Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


28. Hens Party

Sarah's Pov

"Okay so this is how it works girls, the starting point is here, you will be doing this in two groups , you will be given a clue that clue is to help you find the next clue. At each destination you have to complete a challenge and to prove that you finished that challenge you have to take a photo" jasmine the instructor of the hens night says.

"Okay seems like fun!" Perrie says clapping her hands together.

We get into two groups, Perrie me and Liv against Leigh jade El and Jesy.

"Hey that's not fair! They have four we have three!" Perrie says putting on a baby voice.

"Well technically you have four!" Jade says pointing to Sarah's belly.

We all let out a laugh before proceeding.

Jasmine gives perrie and jade a card and she brings the whistle to her lips.

"3..2..1" jasmine shouts before blowing the whistle.

We turn the card around and so does jades group.

The card reads:

"Eye love going here!"

We continue to read the line over and over!

"What does this mean?" El says confused.

"I got it! It says 'eye' it's the London eye!" I say figuring it out and pout into to the London eye in site. We all begin to rush to the London eye but realise that jades group ran in the opposite direction.

We all rush over to the London eye as we run we notice that a group of people noticed us and started chasing along, I guess this will go viral! When we reached the London eye there waits a waiter in a suit and a pink bow tie holding a tray with a link card on it. We sprint up to it and take the card.

"Challenge 1: one person has to go up to a random stranger dancing like a striper on them without laughing" the card reads.

We all look at each other.

"Not me, I'm pregnant!" I say stepping back.

"Liv!" Perrie says looking at me with a smile.

"Fine!" Liv says as she turns around looking for a guy.

"There there he's hot!" Perrie points at this tall brunette.

Liv runs up to him making him stop and stand still confused. Liv shakes her head and take as deep breath. She starts dragging her finger along his chest grabbing ahold of it and pulling him closer to him. She wallis around him sexually while perrie takes a quick picture.

"Thankyou!" She says to the guys who was laughing.

Perrie wasn't the only one taking photos there were a bunch of fans who were too. We had little posse with us.

We ran back up to the waiter and he have us the next clue.

"I need to make a phone call" the clue reads.

"Telephone box!" Perrie shots out loud.

We look around and notice 3 different phone boxes in sight. They were far but close enough.

We all looked at each other and nodded. I ran to the first one perrie ran to the second one and Liv ran to the third one. When I got there I found nothing, I ran back and I noticed perrie and Liv were too.

"Did you find anything?" Liv asks

"No nothing!" Perrie says.

"Me either!" I say looking around.

"Over there!" A girl shouts.

She was a fan standing by, she pointed to a phone box that was close by.

"Thankyou!" Perrie says giving her a hug before we rush over to the phone box to find another guy stabding with a pink bow tie holding a tray with the challenge and a pair of handcuffs.

Liv picks it up reading it and then looked up to me and perrie with a smile.

"What does it say?" I asks curious.

"1. One person is to handcuff them self to a guy who has abs and a peircing(he will be let go at the end of the race)

2.find a guy with a condom and ask him if you can have it.

3. Find a male virgin and give him the condom telling him to use it" Liv reads out. Perrie and I look at each tiger and kiss ourselves laughing.

"There is no way I'm handcuffing myself to a stranger!" Perrie says

"What why?" Liv asks.

"Because can you imagine her much drama on social media that will cause" perrie says pointing at all the people taking photos.

"Okay Sarah your Doing it!" Liv says facing me.

"No no you must be crazy if you think I'm handcuffing myself to a guy, I'm pregnant!" I say shaking my head.

"Sarah hunni, you being pregnant can't get you Oi of ever ssituation!" Liv says laughing.

"It has worked for me in the past and I don't see why it can't work for me know!"I say laughing.

"I'm going to kill both of you!"Liv says giving in.

"I NEED A GUY WITH ABS AND A PEIRCING!" Perrie shots at the top of her lungs and gets a lot if stairs from people walking by.

"Yeah over here!" I hear and our eyes are directed to a group of good looking guys pointing to a guy holding up his top revealing his six pack.

Liv and perrie as print over to him while I grab the handcuffs and follow behind. I turn around to see about 30 people following behind us laughing.

"Okay hi nice to meet you I'm Olivia!" Liv says puffed out holding her hand out to the brunette with the six pack.

"Hi I'm Luke" he says sling her hand laughing.

"Okay so this might sound a tad weird but are you willing to be hand cuffed to me for like a while!" Liv says extremely fast.

He gives her a unsure look and all his mates nod laughing.

"I promise I'll bring you back it's just we need to win this game!" Liv begs.

"Fine!" He says nodding his head and all his friends cheer him on.

