Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

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10. Re Introduction

Sarah’s POV

It was the 10:30 in the morning and Olivia is still asleep, I figured I’d let her sleep in because she hasn’t got much sleep lately. Today the boys are coming home and I actually have no idea how it will turn out. Im going to re-introduce her to the boys and then we will be doing some things that we use to do together as a group. Hopefully that will trigger her memory....

It was 12:30 and she still wasn’t awake... I go upstairs and walk towards the bedroom quietly. I open the door and notice that she is asleep on Harry’s side of the bed. I walk in and kneel down near the bed where she is asleep. I gentle shake her to wake up, she tosses and turns.

“What!?” she says with an annoyed voice

“Get your ass out of bed you lazy human!” I say placing my crutches under my arms

“No, I’m tired!” she says digging her head deeper into the pillow.

“Get up now!!” I say banging the crutches on the ground.

“Make me!” she says with a sloppy tone.

I immediately got an idea, I grabbed one of my crutches and started poking her with it...

“Okay I’m up!” she says jumping up straight away putting her arms up in defence.

Her hair was everywhere and her makeup was all over her face and pillow, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“What?” she asks with a smile.

“You looks horrible!” I say it straight out

“Oh yeah thanks sis way to boost my confidence!” she says grabbing a pillow beside her and throwing it at me

“Hey! I’m crippled you can’t hurt me!!” I say trying to dodge the pillow.

“Now get up because the boys are coming over” I say before leaving the room.

Liv’s POV

“Blah blah blabs!” I say sarcastically to myself

“I heard that!” Sarah shouts from outside the room.

I start pissing myself laughing at the fact that she heard me. I walk into the bathroom and I nearly jump at the sight of my face… she was right I looked horrible! I got a makeup remover wipe and took my make up off before brushing my teeth.

I was still half asleep and I couldn’t be bothered getting ready right now, it’s only going to be me and Sarah so I don’t need to make myself reasonable.

I rush down stairs with my pyjama shorts and a single top with no bra. I try and find my way to the kitchen but because I’m still not familiar with the house I ended up in completely different spot. I wonder through the house and I made my way to the lounge room but as I entered five sets of eyes layer on me. I froze in shock and five boys started falling in fits of laughter. I quickly wrap my arms around my chest as my top in very thin and run up stairs.

“SARAHHH??!” I shout out as I make my way up the stairs.

I immediately rush into my bedroom and get under the covers. I hear footsteps rushing to my bedroom door and Sarah walks in.

“WHAT! What happened?” she says trying her best to sprinting though the door with her crutches. She had clips holding her hair back, I assumed she was straightening her hair. She looked ridiculous.

“Please explain the five boys in our lounge room!” I say my heart razing.

“Omg did you walk down like that?” she sack laughing and pointing at my pyjamas.

“Shut up I didn’t know anyone was here!” I say throwing the pillow at her again.

“That the boys! They live here!” she says trying to contain her laugh.

“Well I just embarrassed myself in front of them! I AM NOT GOING DOWN THERE!” I say pointing down stairs.

“Yes you are now get you and your little short shorts up! You are meeting them!” she says threatening me with her crutches.

“Also get dressed, you look ridiculous!” she sassy with a chuckle making her way out the room!

“Yeah you don’t look so great yourself!” I say shouting out the room then closing the door before getting myself ready.

I wore a short skirt with a long sleeved crop top. I straightened over my hair making it dead straight and did my makeup before making my way down stairs.


I enter the lounge room once again and there I see the five tall boys standing there trying not to laugh.

“HA HA very funny!” I say sticking my tongue out to them.

“Nice choice of pyjamas! Did you choose those out yourself?” a blonde hair guy ask laughing causing all the boys to fall in fits of laughter.

“NOT FUNNY!” I shout crossing my arms trying not to laugh.

Sarah walks in shortly after.

“Hey hey stop teasing the poor child!” she says placing her hand on my shoulder.

“But that would of been pretty funny!” she sassy starting to laugh with them.

“I think you looked pretty cute!” a brunette says with a smile.

“I’m Louis by the way!” he says stepping forward giving me a hug with no warning.

“Ahhhhh hi Louis!” I say softly hugging him back.

“This is Zayn, that’s Niall, that’s Liam and that’s Harry!” he says pointing at all the boys

“And were ONE DIRECTION!” the blonde one says throwing his hands in the air.

All the boys laughed.

“Wait, I can introduce myself thanks mate!” Niall says stepping forward putting his hand out for me to shake.

“Hi I’m Niall and I like food!” he says as I shake his hand

I chuckle a bit as he continues to shake without letting go.

“OMG your scaring the poor girl!” zayn says spelling nail hand away from me.

“I’m Zayn, nice to meet you!” he says leaning in for a hug.

“Hi Zayn,” I say hugging back.

“His the mysterious one!” Louis whispers in my ear!

We all start laughing.

“Now I’d like to introduce you to someone!” Sarah says grabbing one of the boys, he had short brown hair.

