Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

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16. Day at Work

Liv’s POV

“So where exactly are we going?” I ask as I sit in the car unsure of our final destination.

“Well… you know how ages ago mum and dad were organising all these plans to open up a clothing shop for us to run?” Sarah starts explaining making sure not to take her eyes off the road.

“umm..yeahh they were thinking about it cause they  knew how much you like designing clothes” I say in response.

“Yeah well we opened a shop! And we run it” she says with an excited voice as she pulls up into a small car park.

“wait what!?” I ask unsure of whether to believe her or not.

“We opened a shop! It’s called Wild!” She says as she examines my face for emotion.

“We actually have a shop?” I ask still in disbelief as Sarah lets out a small giggle before opening what looked like the back entrance to the shop.

“We own and manage this store, we have designers that come in and have meeting regularly with new ideas about new lines, but we get the final say!! Also I am designing the new line, it’s called Wild at Heart!” She says in excitement as she starts clapping her hands.

“This is unreal!” I say as I look around the back of the shop.

There were posters and signs everywhere, random clothes racks hanging around and a few clipboards with drawings and designs.

“So this shop here has been open for almost 2 years now, we started of half this size but not long ago we decided to expand as we were getting more customers. When mum and dad had to move to Australia for dad’s work they were going to sell the company, but we weren’t letting that happen and we fought hard to keep it. So behind closed doors and out of the way of the press I got mum and dad to sign the company over to us so it’s all ours! Not to mention that we now have a shop in Sydney!” She says giving me the rundown as I follow her through the doors leading into the shop.

Walking through the big double doors my heart immediately stops and I am in awe.  This had been just a pointless dream of ours for so long, but it’s all real. Everything we ever wished for as kids was now right in front of us!

The shop was bigger than I had expected. I was quite long and very well organised. There were racks and tables positioned well around the room, holding a lot of clothes but not making it look messy. The room was white and very professional, then every so often you would see a big fancy looking mirror, or a black accessory making the room look classy and appealing. Everything just looked so amazing!

Then there was the clothes! As Sarah walked behind the register I decided to have a look around. Examining all the clothes I was in love. Everything about it was us! The design of the clothes, the look of the shop and the name!

“Sarah! This place is incredible!” I say as I continue to look at the shop in awe.

“Let’s just say we have come very far in 3 years!” She replies with a small giggle as she looks back down at the book in front of her.

“Well that’s an understatement!” I say as I make my way towards her and sit up on the register.

“So you like it?” Sarah asks as she starts to put numbers into the computer.

“Are you kidding you have done an amazing job!!” I reply with a smile as I watch what she was doing.

“We have done a great job” she replies emphasising the ‘we’ as she looks up at me with a smile.

“So you’re the big fancy designer, what do……” I start to say before my head gets a sharp pain and my sight goes black.

“Work it Louis, move those sexy hips!”, I shout out as Louis make his way down the change room hallway.

“Olivia where’s harry?”  Niall asks confused

“Harry! It’s time to show them whatcha mama gave ya!”I shout in hysterics

“Shake dat asses Harry!” Zayn says in-between laugh.

My eyes go back to normal and I notice Sarah by my side shaking me.

“LIV! LIV ARE YOU OKAY?” she asked as she continued to shake me until I was back to realisation.

“The fashion show… when was that?” I ask confused about the small part of a flashback I saw.

“What fashion show? What do you remember?” Sarah asked just as confused as she handed me a glass of water.

“It was here…. We were all cheering for Harry and Louis, they were wearing random things and everyone was laughing.” I explain as I take a sip of my water.

“You remember that?” Sarah asked in shock. I give a small nod hoping she would give me a bit more information.

“That was the day we met the boys..” She starts to explain as a smile appears on her face.

“They were getting attacked by fans and we were the closest shop so they ran in here and stayed with us for what seemed like hours! The fashion show was just a way to pass the time but boy was It funny!” she continued as he started to laugh reminiscing the memory.

“That was a good day!” she says as she makes her was back behind the counter and continues to do whatever it is she was doing.

”So tell me ! What actually happened the other day with you and Harry?” Sarah says with a curious look.

“Wait actually forget that I don’t want to know!” she says while shaking her head and looking back down at her work.

“NOTHING HAPPENED SARAH!” I exclaim with a giggle.

“I really couldn’t sleep, there were just too many things running through my mind so I decided to go downstairs and grab a drink and maybe watch a movie. When I walked into the lounge room I noticed Harry on the couch and we started talking, then I told him he could sleep in the same bed as me cause I really felt bad that I was the reason he was on the couch! Then when you walked in he had told me he would beat me in a wrestling match so I decided I would prove him wrong!!” I explain as I laugh remembering the night.

“Yeah, yeah! Whatever you say” Sarah replies with a grin and a wink!


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