Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


3. Late Night Visits

Liv's POV

Tossing and turning is all I’ve been doing for the last hour. It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep, especially not after everything I heard today. It feels like a dream, Ohh I wish it was. I’ve asked for sleeping pills or an aspirin but they won’t allow me to have it, they claim it will slow down my recovery. I wish Sarah was here…. I feel alone….

I once again close my eyes again trying my best to fall asleep but there is no use. I can get ‘him’ out of my head…. Yeah harry…. I take a deep breath and keep my eyes clothes. My eyes suddenly open as I hear the door open. My head turns and I see a figure it’s too dark to notice who it was but it continued to come closer to me. The figure stops in front of my bed and a smile is brought to my face……. It’s him… its Jason.

“Jason, what are you doing here, you can’t be here?” I say sitting up in the hospital bed. My hand is immediately brought to my head as a receive a shark pain from my massive headache.

Jason leans over to help me lay back down.

“I came to see how you were babe, I snuck in….. I’ve missed you?” he says placing a kiss on my forehead.

“I’ve missed you too; you won’t believe what they have been telling me!” I say bringing him into a hug.

He leaned back from the hug “telling you what?” he asks concerned.

“Everyone has been telling me that we aren’t together anymore.. That I’m going out with that harry guy…” I say as I watch him stand up with a confused look on his face looking down.

“We are st5ill together aren’t we?” I continue

He looks up at and a tiny smile is brought to his face.

“Of course we are baby, don’t listen to them, they are just putting things in your head” he says holding onto my head.

“What am I suppose to just not believe the doctors, why would they lie to me??” I ask rethinking this whole thing.

“I have no idea Livi” he says placing his hand on my cheek.

I take a deep breath and smile. I’ve missed that…. He was the only one who called me livi, everyone else would call me Liv.

I shift over in the hospital bed and tap the space beside me signaling him to lay down next to me.

He smiles “just one second, I got you something” he says leaving the room and returning quickly after with his hands behind his back.

He walks to the bed and he reveals his gift to me. It was the cutest teddy bear holding a love heart that had ‘I love you’ written on it.

“Awww Jason, that’s so adorable… I love it” I say taking it and giving it a big squeeze.

I always loved his little surprise gifts, they made me feel special…

“Hey where’s my hug?” he says putting on a sad face opening up his arms.

“Come here” I say placing the teddy bear on the table next to the bed and open up my arms.

Jason makes his way over lying next to me as I wrapped my arms around him.

“I can’t stay for long…. If they find me here in the morning they will kill me” he says looking down at me

I just nod my head squeezing him tighter as my eyes slowly closed… it felt so right…..


My eyes flutter open from the light shining in thorough the window. I stretch my arms out and let out a huge yawn. Memories from last night come rushing back to my mind…. Jason.. he wasn't here. He must of left.  I smile at the thought of seeing him, my eyes are drawn to the teddy bear sitting on the table next to the hospital bed. A huge smile appeared on my face.

I loved when he surprises me with the little gifts and surprises it make me feel like the happiest girl in the whole world. Yes I’ll admit that Jason and I have our fights often but we always work together to fix it and that just shows how strong we are together. Sarah never liked him, but she never took the time to try. I don’t know why but she hated him she would always leave the house when he came over. For some reason she thought he was a ‘stalkerish weirdo’ but I never saw that… well yeah there were some signs but that’s only because he loved me. He was the only one who made me happy at that time.

My thoughts were interrupted by the nurse walking in with a smile on her face. This whole time I’ve been in this hospital and I didn’t even know her name. She was a young nurse, about my age I guess. I give her a smile and adjust my hair.

“Good morning Olivia, how are you this morning?” she asks walking up to the bed and placing her hand on my arm.

I noticed her name tag that said ’Jackie’. “Much better actually Jackie, my head doesn’t hurt anymore” I say with a smile.

She seemed stunned that I said her name. I was in a good mood today I actually felt… happy.

“Well that’s good to hear, we are going to be doing a full body test on you today” she says recording the results from the machines.

“Are you serious?” I ask unsure of what to expect

“Yes I am, and I’m not going to lie to you so I’m going to warn you now because it can sometimes take up to an hour and a half” she says looking at me sympathetically

“omg no, that’s like forever…I...” I am interrupted

“you will be asleep” she says with a small chuckle.

Huge relief rushes over me. Her eyes wonder around the room and land on the teddy bear. Oh no!

“who got you that? I don’t remember seeing it yesterday” she says titling her head with confusion.

“ahhhhh about that…” I start to explain

“you know what, let’s just say your sister got it for you, and yeah let’s go with that?” she says with a smile.

I laugh “thanks” I say sitting up in the bed with my legs hanging off the side.

“so it’s time for your tests and guess what?” she says enthusiastically

“what?” I say cloning her tone.

“You're going to be walking there” she says continuing with the same enthusiastic tone.

My face just drops and she starts laughing.

“but... but” I begin trying to get out of walking there.

“no buts! Now get your ass up” she says smiling while helping me to my feet

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