I handcuff her right hand to his left hand.

"I hope you are a fast runner!" Liv says and he nods.

"Oh and not to sound all freaky at all but by any chance to you guys have a condom?" Perrie asks confidently.

"Yeah I have one!" A blonde guy says reaching into his pocket.

"Yes Thankyou so much!" Perrie says taking it from him and we begin running off.

"Okay so I need a virgin, virgin? And body a Virgin?" Perrie shouts out.

"Perrie shut up!" I say laughing.

"Him, he looks like one!" Perrie points to a skinny innocent boy walking by.

"Hey just a random question, are you a virgin?" Perrie asks once again with no hesitation.

"Ahhh yes why?" The boy says shyly fixing his glasses.

"Aww that's cute! I jut want to hug you!" Perrie says hugging him.

"Okay so here's a condom, use it!" Perrie says giving him a kiss on the cheek before we run back to the waiter to grab the clue.

The next clue reads

"Do I smell fresh popcorn?"

"What the heck does this mean?" I ask.

"Maybe it's the new popcorn stand?" Luke suggests.

"Omg your a genius!" Liv says high giving him with there free hands.

"I knew he would come in handy for something" perrie jokes.

"So where is it?" I ask luke.

"It's just up there" he says pointing forward.

We begin to run in that direction gainin more and more fans running behind.

"Ah why are there so many people following us?" He asks curious.

"Because our boyfriends are famous!" Perrie says.

"Really who are they?" He asks.

"Do you know one direction?" I ask

"Yeah hose five guys" he sas nodding.

"Yeah three of them are our boyfriends and I'm getting married to one if them tomorrow!" Perrie says.

"Ohh is this what it is! A hens night or something?" He asks

"Yess!" Liv says with a smile puffed out.

Perrie and I notice the waiter with the pink bow tie standing with a tray. Liv and Luke were a tad behind, I guess it's hard to run with someone handcuffed to you.

Livs pov

"So which one is your boyfriend" Luke asks as we continue running but a regaling a tad behind.

"Ahhh Harry" I say quietly.

"Oh My god really? I'm handcuffed to Harry styles girlfriend" he laughs.

"Yep!" I say blankly.

We make it to Sarah and perrie who are already reason. The challenge.

"What does it say?" I ask curious.

"Give a lecture to a group of guys about vaginal hygiene" Sarah reads out Laois and Luke starts kissing himself laughing.

"Sarah your turn!" Perrie says laughing.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Sarah says shaking her head.

"Look their guys look like they need some vaginal knowledge" perrie says pointing to a group of guys sitting down.

Sarah let's out a sigh before begins walking over to them. She grabs her phone out and start typing something.

"What are you doing?" I ask Sarah.

"I'm looking at some vaginal hygiene facts!" Sarah says laughing.

"Ohh this should be good!" I say laughing.

I grab my phone out and click record. She walks up to them and let's out another sigh.

"Hey boys, I'm here to talk to you about vaginal hygiene, I assume you all have had sex" she says choking slightly.

The whole group of guys fall in fits if laughter.

"Okay babe go ahead and tell us" one if the guys speaks.

"Okay so before you have sex with a girl makes sure she has showers regularly , makes sure she eats healthy, make sure you use a condom unless you want this happening to you" she says pointing to her belly. "Make sure she gets checks for any infections, ahhhhh use a lot of lube during sex!" Sarah finishes and they boys begin to laugh.

"Okay I'm out!" Sarah says running away and pretending like it never happened.

I stopped the recording and put my phone back in my pocket before running back to the waiter.

"Hurry!" I say to to Luke zanking on the handcuff.

We make it to the waiter and grab the clue.

"This is the last clue for the hunt, the winners will receive 1000 dollars each and a voucher for a day at the spa" Sarah reads out loud.

"Over the water" she continues to read.

"Over the water over the water" I say outloud.

"The bridge!" Sarah shouts pointing to the bridge across from the London eye.

We sprint as fast as we can to the bridge and begin running on it.

"Over there!" Perrie says pointing to once again another guy with a link bow tie.

We run up to him and take the card from the tray.

"You won!" The card reads.


"Perrie that's your last drink for the night!" I say serious.

"Please just one more round!" Perrie says showing her pubby dog eyes.

"Fine won more round!"I finally give in .

"Waiter!"perrie says clicking her fingers in the air.

"Don't do that it's rude!" I say pulling her arm down.

"Shhh your being to loud!" Perrie shouts.

"You can talk!" I say under my breath laughing.

"Yess I can talk, blah blah blah, see?" Perrie says drowsing over me.

I've never seen this side of Perrie before.


