Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


5. Friends of the Past

Sarah’s POV

“My god it feels so good to be home!” I exclaim as I jump onto the couch and spread myself out so I was taking up all the space.

“Do you mind moving over slightly so we can join you” Niall says with a giggle as he tries to move me over there was space for him to sit.

“Nope not at all this couch is officially unavailable!” I say wiith a giggle as I move around slightly to get myself comfortable.

“Fine then ill just chill on the floor. The cold, cold floor. Without cushions and comfort” Niall says as he looks at me with puppy dog eyes.

“Okay enjoy yourself” I say with a laugh as I give Niall a smile before placing both hands behind my head and close my eyes.


“Babe wake up!” I hear Liam say as I feel myself getting shooken slightly

“Sar wake up!” he says one more time before my eyes flatter open and the light shines brightly through the curtains.

“How long was I asleep for?” I ask as I carefully sit up trying not to move my bad leg too much.

“Almost 2 hours, much to Niall’s despair! You were sleeping on his favourite couch!” Liam answers while a laugh escapes my lips.

“I’m sure he survived!!” I reply back not sad at all for Niall’s discomfort.

“Only just!! But that’s actually not the reason I woke you, there is someone in the kitchen waiting to see you” Liam says as he gets up from crouching next to the couch to grab my crutches and help me up.  I look at him with confused eyes before slowly getting up and placing the crutches comfortably under my arms.

Making my way slowly towards the kitchen I look around before noticing a broad shouldered brunette guy sitting at the kitchen stool with his back to me. A gasp immediately escaped my lips,

“JOSH?” I exclaim as I quickly try to make my way towards him.

“Long time no see Sar!” he replies back as he slowly turns around with a smile on his face.

Being only a few steps from where he was now standing just in front of the chair I drop my crutches and jump towards him embracing him in a hug.

“OH MY GOSH! I can’t believe you are here! It’s so good to see you”  I say still hugging him in disbelief that he was in front of me.

“Well I heard my sister got into some trouble so I thought I would come see how you’re doing. How’s your leg by the way?” he asked right as the boys entered the room.

“Wait so you have a brother?” Harry asked looking confused as he picked up the crutches that were lying on the floor and placing them up against the kitchen counter.

“No not at all!! Josh here has been my longest and most irritating friend! We have literally known each other since birth so growing up we were really close and use to pretend we were siblings, then I guess it just kinda stuck!” I explained as I gave Josh a smile and a kiss on the cheek before I grabbed my crutches and made my way to the kitchen table to sit down.

“My leg is better by the way” I say answering his question.

“Good to hear sis! How’s Liv going?” Josh says suddenly becoming more serious as his voice changed.

“She’s doing better, although a lot has happened how about we go for a coffee? Your shouting!” I say as I throw Josh my car keys and make my way to Liam.

“I shouldn’t be long, we can tell everyone when I get back” I whisper in his ear before giving him a kiss  on the cheek.

“Be safe” he replies as he quickly gives me a peck on the lips before we make our way to the car.


“So tell me everything!” Josh says as the waiter comes to our tables and places our orders in front of us.

“Thanks” I say as the waiter gives a nod and walks to another table.

“Oh my where to start!” I say realising that the list of events that  have occurred since I last spoke to him were endless.

“Right from where we left off!” he says as he takes a sip from his coffee and waits for my response.

“Well we met the boys almost 2 years ago now in our store here in London. We met we talked and we all liked each other’s company I guess. Things started to get serious between Liv and Harry and when mum and dad told us they were moving the boys offered us a place to stay.  It was hard to get use to at first I guess the fame was something we obviously weren’t use too, but the store got heaps of publicity so I suppose it was good in that sense. Things started to get hard within relationships but everything was eventually resolved. When Liv found out she was pregnant we were all in a really good place. Until the night of the interview…” My heart skipped a beat as all the memories of that night came flashing back.

“Josh it was terrible. That night someone found me and drugged me. The took advantage of me and everything I thought was good about the world suddenly didn’t seem so good. It took me months to let people in again, I blocked life out because I thought that would help the pain and the fear but it only made things worse. Liv helped me so much, she was the one to bring me back to being me. Then the accident happened and I feel like we are back to square one. She lost her baby and Josh she lost her memory. Everything that has happened to her in the last 3 years is gone. Just like that she has lost everything and I don’t know how to help her.” I explain as I can’t help as tears escape my eyes.

“Oh my gosh Sarah I’m so sorry. If I had known all of this was happening I would have come visit sooner” he says sympathetically as he places his hand over mine for comfort.

“Don’t be silly we knew you were busy, there would have been no good in interrupting your life and your work for our problems”

“You guys mean everything to me you know that I would do anything for you girl” He replies with a smile.

“Was she happy?” Josh asks changing the topic.

“She was with Harry but Jason was never good to her and I hated that. I hated seeing the way he treated her... how about you, are you happy? How are things with you?” I reply giving him a sympathetic look.

“Let’s just say that it took my heart a long time to recover from Liv, and still to this day my heart flutters at the sound of her name. But I think after a while I learnt how to block out the pain so I have been dealing. But that’s a thing of the past let’s not talk about that anymore” He says shaking off the topic before finishing his coffee and placing the mug back onto the table.

“There is actually one more thing I wanted to tell you in person. I’m pregnant…..”

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