Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

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All Rights Reserved


26. Final Fittings

Perrie’s POV

“So I have finally finished sewing on the final details for the dresses!” Marissa says as she walks into one of her back rooms before walking back into the change room with 8 black dress bags.

“My gosh this is so exciting! This is like the moment of truth!” El says as she claps her hands fast while walking over to Marissa to give her a hand with the bags.

“Is it weird that I’m really nervous about this!” I say unsure about my feelings at this point in time.

“Not at all sweetie! This is like the final piece of the puzzle! There is only 3 days left until your big day!!” Marissa says trying to sound excited but only making me more aware of the short amount of time I had left to make sure everything was perfect before the big day.

“I think I need to sit down” I say as I put my hand to my forehead and start to stress about all the little things that could fall out of place.

“Perrie! Everything is going to be fine we promise! We have everything under control. What type of friends would we be if we didn’t have everything in order and ready to go!” Sarah says with a smile as she rubs my back and gives me a reassuring smile.

“Bad friends! Very bad friends!” I say with a laugh as I start to relax a bit more and look over to the dress bags placed beside me.

“Good thing we are amazing friends then! Because everything is on schedule and A-OKAY!” Liv says with a wink lightening up the mood.

“Let’s get to it then! No time to waste!” I say as I pick up the dresses based on name and handed them one by one to the girls.

Walking into a dressing room each girl quickly but carefully got undressed and put on their bridesmaid dresses.

“Okay on the count of three we all come out together!” El calls out from her change room.

“Okay! 1….2….3!” They all call before opening the door and stepping carefully out of the change room.

I could not wipe the smile from my face! The dresses were everything I had always imagined. They were a pinky-nudey colour floor length. The front was strapless held up by lace covering the chest and making a halter neck/choker shape leaving the back backless and the bottom of the dress slightly flowy, but still showing off their incredible figures and Sarah’s baby bump!

“They are beautiful!” I say still in awe of the beautifully made dresses that were in front of me.

“I love it!”


“So beautiful!”

Each of the girls say one by one while looking at themselves in the mirror.

“I think you all look wonderful!” Marissa says as she smiles at the girls and at me.

“Yeah we scrub up alright I guess!” Liv says with a chuckle as she plays with the chiffon material that was hanging down the bottom half of her dress.

“Oh my gosh Perrie, we are so so sorry we are late. We got caught up at the recording studio and then traffic was crazy….” Jesy says in a rush as she places down her handbag on the floor and fixes her hair that was covering her face.

“Then there were fans everywhere and we were getting mobbed and it was just full on really!” Leigh says as she catches her breath and takes a seat on the stool next to me.

“It’s okay girls don’t stress!! The dresses are in your rooms put them on and come out so I can see you all together!” I say with a smile as the three girls nod and go into their designated change rooms.

“I love them so, so much!” Jade calls as she steps out of her change room and looks at the perfectly fitting dress she now had on.

“They are beautiful Perrie, You did such a good job!” Leigh says as she gets Marissa to help her fix the straps of her bra so you couldn’t see them.

“I must say Perrie, these dresses have got to be one of my favourite bridesmaid dress designs so far!” Marissa exclaims with a nod as she looks at all the girls lined up to makes sure the dresses were all the same and the waistline was even.

“Okay perfect! These girls are done, now it’s your shot!” She says with a huge smile as she grabs the dress bag hanging behind her and walking me into the change room.

Quickly I got undresses and unzipped the dress bag. My mouth nearly hit the floor at the beautiful dress hanging in front of me. With a smile I carefully grabbed the dress out of the bag and stepped into it. I held the back together as Marissa did up the buttons before unlocking the change room door and stepping out towards the girls.

Gasps came from every angle of the room as I step out and everyone looks over at me.

“Absolutely breathtaking…”


“Okay so Marissa said she is going to have the dresses delivered to the house Friday night, which means not we have time for a coffee!” I say as I walk out of the shop and put my sunglasses on before walking over to wear the girls were standing.

“Yes coffee would go down a treat!” Jade says with a smile as we all start to walk in the direction of the nearest coffee shop.

“So I was thinking maybe am up-do to the side for you girls? I think we need to emphasise the backless dress so I don’t want to cover it with your hair, what do you guys think” I ask

“Yes, and we can make it kinda loose and messy”


“Yeah and a smoky eye with like a nude lipstick, or maybe like red lips”


“Yes and we can get nailpolish to match our lips!”


We all turn to look at Liv to see what she was yelling about.

“This is the place I thought I heard the boys talking about for the bucks night” She says while pointing to the strip club next to where we had just stopped.

“A strip club? Really!” I say almost surprised Zayn had said yes to the idea.

“Hey guys look at this” Jesy says while walking up to one of the posters stuck up on the wall.

Every wanted to let loose and get a little wild?

Ring the number below and book your very own session as the star of the show!

Costumes and makeup supplied on night,

To book call 07 677 431

In the corner of my eye I see Liv lifting her phone to her ear.

“Ohh no you don’t” I say trying to tackle the phone from her hands only to be held back by El.

"No! Let me go! LIV DON'T DO IT! LIV!"

“Hi, um yess I would like to make a booking…”

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