“This is Liam and he is my boyfriend!” she says wrapping her arms around him.

“Why hello Liam! So you’re the special guy that stole my sister’s heart!” I say with a smile.

“I'd like to think of it more as keeping it safe!” he says wrapping his arms around her and kissing her forehead.

“Awww that’s adorable!” I say putting my hands over my mouth!

There was only one guy left, it was Harry.... I’ve met him before but not properly I guess. He seemed nervous! Like very nervous he went all red in the cheeks as I walked over to him. All eyes landed on him.

“Hey I’m Harry!” he says putting his hand out for me to shake it.

“Yeah I know...” I say shaking his hand with a small smile, I couldn’t get my eyes off of his. Those green eyes were so captivating.

“Yeah I thought maybe, we could just forget about that whole mishap and start over?” he says with a smile.

“Yeah why not!” I say letting go of his hand.

Our eye contact was interrupted by someone clearing their throat causing me and Harry to jump out of a glare.

“Well! What are we going to be doing today?” Louis says clapping his hands together once.

“How about we go in the pool!” Niall says stepping his clothes off making his clothes leaving him only in his underwear.

“You guys have a pool?” I ask excited.

“We have a pool actually” Harry says correcting me.

“I hate getting wet!” I say with a chuckle.

“Yeah I know!” he says laugh but then stops when he realises what he said.

He knows... how does he know?

“Well let’s go put your bathers on!” Sarah says breaking the silent moment.

She grabs my arm and makes her way upstairs with me close behind making sure she doesn’t fall.

“Wait Sarah you can’t go in the pool with your leg!” I say as we reach the top of the legs.

“I know I won’t be going in!” she says making her way into my bedroom and into my wardrobe.

“Now let’s find some cute bathers!” she’s say going through my draws.

“Why cute?” I ask confused

“Well you don’t want to be going out there with ugly bathers do you?” she says truing around to look at me.

“Well... okay!” I say smiling

I put my fluoro pink bathers on and wrapped my towel around me... I hate my body! Sarah was already down stairs so I decided to make my way down stairs as well. I surprisingly found the outside area! It was huge! It looked absolute amazing. All the boys except Liam were in the pool, he was sitting with Sarah. Awww what cuties! I sat down on the sun bed next to Sarah making sure my towel am still covering me.

“Come in the pool!” Louis says calling me in.

“Nah I think I’ll stay here!”  I say with a smile.

“NO NO that won’t do!” Harry says getting out of the pool dripping wet and running into my direction.

“NO NO PLEASE!!” I scream but before I know it I was in Harry’s arms, they wrapped around me and he was running back into the pool bring me in with him.

“You idiot!” I say splashing him with the water once I came up for a breath.

“Come on it was funny!” he says coming closer and closer staring to make me feel uncomfortable.

As he was to close for my liking I quickly dropped myself under the water and swam away.

“Shoulder wars!!” Zayn screamed niall shouts out with his hands in the air. “Olivia chose whose shoulders you want to be on!” Niall continues.

All the boys look at me with wide eyes. Um I didn’t know who to choose really... Louis seemed like a really fun guy...

“Louis!” I say as a huge smile is brought to his face.

I looked at Harry and his face immediately dropped!

“Harry you are on my shoulders!” Niall’s says swimming over to Harry.

Harry nods with a smile.

“Zayn you are the ref!” nail says and zayn nods.

“Wait before you guys start me and Liam are going to get food! What do you idiots want?” Sarah says getting up placing her crutches under her arms.

We all decided on Nando’s and soon Liam and Sarah left to go order it. Harry got on Niall’s shoulders and I got on Louis’. Zayn puts his hands in the air before dropping them in the water signalling us to start. Harry immediately grabbed a hold of my arms trying to push me off! But I wouldn’t let him win. I grabbed a hold of his muscular shoulder toughing him back.

“Louis now!” I shout as Louis immediately starts tickling Niall on the stomach causing him to drop Harry.

“Yes!” Louis and I say throwing our hands in the air!

“We won!” Louis says as I drop myself off his shoulders.

“No that was cheating! You guys are cheaters!” Harry and Niall say shaking their heads.

“No one said there was no tickling!” I say high fiving Louis.

As I high fived Louis I noticed something! Something that shocked me causing me to go silent... Just below my right arm I had a tattoo of an anchor that I have never seen before! I don’t remember getting it.... I stare at it as all the boys go silent looking at each other with wide eyes. I rush out of the pool and wrap the towel around me.

“When... When did I get this tattoo?” I say pointing to it asking the boys.

“Not long ago!” Harry replies with a blank tone.

“But I don’t remember!” I say starting to freak out.

Harry rushed out of the water and runs up to me standing really close to me.

“Livi, you got a tattoo a couple of months ago with all of us, you won’t remember because you have lost that part of your memory” he says in a nervous tone.

“Don’t call me Livi! I hardly know you, my name is Olivia!” I say backing away from him and his face drops.

