Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


35. It's Here

Liv's POV

"And there's also something else we have to tell you" Liam says as Sarah sits back down from her little excited dance. 
"What else could there possible be!?" I ask moving to the edge of the lounge. 
"Well the tour bus is kinda outside!" Liam finishes. 
Sarah and I both look a each other before quickly running to the window situated at the front of the house. Sarah stopped half way to catch her breathe but I just kept running sprinted. 
Our mouths dropped when a huge black and red bus came into sight. It was huge!

Immediately I opened the front door and ran to the side of the tour bus tugging on the car door handle. 
"Why won't it open?" I ask  while continuously pulling the handle. 
"Well don’t break the door!!" Niall says before clicking the keys. 

“It’s already broken it won’t open!” I say frustrated at the door as I pulled the handle one more time before holding it out and pulling all my weight backwards.

“Maybe that’s because it’s not open” Niall says as the door suddenly becomes unlocked and I fall straight on my bum as the door unexpectedly flings open while I was leaning back. Without even a thought I jump up from the floor and straight away run inside with Sarah close behind laughing .

It was amazing! It was probably even better than my house back in Australia!

In awe of what was surrounding us Sarah and I made our way down the bus while rummaging through all the draws and cupboards. 
"So we have decided that Liv and Harry can have that bed back there!" Louis says with a chuckle as he point to the bed the furthest away from all the others. 
"Why?" I ask confused. 
"Because knowing you little horny kids, you will probably wake the whole bus up and I sure as hell am not sleeping underneath you guys on one of your ‘fun’ nights" Louis continues as everyone else lets out a laugh and agrees with him. 
"You guys are such idiots!" I say shaking my head with a smile on my face, "There will be none of that!" I continue. 
I looked up to see Harry make a sad puppy dog face at my statement, but I just smiled my cheeky smile and brushed it off.

"So should we take it for a ride?" Zayn says taking a seat. 
"Are you serious!" Sarah asks with a huge smile on her face. 
"Yeah why wouldn't we be!" Niall says jumping into a bed and taking out his phone while Louis walks to the driver’s seat and starts the bus
"Don't you think we will attract people's attention in this bus?" Sarah asks.
"Yeah that's the whole fun of it!" Louis laughs. 
We all take a seat and turn the tunes up full blast. We were all jamming along to the music singing 'a thousand miles' except for Zayn.  Jumping and jamming to ‘A Thousand Miles’ all of us except for Zayn were re-enacting scenes from the movie While Chicks.

"Youse are honestly the weirdest group of people I know!" Zayn says shaking his head while laughting on his face. 

“That what makes us AWESOME!” I say as Liam, Niall, Harry and I run up to Zayn and start singing the lyrics in his face. 
During our fits of hysterics I randomly started to hear someone screaming from the other side of the bus.
"GUYS!!!!!!! MY WATER JUST BROKE!" Sarah screams as loud as possible. 
Everyone just froze staring at her. 
"WELL ARE YOU GOING TO HELP ME? or of should I just sit here by myself!" Sarah says breathing heavily. 
We all snap out of our frozen and shocked state and immediately run up to her Liam in front. 
"Louis we need to get to a hospital now!" Liam shouts out to the front of the bus. 
"Why?" Louis asks concussed. 
"Because there is a fucking baby coming out of me! NOW GET US TO THE NEAREST HOPSITAL!" Sarah shouts with a tad of anger. 
“YES MAM!” Louis immediately replies as he suddenly turns the bus around.
Geez I've never seen this side of Sarah. 
"OUCH! It hurts!" Sarah says bringing her hands to her belly. 
"It's okay baby we will be at the hospital soon!" Liam says rubbing her back for support
Harry brings Sarah a bottle of water removing the kid for her. 
"Here drink some water" Harry says kneeling down next to me handing Sarah a bottle of water. 
"I don't need water!" Sarah says hitting it out of his hands sending it flying. 
Looking at where the bottle ended up I Niall was rushing up and down the bus with his hands behind his head while Zayn was sitting there with a disputed look on his face. 
"Oh my god I cannot believe this, we haven’t even had this bus for a day and it's already dirty!" Niall says pointing at the mess near Sarah. 
We all look at Niall and give him a huge death stare, noticing this he immediately holds his hands up in surrender and walks towards the front of the bus near Louis. 
"Just breathe!" I say getting her Sarah’s attention away from Niall’s comment. 
"It hurts Liv, it really hurts!" Sarah says squeezing my arm extremely tight. 
"Ouch ouch ouch! I kinda need that arm" I say as she dug her nails in deeper and deeper. 
"Louis hurry up!" Liam shouted out to him.
"I'm going as fast as I can!" Louis shouts back under pressure. 
Zayn was sitting there tapping his foot on the floor which was making an irritating sound because he was nervous and Niall was still rushing up and down the bus saying "this is really happening! This is really happening" continuously.
Harry and Liam were helping her breathe properly and really it sounded like a zoo in here! 
"Can everybody just shut up! You guys are all annoying me!" Sarah says causing the whole bus to go completely silent. 
"Now Louis you better step on in unless you want me giving birth to this baby in your fucking bus!" Sarah shouts squeezing my arm once again. 
"Hurry up Louis!" Niall says rushing up to him. 
Now all the pressure was on Louis.
"Now push!" The nurse says to Liv as I was stand beside her holding her hand, while Liam was standing behind the nurse with the most shocked look on his face. 
"OUUUUUCCCCCHHHHHHHH!" Sarah screams while pushing once again. 
"Breathe! Breathe, breathe" I say as she digs her nails into my arms.

 "Liam come here now!" I say with a strong tone as he immediately rushes over to the other side of Sarah grabbing her hand. 
"You can do it baby, you’re nearly there!" Liam says comforting her. 
"Okay now one more big push!" The nurse says getting ready. 

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