Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

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All Rights Reserved


14. No sleep for me..

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Mirella and Olivia




Liv's POV

It was about 2 o'clock in the morning and I couldn't sleep. I don’t know why but so many things were running through my head! I felt so dizzy.... I scrunched my eyes closed, tossing and turning but there was still way I was going to sleep! I don’t even feel tired! I feel like I could get up now and run a marathon! But I know my lack of sleep would eventually catch up on me, so I kept my eyes closed and just looked into the darkness..........

Feeling myself wake up yet again it actually felt like I had a good sleep, turning over and looking at the clock I notice the number reading…. 2:08am!!

"Oh you have got to be kidding me!" I say louder than expected as my hands quickly cover my mouth. That was only eight minutes!

I decide to get up and get a drink from down stairs, I slip my Uggboots on and make my way down stairs.

I enter the kitchen walking directly to the fridge opening it and observing what was inside.....

"Mmm what to drink, what to drink" I say to myself trying to decide from all drinks in the fridge...

I should probably have water but you know that's boring so I grabbed the tropical flavoured orange juice closing the fridge. I open the cupboard at try and reach for a cup but of course they have to be pushed back as far as possible! So I stand on the bench and finally reach the glass! I make my way down the bench top and the glass drops from my hand landing straight on the tiled floor and smashing into tiny pieces.

"Shit!!" I say looking up stairs making sure no one woke up. I quickly clean up the glass and place the juice back into the fridge.... After that much work I didn’t even need a drink anymore....

I decided to goo watch some TV. Yes I have a huge TV in my bedroom but I don’t want to wake up anyone, so I make my way into the lounge room grabbing a packed on chips on the way.  Making my way onto the lounge room I couldn’t help but notice a faint snoring noise.

Is there someone else in the lounge room?" I think to myself as I continue to walk towards the lounge room seeing a figure asleep on the lounge. It was Harry...

He was sleeping in what seemed like such an uncomfortable position, his blanket was nearly falling off of him and his hair was everywhere! I placed my chips on the lounge before pulling up his blanket so it covered his shoulders. He was such a cute sleeper, he looked so cute and cuddly.... But why was he sleeping on the lounge??

As I turn around to head out of the lounge room I am interrupted... I jump slightly not realising I woke him.

"Olivia is that you?" Harry asks with a sleepy but sexy tone in his voice.

"Uhh yeah! Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you!!" I say whispering.

"No that's fine, what's wrong?" He asks sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

"I just couldn't sleep... Wait why are you sleeping on the lounge?" I ask sitting down next to him picking up the other side of the blanket to cover my legs.

"Uhhh well..." He says rushing his fingers through his hair.

"Uhhh well what??" I ask tilting my head in confusion..

"Well the thing is because we are together, I mean use to be together, I mean.... I don’t know....... Well we use to sleep together. That use to be our room" he says nervously looking up at me.

"But what about all your stuff??" I ask confused.

"Well we had to move it out so it wouldn't confuse you!" He says bluntly.

"So your telling me that everyone moved your stuff out so i wouldn't get confused and now you’re stuck on the couch??" I ask with a little tiny smile.

"Ahh yeah" he nods running his hand through his hair again before looking down.

"Aren't youse supposed to be helping me trying to retrieve my memory rather than changing everything??" I say trying to get eye contact.

"Yeah I guess" he says scratching his head.

"So how about we try something... You come sleep in YOUR room with me and maybe that will help trigger my memory" I say with a smile.

"As in like we sleep in the same bed?" He asks with a huge smile and an excited tone in his voice.

"Well yeah!" I say nodding my head.

"Well what are you waiting for let's go upstairs!" He says grabbing my hand and leading me upstairs.

As we are making our way up the stairs he stops.

"Wait!!" He says rushing back down stairs and returning back with the packet of chips!

We both started laughing.

"Shhhh!" I say putting my finger over his lips.

