Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


18. Just A Bit Of Shopping

Harry's POV

"Where is she?" I ask Sarah as I sit at the kitchen table before biting into my toast.

"Who?" She asked while buttering the piece of toast she had just taken out of the toaster machine.

"Olivia!!" I say with my mouth full.

"Ohh right! She is spending the day with Josh!" she responds before placing the knife down and as she behinds to take a bite Liam comes up to her from behind stealing the toast from her mouth.

"Hey, that was mine you meanie!" She says looking at Liam with her attempt at a sad face.

Liam only had to looks at her puppy dog eyes before giving in.

"Ohh alright you can have it back I suppose!" He says returning the half eaten toast to her.

"Well I don’t want it now. It's got all your Liam germs on it!" Sarah says pushing it away with her finger.

"Liam germs? Excuse me I’m not sure if you are aware but I’m pretty sure you already have Liam Germs!" He says putting on a serious face.

"Ohh really? Where? I don’t see any?" She asks sarcastically with a smile.

"Well you do now!" Liam sad after kissing Sarah on the lips in a sloppy weird kinda way.

"Yuck!" Sarah says while wiping her lips on her arm.

"Does anyone have any mouth sanitiser? I need mouth sanitiser! I have Liam germs!!" She says dramatically causing everyone to laugh.

"Ohh you love it!" Liam says before embracing her in a hug and giving her a kiss on the cheek causing her to smile.

"So Josh hey?" I ask Sarah bringing up the subject again.

"Yes! Josh! They are just spending some time together" she responds while still looking at Liam.

"How long do you think they'll be?" I ask straight after her response.

"Geez! What's with the questions?" She says as she grabs all of the plates and brings them to the sink.

"Umm.. no reason really I was just curious!" I say before making my way out of the kitchen and back upstairs to my room.

Liv’s POV

"Oh wow! How I missed hanging out with you!" Josh says before sucking the last bit of his slushy from his cup making a slurpie noise

"Yeah me too!" I say also taking a sip from my slushie.

As I was bitting on my straw Josh was still for some reason making that ridiculous slurping noise giving me a headache.

"Josh!" I say louder than I expected causing him to jump.

"What?!" He asks surprised at my sudden outburst.

"That's noise is so annoying!" I say pointing at the cup.

"Oh you mean this noise?" He says while demonstrating the noise again.

"Stopp! I will hurt you! Don't think I won't!" I say warning him.

"Finne...let's not go there" he says while sliding the drink away from him, causing me to smile.

"So what do you have planned for us today?" I ask before taking a sip of my drink.

"Well I was hoping we cou.." He begins to say before being interrupted by my phone ringing.

I quickly grab my phone from my pocket and notice Harry's name appears on the screen. What could he possibly want? I continue to look at my phone unsure of whether to answer

"Well are you going to answer it?" Josh asks pointing to the phone.

I look up at Josh and then back at the phone before declining the call.

"No, this is our day and I don't want any distractions!" I say turning off my phone and placing it in my hand bag.

"I'll do the same!" Josh says before switching off his phone and placing it in his pocket.

"So where are we going?" I ask once again.

"I was thinking maybe shopping or a movie?" He asks nervously waiting for an answer.

"Well, I don't see why we can't do both!" I respond as a smile appears on both of our faces.

Walking up to the movie session times we both checked for the most convenient time and decided on ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. It's showing at 9:30 at night which gives us 5 hours of shopping.

It may seem like a long time to shop but Josh seriously takes forever. We eventually made it to the shopping centre and straight away started on the bottom floor to work our way up.

"Stop pulling me would you!" I say as Josh was holding my hand and pulling me into his favourite shop.

"But you walk so slow!" he complains.

"No you just walk to0 fast!" I respond with a giggle.

We entered the shop and he walked directly over to the jumpers folded on a table.

"I need jumpers, I have none!" He says looking through the jumpers stacked nicely on the table.

"Really, because you’re wearing one right now" I walking up to him and point at his jumper.

"Smartass!" he replies with a laugh before turning back towards the table to continue to look through the ones on offer.

"How about this one?" He says picking up a navy blue jumper and turning it towards me so I was able to see it.

I looked at the jumper with a blank face and then back at him and shook my head in disappointment.

"So I'm guessing that's a no..." he says chucking the jumper back onto the table.

"You’re so lucky I’m here because without me you would be nothing, I don’t even want to know what else you own in the wardrobe of yours!" I say laughing.

"Well I've lived without you for quite a few years now and I seem to be doing just fine! Thank you very much!" he says in a sassy tone.

"Yes if that’s what you recon!!" I say pointing at his outfit.

It didn't look bad, actually it looked pretty decent. He was wearing skinny jeans with a jumper and flannel shirt tied around his waist.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" He asks concerned.

I begin to speak but instead turn my back to him and walk away with a smile on my face.

"This one, this one is hot!" I say picking up a jumper and holding it in the air for him to see.

"Yeah it's alright I guess" he says nodding after examining the jumper I picked up for him to try.

"Well go try it on!" I say pointing to the change room.

He snatches the jumper and walks over to the change room.

"I'll be there in a minute" I shout to Josh before walking back over to men’s section where a nice worker walked up to me with a smile on her face.

"Umm can I help you with something?" She laughs while looking at me examining each clothing item. She was gorgeous, she had blonde hair and tanned skin, and she looked incredible. She was not showing off her body but she was defiently wearing appropriate clothing for her petite figure, not to mention that she was about my age.

I laughed with her.

"Yeah I'm not here for myself I’m here with my friend Josh. He's in the change room trying a jumper on" I say folding the jumper that Josh had chucked on the table.

"Yeah I gathered!! Did you need any help though?” She asks placing a top onto a hanger.

