Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


32. Please. I'm Sorry

Liv's POV

It just makes me sad you know, I know I might seem selfish because he kept trying to help me revive my memory, but I suppose it just hurts that's all. If he really loves me as much as he said he does then he wouldn't have given up on me that easily.

"Liv you remembered!!?" Sarah says all excited pulling me towards her for a hug.

"Yeah I did!" I say putting a smile on my face a wiping the tears away.

"Liv what's wrong?" She asks soon realising I was crying.

"Ohh it's nothing! but I might go home!" I say trying to hold the tears back.

I walk off without letting her speak trying not to show my true feelings.

"Hey Liam do you know where Perrie is?" I ask still doing my best to hold my tears back.

"I'm not too sure" he replied back while looking around.

"That's okay thanks anyway" I say yet again putting on a fake smile before turning to walk away,

"hey Liv are you okay?" he asked me with a worried look as he grabbed my hand to stop me from walking awawy.

"Yeah I;m fine: I say with no true emotion.

"Liv it's okay to be upset" Liam says pulling me into a hug.

"No Liam! This is Perries night! I'm not going to let my issues get in the way of that!" I say rubbing the tear that fell from my eye.

"I'm going home" I say simply before walking off.

As I'm walking out  of the reception  I catch a glimpse of Perrie.

"Perrie!" I say plastering a huge smile on my face.

"Liv!" She says giving me a hug.

"So how's my Mrs Perrie Malik going?" I ask nudging her slightly.

"She's going fantastic!" Perrie responds.

"Well that's good to here! Hey I'm really sorry but I think I might head home, I'm not feeling too well and just kinda want to sit down! I hope you enjoy the rest if the night!" I say with a smile.

"Ohh okay babe! Feel better!" She says before giving me another hug.

I turn around and make my way to the door, walkign out I notice Harry sitting with his head in his hands in the same spot I had left him before.

Seeing his face just brought tears to my eyes...

He looks up and notices me looking at him. I quickly look away and rush towards the side of the road,

"Taxi" I call out before a taxi drives up to the curb.

I tell him my address before he begins driving.

"So how was your night?" He asks kindly.

"Pretty shit actually!" I say with a little laugh wiping the tears from my face.

"Oh what happened, if you don't mind me asking" he asks once again very kindly.

He noticed that I was crying and her passed me a tissue.

"Thankyou, and it's a long story!" I say with a laugh.

"Okay well I hope everything works out for a pretty girl like you!" He says with a smile looking into the review mirror.

"Thankyou!" I say just as we arrived at the house.

"How much?" I ask him pulling out my purse.

"Oh don't worry about it!" He says with a smile.

"Are you sure? I;m happy to pay!"

"No, No it;s fine! On the house! Have a nice night i hope he sees what he's missing out on!" he says with a cute smile. 

I cant help but give a sncere smile back at his comment before getting out of the car and giving a small wave.

 making my way to the house the security guard let's me in and I make my way up the porch stairs before opening the front door. Silence, finally. My hands were shaking so I was finding it hard to open the front door. After minutea of trying to open it the security guard helped me. I was so hysterical I didn't even have enough breath to say Thankyou. i think to my self as I close the door behind me and kick off my shoes.

I walk into the kitchen dropping my bag on the table and walk towards  to the fridge grabbing my bottle of water and a packet of chips from the cupboard. I grab my phone out of my bag and put it in between my lips as I had no hand to hold it. I make my way up stair kicking my bedroom door open before closing it with my bum. I dropped the chips and drink onto my bed before locking my bedroom door, I let out a loud sigh and take a seat at the end of my bed.  Quickly I unzipped my dress before stepping out of it and sliding myself into the bed with just my undies and a bra on.

I pull out my ear phones and plug them into my phone, before blasting the music to the loudest  and stuffing my face with chips.

"Fuck life" I say to myself while continuously shoving food in my mouth with tears still streaming down my face.


*knock knock*

"Olivia open the door please!" I hear from the other side of the door.

I slowly wake from my sleep letting out a huge yawn.

"Olivia please, I'm sorry" Harry says once again banging on the door.

"Leave me alone!"I shout at him.

"Olivia just please let me in! Let me explain!" Harry says with a sad and firm tone.

"There is nothing to explain Harry! I don't want to see you go away!" I shout at him tears streaming down my face.

"I don't know what I was thinking! I was stupid! I know I fucked up but please give me a chance to explain!" He says crying.

"What don't you get about go away?!" I say wiling the tears from my face.

"This is my bedroom too!" He shouts.

I stay silent for a bit before getting up and before grabbing the nearest top next to me which of course had to be his.

I grab my pillow and a blanket before unlocking the door and making my way towards the stairs.

"THERE! HAPPY?!" I shout pushing past him and stumbling loudly down the stairs into the lounge room.

I drop myself on the lounge and cover myself with the blanket before covering my ears with the pillow.

I hear the bedroom door slam close and lock.

Tears continue to stream down my face leaving my pillow soaking. I try to control my breathing but it just keeps getting faster. I try to keep myself quiet but I just can't.

After about 20 minutes of sobbing I had no more in me. I slowly slowly started to dose off asleep.


Harry's POV

I'm so fucking stupid! I'm so angry right now. How the fuck could I do that! Why would I do that! What the hell was I thinking!! I've lost her! I've really lost her!

I can't get to sleep knowing that she is down stairs on the lounge. Everyone is asleep and all I can think about is her! I should be sleeping on the Lounge not her! I'm such a dick!

I pull the covers off of me before getting out of bed and quietly going down stairs. I walk into the living room and find her fast asleep on the lounge with the pillow covering her face.

I pull away the pillow from her face and notice that it was soaking wet. She was crying.

I slowly slide my arms underneath her picking her up. I begin walking upstairs slowly and quietly so that I don't wake her. I place her down on the bed and pull the covers over her before leaving the room and going back down stairs to sleep on the lounge. I slowly close my eyes and in no more than 5 minutes I was asleep.



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