Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


21. How About Strippers?

Sarah’s POV

“How is it that after all we have been through we still somehow managed to finish school!” I say while I jump on Liv’s bed and lay down.

“You know what ! I have no idea!” She replies as she turns around and gives a laugh before looking back at her wardrobe and sorting through her clothes.

“Sad thing is tho, that everything I learnt in the last few years is fuzzy. I can feel it all and I can almost picture everything I learnt but it’s like reading a closed book. I can’t see what’s inside” She says as she takes a seat in her desk chair while putting her face in her hands.

“It will come back you know, one day... it will just all come flooding back” I say with a reassuring smile as I sit up from my position.

“It’s just so frustrating you know? Not only the stuff I can’t remember about school. But the memories with family and friends. I can’t even remember the feelings I have for my boyfriend. How is it that I cannot remember my own boyfriend” She says with frustration as she throws the pillow off her chair at her cabinet making the shelf shake.

“Don’t think of it like that Livi. I mean yeah there is still a lot you don’t remember, but there is already heaps that you have regained. That’s amazing progress already, you just have to have a little faith in yourself”

“He loves me, and I can see it in his eyes. The way he looks at me so full of love and passion. Then I look a little deeper and I swear I can see his heart breaking more and more every time I’m near him…. I guess I’m just scared. I’m scared that I may not remember everything about my past, I may not remember loving Harry...”

“You will. I promise you will. Just give it some time and don’t push yourself to hard, it will come back to you one day when you least expect it, I can feel it” I say with a calm voice as I get myself off the bed and walk over to Liv to give her a hug.


“Don’t thank me! I haven’t done anything” I reply as I step away from our hug.

“You have helped me more than you know..”


“GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP I’M HUNGRY AND YOU’RE HOGGING ALL THE BED SPACE” Liv yells at me as she grabs my arm and attempts to pull me off the bed.

“Hold up a minute! I know I’m pregnant and all but this is a king bed for crying out loud! I AIN’T THAT FAT!!” I reply as I give her a death stare.

“What are you talking about your pretty much a baby elephant!” She says with sas as she turns away from me and starts walking towards the door.

Quickly I get up off the bed and grab her bed pillow and whack her across the head with it making her stumble to the side slightly. Proud of my efforts I give her a smile before throwing the pillow back onto the bed and walk out the door and toward the stairs.

“This elephant could whip your sorry ass!” I say as I turn around and pull out my fighting hands while jumping on the spot slightly for effect.

“Oh really now?” Liv says as she too gets into that position and starts to pretend punch me.

“DON’T ABUSE PREGNANT PEOPLE! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU. JEEZ WHAT WERE YOU TAUGHT AT SCHOOL” I yell loudly and dramatically making her stop her pretend fighting to step back with a gasp.

“nothing clearly!” She replies back with a laugh as she links our arms and directs us down the stairs.

“Pttf clearly!” I say with attitude making us both burst out in laughter.

Still laughing we make it to the bottom of the stair case and decide that we needed food. Turing and walking towards the kitchen I begin start to hear the boys discussing quite a surprising topic! Quickly I pull Liv to a stop and put my hand over her mouth to silence her.

‘Listen’  I mouth as I point towards the opening that leads us into the kitchen.

“How about we go to Funky Buddah? I mean we all like that place and we can get smashed”

“Nahh we do that already! I’m thinking something a little more interesting”

“How about we just stay home? Like I really don’t need a bucks and I honest can’t be bothered”

“Not happening!! We are organising you something whether you agree or not”

“Topless waiters?”

“OHHH HOW ABOUT STRIPPERS! Please can we have strippers!?”

That was our cue to enter. I pull Liv from her listening stance and barge in on the boys conversation without a care!

“Hmm.. I’m thinking no to strippers, I’m not too sure about how I would feel if there were a bunch of naked chicks stripping in front of me. Men yeah maybe.. but I feel like girls would just be inappropriate and uncomfortable, but I mean we can always look into something that would suit us a bit better!” I say as I cut in on the boy’s conversation with a dead set tone to my voice.

“What do you think Liv?” I ask Liv hoping she would catch on to my sarcasm.

“Yeah I’m thinking maybe we should organise some naked guy waiters or something, or maybe we can do like a strip pole dancing class or something! I’m sure you guys would really enjoy that class, you would learn so much!” She also says with a straight face as she goes to the fridge and gets herself a glass of water.

Still holding my straight expression I look at the boys faces before absolutely pissing myself with laughter. Looking over at Liv I see her on the floor in hysterics.

“I mean… you could always take that class babe and come back and show me what you learnt” Liam says to me with a wink and a laugh as me and Liv try to contain myself after our laughing fit.

“Well I could, but apparently at the moment I’m the size of a small elephant so I feel as though it wouldn’t come across as very attractive!!” I say as I make my way closer to Liam before turning around and giving Liv a look sending her over the edge. She was now on the floor with tears in her eyes! The look of her causing everyone to double over in laughter, sending all the boys out of their shocked expressions.

After almost 10 minutes of trying to contain the laughing we all managed to catch our breath and return to a normal standing position. There was a minute of silence before Niall started to talk,

“Umm… So I just want to clarify something. You girls aren’t actually going to come with us right? Cause like I really want strippers, but I would no way enjoy guy strippers that would just be strange..” he says in a low and innocent tone, obviously confused about our previous conversation.

I try not to laugh at his question and decided that the best thing to do in this situation is to face palm! Liam and Harry both looks at me and let out a small snark before Louis decide to answer his question.

“OF COURSE THEY AREN’T DUMBASS ! They were just messing around” he says with a laugh as he makes his way out of the kitchen and towards the lounge.

Everyone lets out a small laugh as we all one by one follow Louis into the lounge room.

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