"Well I'm trying to find some stylish clothes for him, something with style that's in at the moment, something that says I’m hot but I don’t know it! Something that will catch a girls eye" I say one after another.

"Perfect, let's do this" she says signalling for me to follow her.

We rush through the store and she grabs nearly a piece of clothing from every rack and table. By the end if it we had like 15 different pieces of clothing. She hands me the clothes and I bring them to the change room chucking them over the doors.

"What the heck is all of this?" He says opening the change room door and walking out with the jumper on.

"Me and the girl that works here decided you needed some new clothes" I say adjusting the jumper he had just tried on.

"But there are so many!" He says turning back to the clothes.

"You are going to try them all on not arguments! And I'm not liking that jumper, take it off!" I say skating my head.

"But I like it" he complains looking at himself in the mirror.

I turn around and walk to the front othe shop and call the girl helped me before. I get her attention and signal for her to follow me into the change room

"Do you think that looks good on him?" I say pointing at the jumper.

"Ahhh, it's okay but you could do better" she says shaking her head.

"Thank you!" I say with a smile before pushing Josh back into the change room.

"Now try on these pants with this jumper!" I say picking up two pieces of clothing and chucking them at him.

After five minutes of waiting he finally comes out with the pants and jumper on.

"Turn" I say with a straight face.

He turns and poses causing us both to laugh.

"That looks hot! I like it" I say with a smile.

"I look hot in anything" he says fixing his hair in the mirror with a smirk.

"Yep, that's what you think. Now try these tops on!" I say pointing at the tops on the floor.

"Fineeee!" He says walking back into the change room.

After about half an hour he had finished trying on all the pants and tops and luckily they all looked good. I took the whole pile of clothes to the counter while he got changed into his own clothes.

"It looks like our decisions were a success!" She says scanning all the tags.

"Yess, that's why girls are better shoppers than guys!" I say as we both giggle.

After she finishes putting through all the clothes she puts them in bags, by the end of it 4 bags were filled with clothes.

"That comes to 244 dollars" she says pulling the bags to the side giving me room to pay.

I took out my credit card and paid for it quickly before grabbing the bags and waiting outside the shop. Soon after Josh walked out of the shop with a shocked look on his face.

"You did not just pay for them!" He says with an angry expression.

"So what I’m allowed to" I say walking on.

"Umm no you’re not! That would have been..." He begins to say jogging to catch up to me.

"Just up and thank me!" I say rolling my eyes.

"Thankyou liv" he says as I stop and turn around to receive a kiss on my cheek before continuing to walk on.

After about 4 hours of shopping our hands were full with bags and finally we had made it to the top floor where my favourite shop was.

"No please no! Noooo! You always take forever in this shop" Josh says as i pull him in the shop.

"I’ll let you zip up my dress" I say with a smirk and wink.

"okayyy! take your time!" He says nodding his head continuously.

"How about this one, or this one! Omg no this one!" I say rushing over from rack to rack.

"Why don't you just try them all on?" He says in a sloppy tone.

"But I can't be bothered changing" I say dropping all my bags.

"Oh no you did not just say that, you made me try on like 100 things and now you can't be bothered!" He complains

"15 not 100, get it right!"i say rolling my eyes.

We both let out a chuckle.

I get into the change room and it’s huge. I put all the clothes on the hooks. And closed the curtains while Josh sat down outside on a small stool just outside. I get undressed and pick out the first dress before stepping into it.

I  was able to zip it and stepped back to take a look in the mirror.

The dress was a Fluro pink, a bit different from my usual colours but there's only one thing holding me back. It is really short! like it stops just under my bottom, just.

"Hurry up how long does it take for you to put on a dress?" Josh says peaking threw the curtain. "Are you serious, pull that down!" He says walking into the change room and pulling at the bottom of the dress to make it longer, but causing the front to come down almost revealing my boobs.

"Hey stop!" I say laughing while quickly grabbing the top of the dress to ensure he did not see more than necessarry.

"It's too short!" He says continuing to pull it down.

"Get...o..out!" I say pushing him out the change room with a laugh.

After about 45 minutes of small fashion parades and posing I had finally finished trying everything on, and I must say I bought myself a lot! I did well, Josh was trying to pay for them but there was no way I was letting him spend that much on me, and believe me it was a lot! We left the shopping centre and as we walked outside a small crowd of men with cameras came racing over to us.

"Head down. Don't answer any questions!" I say before we both drop our heads and rush to the car while flashes were blinding our eyes.

"Wow! Is that what it's like were you go places?" Josh says puffed out and putting his seat belt on.

"Well yeah, especially the last couple of times I've been out, I don't think I could ever really get use to that!" I while fixing my hair in the mirror in the car.

We decided to get something to eat so Josh took me to this nice private quiet restaurant to eat dinner. It was really sweet.

After a long drive with a lot of singing and dancing by the time I got home it was about 2 in the morning, yes I know time fly when you’re having fun!!

"I hope you had fun today!" Josh says as we both stand face to face on the front door porch.

"So much fun!" I reply with a big smile in my face.

"Did I forget to mention how beautiful you looked today!" He says as he bites his lip softly.

"Awww….stop !" I say looking down!

I could notice his face was getting closer and closer, by instinct I slowly lifted my head so that we were face to face only a finger space apart. His eyes were locked directly on mine every now and then looking down at my lips, his amazing eyes! They made me smile, he made me smile.

I let out a silent chuckle and nervous chuckle as he slowly moves his hand to my cheek. Oh my god is he going to kiss me!? Our eyes began to shut and our faces grew closer, our lips were close but not yet touching....

"Olivia?!?" the front door swings open suddenly as Harry stood at the door with his arms crossed over his chest

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