 I rush back inside but am stopped by Liam and Sarah walking out with a bag of food.

“Liv what’s wrong?” Sarah says giving the bag to Liam and wrapping her arms around me.

“I’m so confused, this is so hard, I’m so confused!” I say boiling my eyes out.

“What happened?” she sassy still holding onto me.

“My tattoo, I don’t remember getting it, I feel lost, like I don’t belong here, like this isn’t my life!” I say letting go and wiping the tears falling from my eyes.


Harry’s POV

Well that went horrible. I see her letting go of Sarah and running up stairs as Sarah comes outside to hear the rest of the story.

“She freaked out when she saw the tattoo!” I say before Sarah even asks.

“What did you tell her?” she asks with a nervous tone.

“I just told her that she got it a couple of months ago” I respond raising my voice.

“Why is this so hard!” I say rushing my hands through my hair,

“You think you have it hard? She lost her memory, this is all new to her!” Sarah raises her voice.

“If she acted like that about a tattoo I just can’t imagine how she will react about her scar!” Sarah says shaking her head.

“I go to go check on her! You guys start eating” she says going inside.

After about 15 minutes later Sarah returns down stairs with Liv by her side. Liv sits next to Sarah and stayed quiet as she ate her salad. She didn’t look at anyone. Especially not me....

Once we finished our food we all decide to go inside and play ‘two truths and a lie’ so Liv could get to know us better. We made our way onto the lounge room and everyone sat down on the lounge. Liv sat down next to me, surprisingly while everyone else was scattered around and Liam and Sarah under the blanket. We were all still in our bathers and I could tell Liv was doing her best to cover up her body. I forgot she was so insecure.

“Okay me first!” Niall says getting everyone’s attention.

“I can play piano, I’m not naturally blonde, I’m claustrophobic’??” he says waiting for Liv to answer.

“Umm I think number one was false!” she says and niall smiles.

“How did you know? That not fair!” he says whining causing everyone to laugh.

“Okay me next!” Liam says getting himself comfortable. “’I am secretly afraid of the dark, I love asparagus, I can do the moonwalk’”

“Umm I think the third one is a lie!” Liv says confidently.

“No! I hate asparagus! I am actually offended that you think I can’t do the moon walk!” he says laughing.

“Show me!” Liv says putting her hands up with defence.

Liam immediately gets up and does the moon walk leaving Liv stunned and then sits back down next to Sarah. Olivia claps in amazement.

“How about we go around and all say something that I think I might not know about you!” Liv says coming up with an idea.

 Everyone agrees and Louis starts off.

“Well I am the oldest out of our band and I have a girlfriend named Eleanor” he says with a smile.

“Oh you have a girlfriend! That so cute!” Liv says awing him.

“Well I like to spray paint and I am engaged to the most beautiful girl, Perrie Edwards from the band Little Mix!” Zayn says with a chill tone.

“Wait Little Mix from the x factor?” Liv asks causing everyone to be surprised that she actually knows them.

“Yeah her!” zayn says nodding.

“Omg that is so cute! OMG” she sassy freaking gout as girls do!

“Well I’m Niall and I’m very handsome as you can tell!” he says grooming his hair and flapping his eye lashes.

“Tell me something I don’t already know!” Liv says sarcastically causing everyone to laugh.

Omg she looked so beautiful with her wet hair dropped over her shoulders and her cute little laugh. It was all in slow motion. She slowly turned her head to looking at me with a smile and I smiled back but I couldn’t stop staring... I wanted her hear cuddling up next to me. I was still in my day dream staring at her and I could hear someone calling my name.

“Harry! Harry!” Sarah says snapping her fingers in front of me causing me to break fork my day dream.

“It’s your turn!” Liv says laughing.

I turned red... how embarrassing who knows how long I was staring at her.

“Ahhhhh well I’m the youngest in the band and I’m clearly the most handsome!” I say clearing my throat.

“Well we have a cocky one over here!” Liv says laughing.

“I know right clearly it’s me!” Niall says sarcastically.

“Clearly!” Liv says nodding and laughing at the same time.

My face drops and Liv notices.

“I’m kidding!” she says placing her hand on my leg laughing.

“Oh so you think I’m the most handsome?” I say making her go red.

“No, I didn’t say that!” she says trying not to laugh.

“No but I think you did!” Louis says standing up shaking his hand.

“This friendship is O-V-E-R” he says moving his fingers in a zing sag motion causing everyone to fall into fits of laughter.

It was 11 o’clock and everyone decided it was time for bed. Shit! Where was I going to sleep? I guess on the couch! I don’t think I could cope sleeping with Niall!! Everyone got up beside me and made their way upstairs.

“Harry aren’t you coming to bed?” Liv asks at the bottom of the stairs.

“Nah I think I’ll watch a movie for a while” I say trying to save myself.

“Okay goodnight!” she says baking her way up the stairs.

“Goodnight beautiful!” I whisper so she couldn’t hear me.


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