" She wakes up in shock looking around scared causing Liam to wake up.

"How come you didn’t tell me that we met the Zac Efron!" I say jumping into the bed and lying in the middle of Liam and Sarah with a huge smile on my face.

"Well someone’s a bit hypo this morning!" Sarah says rubbing her eyes with a smirk on her face.

"Well you know, I just found out that I met one of the hottest guys on this planet, by pfft yeah there's nothing to be hypo about" I say sarcastically.

“I thought I was the hottest!” Liam says with a wink as he lets out a laugh.

“Yeah um sorry to break it to you hunny but Zac Efron’s a bloody god and you’re not really that great so don’t give yourself too much credit” I say without filtering what I said making me sound like a complete bitch.

“Well okay if that’s how you see it” He says while pretending to be offended before crossing his arms over his chest and putting on an angry face.

“I think you’re the hottest babe!” Sarah says as she gets up from her laying position and gives Liam a wink!

“Thanks babe! See at least someone’s nice!” He says with a laugh as he nudges me.

“Stop with the couple stuff its making me sick” I say while pretending  to throw up!

"Whatever !!  So you remember that?" Liam asks sitting up while laughing at my actions.

"Yeah, but only that!" I say nodding with a smile on my face.

"Well that's good! At least you’re remembering bit by bit" Sarah says getting out of bed.

"Yeahh I suppose! Soooooo what's for breakfast?" I ask clapping my hands and jumping off the bed causing Liam and Sarah both to laugh before following me into the kitchen.

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