We make our way into the bedroom and as I walked to my side of the bed bit I notice he was walking in the same direction.

"Wait, you use to sleep on that side!" He says pointing to the opposite side of the bed.

"Ohh but now that side is cold!" I say whining like a little kid!

"But we are trying to trigger you memory not change things!" He says mocking my words.

"Ahhh fine!" I say jumping onto my side and getting under the covers and so does he.

"Nice pyjamas!" He says with a chuckle lifting up the quilt revealing my bright pink pyjamas.

"Stop laughing at me! I found them in my draw and they still had the tags on them, I fact all my pyjamas had tags on them" I say as he places the quilt back down.

"That's because you use to always wear my tops as pyjamas!" He says smiling and tilting his head to look at me. There was a moment of silent before I began to talk.

"......well can I wear one of your tops?" I ask shyly.

"My clothes are in Niall's bedroom but I'll get one!" He says with a smile getting up straight away!

"no don’t be silly! You will wake him up!" I say pulling his arm back to the bed.

"But what about the top....?" He asks slowly looking down at his own t-shirt. He looks back up to me with a huge smile. But I had no idea what he was thinking about.

He gets back on the bed and starts removing his top!

"Wait wait wait! What are you doing?" I ask worried!

"Calm down! I'm just giving you my shirt!" He says passing me his t-shirt. He was now topless and I was dying!!

" are you kidding its freezing! We can use one another time!" I say handing it back to him!

"Nahhh just put it on!" He says with a smirk.

"Fine!! Now turn around!" I say circling my finger in the air.

"But, I’ve alrea......okay fine!" He says turning around placing his hands over his eyes.

I took my shorts and top off and quickly slipped on his t-shirt before quickly getting under the covers!

"Done!" I say with a smile and he immediately turns over!

"Okay let me see!" He says pulling up the guilt but i hold it down.

"Nooo!" I say holding the quilt down firmly!

"Whyy?? I want to see you in it" he says with a sad face and a sad tone.

"Aww poor harry!" I say mocking his tone!

"Smartass!" He coughs and the laughs!

"Excuse me!! I'm not the one with the spider man boxers on!" I say lifting up the quilt and laughing!

"Spider-Man is cool!" He says nudging me softly.

"You’re so weak!" I say laughing at his slight push.

"No no no I would beat you in a wrestling match in 3 seconds!" He says looking at me.

"I guess there's only one way to find out!" I say before quickly jumping on top of him trying to hold him down.

"Ohh its on!" He says trying to get me on the bottom.

"I’m stronger than you think!" I say trying my best to hold him down. I position myself so that I'm sitting on his stomach and my legs are on either side on him with my hands holding his arms down.

"You will never win this!" He said trying to get his arms out of my hold.

We were interrupted when the door swings open and in comes Sarah half asleep!

"What is going on in here?" She says rubbing her eyes before seeing me and Harry in bed, in the most awkward position!

"oh shitt!" She says covering her eyes

 "I’m sorry I didn’t mean to intrude on whatever you guys were doing! actually I don’t even want to know!" She says turning around still covering her eyes then walking straight into the door!

"Ouch!" She says rubbing her head and Harry and I start pissing ourselves laughing!

She closes the door behind her and I turn to look at harry!

"She probably thought we were doing it!" He says laughing!

I nudge him getting off of him with a smile.

"Well that will be an awkward conversation tomorrow!" I say getting under the covers pulling them over my shoulders and so does Harry.

"I think we should get some sleep!" I say looking at him with a small smile.

"Yeah I think that’s a good idea!" He says turning to face me. We were now face to face and he was smiling..... I turned around so my ass was facing him and I could hear him let out a small laugh.

"Goodnight Harry!" I say closing my eyes slowly. He began shuffling the bed and I could feel him getting closer, his arm wrapped around me and he intertwined his fingers into mine.

"Goodnight beautiful!" He says while snuggling close

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