Perrie stumbles into the huge room filled with pink balloons and bows covering the walls and ceiling that us girl set up earlier.

"You girls are just fab! Like I love youse so much!" Perrie says having trouble standing up straight.

I think we let her drink a tad bit to much.

Soon after she have us all a hug she noticed the huge life sized poster of Alex Pettyfer on the wall.

"Oh my god!" She says running up to it and dragging her hands all over it pretending it was real.

"He is just so sexy! I would, I would tap that!" She says before losing balance and falling onto her bum.

All us girls laugh.

Soon after two male waiters came in with just underwear and a bow tie holding a tray of champagne.

"Drink ladies?" Lone of the guys asks.

"Why Thankyou!" Perrie says grabbing a glass with a cheeky smile giving the guy a noticeable wink.

"Oh no no! You have had enough alcohol tonight missy!" Liv says taking the glad of champagne away from her.

"Hey! Don't take that I want it, she's being mean!" Perrie says turning to the waiter who is historically laughing.

"You're getting married tomorrow!" Jade says to perrie while a bit tipsy but still able to control herself.

"Fine! Well what are we waiting for let's do some fun stuff! Whoahhhhhj!" Perrie shouts outloud.

"Okay let's get started!" El says clapping her hands together.

"Everyone choose a different colour lipstick to put on!"El continues.

I pass around a different colour to each girl and they begin to put it on.

"Ahh why?" Perries asks El while trying her what to put her lipstick on.

"You will soon find out" El says with a smile.

"Okay so this is how it's going to go, one at a time we get blindfolded and spun around and we have to walk up to the poster and kiss it and then after that there is a bit if a surprise" El explains.

All the girls nod and get excited along with me. This should be fun.

"Perrie your first!" Liv says grabbing the blindfold from a table full of junk food.

"No why me!" I complain.

"Because your the bride and the bride always comes first!"Liv says straight forward.

She places the blindfold over her head and spins her around in a circle three times before slowly walking her toward the poster. She started to feel around but it didn't really help because it was all flat! She kept her head straight and let her lips do the choosing. We all started laughing before She removed theblindfold and laughed with them. Right on the nipple!

I was next and they spun me around three time before i walked forward and placed a kiss on the poster. They let out a laugh lead I removed the blindfold. Right on the arm! The muscle part!! Liv was next and she got his stomach, jade got his ear, Leigh got his forehead and Jesy got his chest.

The room was filled with laughter.

"Alex is so hot I wish I could kiss him all over his body!" Perrie says confident.

Laughter spreads throught the room again.

"Perrie hunni your getting married in less then 24 hours you can't say those things!" Jade says shaking her head.

"Yeah but he's not here! If I had a chance to have se...." Perrie beings to say but Leigh cuts her out.

"So what was the point if that game anyway?" Leigh asks

"We'll I'll let Liv explain it" El says drawing the attention to Liv.

"Okay so because I'm like so awesome and amazing I have Alex's number on my phone and I have him a call to see if he could come down for your hens night!" Liv begins to explain.

Perrie was shocked along with the rest of us except for El.

"Wait so your telling me Alex is here?" Jesy asks stunned.

"Alex!" Liv calls out.

All us girls mouths dropped. We all started fan fueling when his toned figure come around the corner in just underwear on.

"Oh my god your even sexier in person!" Perrie says running up to him and touching his body all over before embracing him in a huge hug.

Alex's laughs and hugs her back.

"So if I heard correctly you would kiss me all over my body?" Alex says with a chuckle.

"Yess!" Perrie says still holding into him.

"So now wherever you kissed the poster you have to kiss Alex I'm the same place!" Liv continues.

"Yesss!" Perrie says throwing her hands up all excited.

Perrie runs around the room once before grabbing her lipstick reapplying it before running over to the poster and kissing it all over. I mean all over.

Laughter fills the room, but perrie was dead serious.

"I'm first!" Perrie says grabbing Alex's arm and pulling him over to where she was.

Perrie with bo hesitation begins to kiss him all over the body and I mean all over! All us girls grab our phones out a snap a couple of memorable pictures.

"Okay perrie! I think you have kissed very part of his body!" Liv says pulling perrie off of Alex.

"No I forgot his bum!" Perrie says punning back up to him.

"No no no!" Liv goes running after her .

She confidently kisses his ass before slapping it.

Everyone is hysterically laughing along with Alex.

"Okay I think that's enough for this game!" El says laughing grabbing perrie.

"Fine! Aslong as I can get his number!" Perrie demands.

"Okay you can have his number!" El says.

"Yes!" Perrie says throwing her hands up in the air.



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