Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


30. Memories..

Liv’s POV

My head was throbbing, I felt sick and my mind was doing flips. Why can’t I just have one day of being happy, of forgetting all the pain I have put everyone through. The pain I have put myself through? Why can’t I just remember my feelings for Harry, rather than pushing him away every time he tries to get close to me. I feel like whenever my heart is ready to let him in again by body builds a barrier and every feeling of trust and readiness leaves and my body is filled with pity.

Stumbling into the house as tears streamed down my face from pain I stagger slowly into my room and fall onto the bed. It felt like there were knives going into my head, slowly and torturously. Opening my bedside draw I grab out two Panadol and immediately swallow them down with water. For the next 10 minutes I just laid there. I simply closed my eyes and appreciated the sound of silence. After my head was feeling somewhat better I decided I should fix my hair and makeup before heading back to the reception.

Turning around on my bed to get myself up I suddenly I felt my arm clip something on my bedside table. Before I was able to even able to look at the item I had knocked with my arm my snow globe had shattered into millions of pieces all over the floor. With great care I step over the water and glass now covering my floor and carefully bent down next to the shattered snow globe to try and pick up the pieces.

As I pick up the base of the snow globe carefully I notice a crack going all the way through splitting the base completely in half. A tear is brought to my eye as I look at the now unsalvageable snow globe. Carefully moving the base in my hand the two halves move apart revealing a hollow inside. Looking into the centre I am confused to see something shiny catch my eye. Carefully I pull out the small shiny necklace that was kept so safely inside the globe. Examining the necklace I read the small engraving on the inside of the small ring shapes hanging off the chain…

‘Our Love is an adventure..


“Harry! I don’t know what to say” I somehow managed to choke out in my speechless state.

“You don’t have to say anything. Just follow me to you seat!” he replied helping me walk over to my chair before pulling it out and letting me sit on it.

“Harry this is amazing but I would have been happy with just pizza and a movie!” I say giving him a smile.

“Well I’m glad you said that because for dinner we have Pepperoni Pizza!” Harry states proudly before pulling off the silver dome and revealing the pizza. A laugh escapes my lips as an even bigger smile grew on my face!

“Classy! I like that!”


“Let’s get some food”, I say looking up at Harry. He just smiled and got up. I followed behind him poking his back he grabbed my arms from behind and pulling me up giving me a piggy back. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly and put my legs around his waist as he was walking towards the food.. He was in the middle of grabbing his food when I interrupt him by covering his eyes with my hands!

“Ohh you wanna play this game?” he says standing still.

I started laughing leaving my hands on his eyes. I noticed Sarah and the rest of the boys laughing.

“I will throw you in the pool”, he said while laughing.


“Dare!” I replied without hesitation.

“Okay Liv but you asked for it…. I dare you to flash us for 5 seconds” Niall says without hesitation. Everyone immediately burst into laughter causing me to got bright red.

“You’re kidding right!” I asked  in disbelief while raising an eyebrow at Niall.

“Why would I kid about something like this?” Niall laughs before shooting me a cheeky grin.


“We want you to move in with us!” Liam says quickly, waiting for our reactions.


“I am the best brownie maker ever!” Harry says to me making trying to emphasise his supposably amazing cooking skills.

“Ohh is that right! let’s see you try to beat my amazingness!”, I say sliding the mixing bowl in front of him with a smile.


“Will you be my girlfriend?” he quietly whispers into my ear.

I  freezes a little at his sudden question before continuing to finish the brownies.

“You heard me babe... will you be my girlfriend?” he repeat kissing my neck softly.

I slowly turned around so that we were facing each other, before looking into his eyes and smiling.



“I love you!”

“I love you to Harry!”


“Harry... im sorry, I never meant for any of this to happen, I promise to you I don’t have feelings for him anymore, I love you Harry and only you!” I managed to say with my head in my hands bawling my eyes out.

“Stop crying! You brought this upon yourself Olivia, if you really loved me you would of told me yourself? Huh? Tell me why? Why did I hear it from Sarah and not you?!” he continues to shout.

“Harry I told her that day! She didn’t give me a chance to tell you!”


“Lou you need to go to the store now.” I tell him without any emotion in my voice.

“Would someone like to tell me what’s going on please!” he replies back with the most confused expression on his face.

“Lou please could you go to the store and buy me a pregnancy test?”


“Because of you! If you didn’t go all fucking ape shit before I got a chance to speak to you I would have been able to tell you I was pregnant in a more appropriate manner but this will just have to do!” I shout as loud as possible in his face. His face went from red and angry to pale. He took a step back and stared at me.


“ I’m pregnant Harry!”


“Actually I think I might get a tattoo too” I say causing all eyes to turn to me

“Are you sure?” Sarah asks surprised.

“Yeah why not!”


“It was…… LIV LOOK OUT!” was the last thing I heard before the pressure of the truck hit the car. I remember the sound of the glass shattering and the pain in my head becoming unbearable. The crunch of the metal made my ears ache and the next thing I know the car was flipping and everything went black.

I could see nothing. Nothing at all.


I drop the globe in my hand with a gasp. The globe shatterd yet again but nothing seemed to matter. My heart was beating a million miles an hour and I was speechless.

I remember. Everything. Absolutely everything. So many emotion ran though my body as happy tears were brought to my eye. The struggle to breath felt good and the tears were welcome. Everything that has happened I remember. And Harry. I love him. I remember the way he made me feel, the way I felt when we were together.

And the necklace. The necklace was from our anniversary. It was his symbol of a promise. His way to say we would be together forever.

Somehow I managed to move from my shocked position. Quickly I ran to the bathroom to wipe the smudged makeup from under my eyes.

Grabbing my purse I ran to the car and as fast as I could drove back to the reception. I simply couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Everythign felt right, and everything was going to work out!

Shoes in hand I ran to the reception door without hesitation. Stopping in my tracks I looked around for Harry. I caught a glimpse of Sarah from the corner of my eye and I immediately ran over to her.

“SARAH! Where is Harry I need him!”

“Wow Liv slow down what’s happened?”

“I remember Sarah! I remember everything!” I say really quickly just wanting an answer and directions.

Looking around in a fuss I soon see a very familiar head of hair walking up the stairs in the opposite corner of the room.

Without explanation I left Sarah standing confused and ran towards the direction of the stairs. The run felt endless. The mass amounts of people in the small space were making it harder for me to move and all I wanted to do was tell Harry I love him.

Suddenly a hand grabbed my arm stopping me in my tracks.

“Let me go I need to see Harry!” I shout at the person holding my arm as I turn around to see Liam standing there with a worried look.

“Liv you need to stop for a minute, let me get him please stay here” Liam says with no emotion in his tone warring me slightly.

“NO LIAM LET ME GO I NEED TO SEE HIM” I say as I struggle against his grip.

“Liv I don’t want you going upstairs please just trust me and wait here” He says with worry in his voice as I continue to fight against his grip.

“LET ME GO NOW LIAM” I scream as tears stream down my face.

“Liv please” he says as his face turns soft and he begs me to stay.

“No Liam I need to see him” I say with a final tug, releasing myself from Liam’s grip and continuing upstairs.

Running up the stairs I am faces with multiple doors leading to lots of different room. Without hesitation I went to each door checking to see if Harry was in there. 5 doors down I still hadn’t found Harry. I notice the last door slightly ajar down the back of the corridor.

My heart begins to race and a smile immediately appears on my face as I run towards the door.

Pushing the door without warning I step into the room,

"Harry I remember! I remember you! I remember us..." I start before my heart breaks.

I immediately drop to the floor as my heart feels like it has just been ripped from my chest and tears stream down my face.

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