Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


4. Leaving the Hospital

Sarah’s POV

“So I have good news and bad news Miss Parker, which would you like to hear first?” The nurse asked as she looked down at her clipboard and began making notes on the pages she was reading.

“Bad news first then good!” I reply as I look at Liam sitting next to me on the bed and grab hold of his hand.

“So from the accident you receive a few cuts and bruises which have healed nicely and the unfortunate glass in your leg. Your leg has shown signs of a good recovery but is still not strong enough to walk on or use, so we will have to put you on crutches for 8 weeks and then have a check-up before we can make any further decisions.” The nurse explains before she quickly shows me how to use the crutches and how to change the bandages on my leg.

“Now for the good news! As you know your baby was fortunately not affected by the accident in any serious way, this is most likely due to you still being in the early stage of your pregnancy and also because the airbag did its job! This means that if your feeling up to it you are allowed to be released today….Well that will be all from me I wish you all the best with your leg and I will see you in 6 weeks for your next appointment” With a smile the nurse left some papers on the small table near the window before walking out.

“This is great news babe! We can finally get you home and rested!” Liam says as he leans over and places a soft kiss on my forehead.

I smile at his small but appreciated action and make wiggle my way over to the crouches that were placed on the side of my bed. As I carefully place my legs on the floor I slowly stand placing all my wright on my non injured leg, getting me off balance and tripping onto Liam who was thankfully next to me.

“wow Sar be careful!” Liam says as he lifts me back upright and places a kiss on my cheek.

“How about seeing as we are still in the hospital I wheel you to the car then once we are home you can start using the crutches?” Liam suggests as he grabs my bags and the wheelchair and starts to make his way back over to me.

“Thankyou but I’ll be okay, I gotta start getting use to these things anyway or else your gonna be my personal slave for the next 6 weeks” I say as I place the crutches under my arms and move around a bit to make them comfortable. Liam lets out a small chuckle before he folds up the wheelchair and places it back in the corner of the room.

“I was thinking of going to see Liv before we go anyway so I’ll just meet you in the lobby” I say as I slowly make my way towards the door and while passing Liam giving him a small kiss on the lips.

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?” he asks cautiously as he follows me out of the door with my bags and gifts.

“Yeah I’ll be fine I shouldn’t be too long anyway” I say with a smile and a nod as I start to make my way to Liv’s room.

Making my way slowly but surely to Liv’s room I peak through the window before entering. As Liv lays on her be silently a nurse carefully plays around with the monitors and wires next to the bed, she finishes up before ticking on her clipboard and making her way outside of the room.

“How is she doing?” I ask stopping the nurse in her tracks.

“She seems to be doing quite well considering her injuries are healing with no dramas. From tests taken in the last day it was found that besides her memory loss Olivia has not suffered with any loss of movement or way of thinking which is a good sign, so at this rate I would estimate that she will be out of hospital in the next few days if she continues this way” The nurse explains kindly.

“And her memory?” I ask instinctively knowing the answer.

“Unfortunately there has been no changes to her regaining her memory. She seems to have blacked out almost a whole 3 years of her life, but all events before that were not touched at all. At this stage we are unsure of whether Miss Parker will regain her memory soon or if at all. We have had many different cases similar to this each ending differently, the most important thing to do though is to not overdo the information. We do not want her brain to take in all the information too fast as it may unfortunately bring her back in here in a much worse condition than what she is now. All you can do it wait at this stage, it will take time but I have faith Miss Parker will be just fine” she says as she gives me a small smile and begins checking her timetable.

It takes me a minute to process all the information she has given before I decide it would be best to come back later to see Liv. I needed time for all of this to sink in, just in case I said something wrong or brought up something that could cause her stress.

“Thankyou” was all I managed to say to the nurse before regained my comfortable position on my crutches and made my may to the lift that went straight to the lobby.

Finally getting to the big open room at the front of the hospital I see the boys all spread out in different positions on different couches and chairs. All at once as they see me enter the room they stand up and start to make their way over to me.

“How is she going?” I hear Louis say as he fixes his top and re-rolls one of the sleeves.

“Better, she is doing better. I have a lot to explain to you all but could we maybe get home first? My leg is starting to play up and I really would love to just sit on that beautiful couch!” I say with a smirk as all the boys chuckle and help me towards the entrance door where Paul was ready and waiting for us.

“Hey Paul all ready?” Niall said as he walked up to Paul and gave him a pat on the  back.

“The car is waiting just outside and the bags are already in, there is just one problem. Unfortunately someone leaked which hospital you were staying at so there have been paps and fans waiting outside since the accident. There are no back entrances we are able to use so we will have to just keep our head down and walk out to the car as quickly as possible. Sound alright?” Paul explains as we walk closer to the exit door.

“So now all I need you to do is keep your head low and don’t stop walking until you get to the car, that is the safest and quickest way” He says with smile as he and Liam stand next to me making a barrier before I give the nod of approval and we begin to make our way through the crowd.

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