Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


7. Group Meeting

Sarah’s POV

“GROUP MEETING!!” I yell loud enough so my voice echoed through the whole house.

One by one from different directions each of the boys slowly made their way into the lounge room and onto the couches. Niall was the last to enter the room before I got myself ready to talk.

“You summoned us?” Liam says while taking a bit of this sandwich.

“There is not time to eat!” I say as I crutch over to Liam and take his sandwich out of his hand to put it on the table. He gave me a confused look as I gave him a cheeky smile. The boys snickered before I went back to my original position and started talking.

“So I just got a call from the hospital and they said Liv is allowed to be released today! So mum and dad are going to come around in a few hours after they settle into the hotel so we can go pick her up. Now while this is a good thing there are a few things I have to tell you. First, although Liv is doing well considering the situation unfortunately there have been no change when it come to regaining her memory. The doctors have confirmed that Liv has lost nearly 3 years or her life, and that they are still unsure how long it will take for her to remember all the time she lost. The doctors have told me that the best and healthiest was is to slowly try and get Liv to remember events as giving her too much information at once could make her lose her memory permanently. But at this stage all looks good so we don’t even need to think about that possibility.”

“So there is a chance she will remember me?” Harry asks hopeful.

“There is almost a 65% chance she will remember we just need to give her time.” I reply with a smile as I see a small smile also appear on Harry’s face.

“There is a down side to all of this though…. Taking what the doctors have said into consideration we are going to have to move you out of her room Harry.”

“WHAT! Are you being serious right now?” he says raising his voice as he stands up and starts pacing in front of us.

“I’m really sorry but it’s only until she remembers, what would her reaction be to coming home and living in the same room as a stranger. I know it seems harsh, but it’s the only way”

Harry stops pacing for a minute before he thinks over the situation and nods in agreement.

“But only until she remembers then I’m back in there before you can even click those little fingers of yours!” he says trying not to see only bad in this situation.

“Promise!” I reply with a smile and an agreeing nod.

“There is just one more teeny tiny thing” I say using my fingers  to demonstrate the minor size of the next issue.

“amuse us!” Josh says knowing that Harry would not react well to whatever I was going to say next.

“You guys can’t stay here tonight cause Liv doesn’t actually know who any of you are yet. That will be all, moving on!” I say a fast as possible hoping no one actually understood what I was saying.

“WHATT!” Harry yells once again giving me a death stare.


“Okay so here’s what’s gonna happen” I start to explain before looking at my watch.

“We have exactly 5 hours and 15 minutes until I have to go pick her up. So you Zayn, are going to go around the house and check all the photo frames for picture we do not want Liv to see. Normal ones are okay but none of her pregnant or of other things that may be too much for her to take in” I say pointing to Zayn and the photo frames placed around the house.

“Sure” he replies as he gets up and immediately starts to check all the photo frames around the room.

“Niall! You need to go and clean out some of your cupboard space so Harry has a place to put all of his belongings.” I say as Niall lets out a groan.

“Are you serious? Where am I gonna put all my stuff?” he asks as he crosses his arms

“well it looks like our gonna me doing a spring clean… in summer !” I reply with a giggle as he gets up off the couch and heads to his room.

“Josh, I need you to go pick up mum and dad from the airport in about 20 minutes, take them to their hotel wait for them to get settled in then come back here with them” I say as I throw Josh my keys and he heads straight out to the car.

“Liam, I need you to make a quick run to the store I have a list of things I need you to get and also on the way home I need you to drop some stuff off at the recording studio as I have organised for you guys to stay there tonight!”

“Okay babe, give me a call if you need anything” Liam replies before he grabs my list off the coffee table and walks towards the front door.

“As for you Mr Styles , me and you will be changing your room, moving everything out and making it more comfortable for Liv to sleep in. Actually you will be doing that I will pretty much be supervising because I’m crippled!” I say with a laugh as I start to slowly make my way upstairs with Harry behind me making sure I didn’t fall.


“Okay so all of my clothes are out and in Niall’s room what's next boss” Harry says as he walks back into his room with his arms crossed. I flick a page of my magazine while I think of what was next for the room.

“Have you moved all of your stuff from the bathroom?”

“No? Was I meant too?” he replied questionably.

“Umm yes! Whatever you need on a regular bases take into the spare bathroom, everything else just put into draws” I say as I hear the door bell ring.

“I GOT IT” I hear Niall yell as his footsteps are loud going down the stairs.

“SARAH, IT’S FOR YOU!” I hear Niall call before I hear him run back up the stairs and too Harry’s room.

“Come on I’ll help you down the stairs” he says politely as he escorts me down the stairs slowly.

Walking to the door I open it awkwardly trying not to drop my crutches to be welcomed by 2 police officers.

“Good Morning Miss Parker how are you doing today?” one of them ask as he hold out his hand, quickly I put mine out as well and shake it.

“Not too bad thanks”

“I am Officer Lowe and this is Officer Phillips we were two of the officers that reported to the call the day of the accident” Officer Lowe explains,

“Nice to meet you both, thank you so much for all the help the day of the accident we probably wouldn't have made it without the help from all of the emergency teams” I say gratefully.

“That is no worries at all Miss Parker..” 

“Please call me Sarah” I say cutting off Officer Phillips.

“Sorry Sarah, we are here today to bring to you some of the recovered items from the accident. For you Sarah we have some jewellery, a ring, a bracelet, your phone, and whatever was left of your handbag. Unfortunately not all items were salvageable as the car was left in a pretty bad way. For Miss Olivia Parker we have some jewellery she was wearing, a necklace and a pair of earrings, her sunglasses and her telephone, unfortunately there was nothing left really of her bag.” Officer Phillips continued as I directed him to a table that he was able to place all of our items on.

“ If there was anything else you needed at al don’t be afraid to give the station a call, here is my office number leave a message if I am unable to answer the phone” Officer Lowe says as he handed me a small business card with his office number on it.

“Thank you so much for bringing this back to us, and thank you again for your help at the accident” I reply with a smile as I follow them back to the door.

“No worries at all Miss Parker” Officer Lowe replied before they headed back down the stairs of the front porch.

“One last thing officers…” I say as they both turn around.

“Do they know what actually happened? What happened that made us have the accident” I ask almost scared of the answer.

“Unfortunately we have not found a person responsible for the accident yet, although after checking the footage from the cameras on the roads, it was found that you guys were not in the wrong as you were going through a green light. Unfortunately the camera footage blacked out as soon as the car hit you so we were unable to get a face or a numberplate from the driver. Our search teams then resulted to the after effect to try and determine what had happened and we found that from the looks of the car now the accident was no accident at all…..”

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