Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


1. I Don't Know You

Previously in Little White Lies:

Liv’s POV

“I love you” I hear the voice say again.

It was then when my eye shot open. Everything was so bright and blurry. Where am in?

“Omg she’s awake! NURSE!” I hear someone shout. I turn to my left and see a figure calling out to someone at the door.

Soon after another figure wearing blue rushes into the room.

“Hello Miss Parker, it’s really good to see you” she’s say placing her hand on my leg.

“Where am I?” I ask looking around this unfamiliar room.

“You’re in a hospital, you have been in a serious car accident” she says and my hand quickly moves to my head from a sharp pain.

“Omg Olivia I love you so much” a strong British accent says while wrapping his arms around me.

“I don’t know you” I say shifting away from him looking at his unfamiliar face.

“What do you mean? It’s me Harry, your boyfriend?” he says stepping away with tears in his eyes.

“No I don’t know you? Jason is my boyfriend!”

Harry’s POV

“No I don’t know you? Jason is my boyfriend!” She says in the most innocent voice.

I freeze in my position and my heart sinks to the floor. Jason? Does she not remember everything we have been through over the past few months?

“Liv, it’s me Harry” I say in desperate hope that she will start laughing and pretend this is all a joke.

“I’m sorry I don’t know you” she says as she gives a sad and unsure look.

“Baby it’s me!” I say a bit louder as I step forward and lean into her.

She immediately jumps back surprised by my actions and her face turns scared. I step back in shock as I come to the realisation that she doesn’t actually know who I am.

“Excuse me Sir; I think it’s best if you wait outside while I do some tests on Miss Parker.” The nurse says to me as she opens the door to escort me out.

I look over at Liv to see her giving me sad eyes before looking down at her hands and playing with her fingers. My heart sinks even further as I see her beautiful face and realise that her heart doesn’t know who I am.

Stepping outside the room the door is immediately shut behind me and I turn around still in shock. Walking only a few steps down the corridor towards Sarah’s room my heart can no longer take it. I step towards the wall and my body collapses. I am crouched over my legs with my face in my hands as my heart aches too much to even comprehend. After everything we have been through it’s all gone. The tears stream down my face as my head try’s to make an effort to understand what it going on.

My beautiful Liv. Seeing her in such a way killed me on the inside. Only days ago we were the perfect couple. Everything was exactly how we planned and we were the happiest people alive, and in a split second everything changed.

Still crouched down on the floor I start to come back to the reality of where I was. I was sitting in the middle of a patient ward. What am I doing?

Quickly wiping the tears that were streaming down my face I stood up and continued to walk towards Sarah’s room. Looking at the door slightly opened and hearing the voices inside made the ache in my heart soften. I’m not going through this alone. My friends, our friends will be just as affected as me, and as long as we stick together we should be able to get through this. We just have to stay positive.

Opening the door slowly I make my way into the room to be greeted by hugs from Niall and Louis, while Sarah, Liam and Zayn all shoot me a smile before saying hello.

“Harry!” Sarah’s says happily as she tries to move in her bed, only to be pulled back down by the sharp pain in her leg.

“Hey babe good to see you’re looking better” I reply trying not to show the heart ache I was going through. The visible scratches on Sarah’s body had almost disappeared and the bruises covering her body had faded slightly.

“Only a few bumps and bruises! I’m strong. Nowhere near as bad as Liv” She replies as the room goes silent and everyone looks at me with sad eyes. Shaking it off and keeping a straight face I immediately look down before asking Sarah a question.

“Who is Jason?” I ask her as a serious look appears on my face. Her face immediately drops and she holds in a breath as confusion crosses her face.

“Who told you about him?” She asks in a whisper as he breathing jumps and face becomes scared.

“Just tell me what happened between them” I say a little more forceful awaiting the answer.

“It doesn’t matter. That part of our life is over. I don’t plan on ever seeing him again and I never want to say his name so let it go” She replies back feisty as tears form in her eyes.

“Just tell me god dam it” I say angry as I hit my fist against the small table attached to the wall. Liam got up quickly and stepped in front of Sarah making a barrier between me and her.

“I think you should leave and come back once you have cooled down a bit mate.” Liam says with a serious face as he points towards the door.

I move slightly to the side to look at Sarah as tears start to blur my vision and my heart begins to ache again. I look from Sarah to Liam before I lean against the wall and sit on the floor. I see Sarah’s eyes fill with sympathy before she takes a deep breath and starts to talk,

“He was crazy. That’s why that relationship never worked, he was so clingy and always wanted to know where she was or what she was doing every second of everyday. When they first got together my gut was telling me that they were wrong for each other he never seemed normal if you know what I mean, but when I told Liv she got so angry. It was her first major relationship and she was convinced that I was just trying to ruin it for her. That was the first major fight we ever had. We didn’t speak for a few weeks and when we finally started to talk again I would refuse to see her if he was around….” She starts to explain as tears started to form in her eyes.

“When Liv started to see what I was talking about, she started to make herself more distant from him. How he reacted and how he treated her was not normal. Even how he treated me, I tried my hardest to avoid him at all costs but when we did see each other he was so rude and arrogant. Once he started to realise that she was becoming distant he started to become even more obsessed. When she finally had the guts to break up with him he became possessive, doing everything in his power to try and win her back, most of the time he even refused to believe she had broken up with him. He would turn up to family events and start to come past the house just to visit. She had to change everything. Her accounts, her phone, we even moved houses because somehow he always had a way of finding her. We finally lost contact with him and thing started to go back to the way they were and now were here...” She finished explaining before Liam gave her a kiss on the cheek and held her hand.

“Don’t worry about him that was the past” She says as she turns her attention to me.

“It’s not that simple” I stay stepping towards the wall as my body collapses. I am crouched over my legs with my face in my hands as tears start to stream down my face.

“What do you mean it’s not that simple, what’s going on?” Sarah asks immediately while Niall sits by me for comfort.

“She......she doesn’t remember me!” I say as I raise my voice in frustration and everyone’s mouths drop..

“That’s right, she lost her fucking memory and she doesn’t even know who I am!” I basically shout as I wipe the tears falling from my eyes and I hit the table with my fist.

Everyone stayed quiet, shocked and not knowing what to say. It was then when the nurse walked into the room with a wheelchair.

“Excuse me I don’t mean to interrupt but Sarah your sister has requested to see you” she says gazing at everyone in the room.

Sarah immediately nods her head as the nurse brings the wheelchair over to her and Liam helps her out of the bed and into the wheelchair before she begins to wheel her out.

“I’m coming with you” I say getting up off the floor and to start heading over to where Sarah and the nurse had stopped.

“Sorry sir but I think it’s best if you stay here” the nurse says placing her hand on my shoulder before walking out the room with Sarah and closing the door behind her.

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