Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


29. I Do

Perrie’s POV

“Perrie darling, it’s time to go” My mum calls as she walks into the room and stands next to me looking in the mirror.

I look over at my mum and give a smile before putting in my last earring as the photographer snaps a few photos.

“Can you believe that in less than an hour I will be married!” I say feeling mixed emotions.

“You have been waiting for this day for so long and I am the happiest mum alive knowing that you will be in the safe hands of Zayn. I am so glad you found someone as beautiful and caring as Zayn.” She says as tears form in her eyes and she moves closer to embrace me in a hug.

“My gosh look at me I’m already tearing up!” She says as I laugh slightly hand her a tissue to wipe the tear that had just fallen from her eyes.

“Aww Mum! Don’t start crying you’ll smudge your makeup!” I say with small giggle trying to hold back the tears threatening to form.

“Sorry ladies but it’s time to leave! We don’t want to be later than fashionably normal!” Sarah says as she pokes her head through the bedroom door, earning a small nod.

Before walking over towards where Sarah was not waiting I gave myself one last look in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect. Making my way towards the door Sarah handed me my bouquet before giving me a reassuring hug, walking out of the room I was greeted by all the bridesmaids ready and made up.

I gave them all a smile as they directed me out the front door and to the cars waiting out the front.

“You ready?” El says as she helps me in the car before closing the door behind me.

“Ready as I’ll ever be!” I reply as the car takes off and I give a wave to the family and friends that had come to the house to see me off.


Zayn’s POV

“Zayn your pacing again!” Louis says with a laugh as he placing his hand on my shoulder stopping me mid stride.

“She is running late. Do you think she changed her mind? Maybe she doesn’t want to marry me anymore. Oh my god I can’t be the one to tell all these people there will be no wedding” I say as I begin pacing again.

“Zayn” I hear Liam call from the seat next to me.

I choose to ignore him as 100 negative thoughts had taken over my mind.

“Zayn” he call again earning a sour look from me.

“Liam! Stop talking would you. Perrie is not here. She probably doesn’t want to marry me anymore more, and you are in my ear being annoying” I say annoyed.

“Mate, she just arrived! I was just coming over here to tell you to get ready because the music is about to start!”

“She came!” I say almost surprised.

“Yes mate she came! Now get ready” Liam says with a giggle as I walk over to my position.

“Look Liam I’m really sor…” I begin before he cuts me off.

“It’s okay I understand!” he says with a reassuring smile as I hear music start playing in the background of the church.

One by one each of the girls began to walk down the aisle.

First Jess, than Leigh-Ann, soon followed by Jade, Liv, Sarah then El. Once seeing El take her position in as the last girl to stand by the alter I knew what was coming next.

The music soon made a gradual change and Beyonce’s Ave Maria filled the church.

As I hear the sound of the doors open I turn my body to face the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Perrie’s eyes soon found mine and my heart melted! She looked absolutely beautiful.

“She looks incredible mate!” Louis says from next to me with a pat on the shoulder.

“She sure does!”


“Do You Zayn Malik, take Perrie Edwards to be your lawfully wedded wife.

 To have and to hold,

For richer for poorer,

In sickness and in health,

For as long as you both shall live?” The priest recites as I stand there hand in hand with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

“I do!”

“And do you Perrie Edwards, take Zayn Malik to be your lawfully wedded husband.

To have and to hold,

For richer for poorer.

In sickness and in health,

For as long as you both shall live?”

“I do!” Perrie replies with the greatest smile.

“Then it gives me great honour to pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride!” the priest says as I take no time at all to step closer and embrace. Cheers and whistles fill the church as I feel Perrie smile through the kiss.

“Welcome to my world Mrs Perrie Malik!” I say with a grin as we start to make our way back down the aisle and towards the double doors at the back of the church.

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