Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


27. Bucks

Liv’s POV

"Olivia where in the hell did you get these clothes from?" Sarah says lifting up a bunch of dresses from my wardrobe.

"Shut up and just put them on!" I say with a chuckle throwing them to each girl except Sarah.

Sarah is lucky she doesn't have to wear these clothes she is just going in normal appropriate clothing because she's pregnant.

"Put what on? There nothing to put on!" El laughs.

The dresses were extremely tight and short that made your boobs pop out.

"Thank god where all the same size!" Perrie adds.

"Excuse me I don't think you noticed but my boobs can't fit in this dress!" Jade says laughing.

"It's okay we will make them fit" I say walking up to her.

I grab the dress from the front and lift it up and high as possible while Leigh zips up the back.

"There you go!" I say dusting my hands.

"Are you kidding me I can't even feel my boobs! The circulation will stop!" Jade says freaking out.

"Oh calm your titties!" I say laughing.

"Don't worry, There will definitely be clothes at the strip club that we can change into!" Sarah says.

"Well let's go we have to get back home before the boys get back from the shops!" Jesy says clapping her hands.

"Okay what are you going to say?" El asks on our way driving to the strip club.

"Well I have made a booking so..they should let us in!"I say casually.

"Liv are you serious, we have totally not thought this through, what do you think the manager will say if he see 7 girls walk into a strip club?" Perrie asks.

"Let alone convince him to let us trick the boys and actually be the stripers!" El adds in

"Girls girls, you clearly don't know that I can get anything I want using nudity and flirtation!" I say with a chuckle

"She right!" Sarah nods and all the girls laugh.


As we walk in the security guard stops us, “ID please" he says holding out his hand.

We all show him our ID and continue to walk in. There were naked and half naked girls dancing on poles infront of a large group of men. The music is extremely loud and fluoro lights are lighting up the room.

"Excuse me where can I speak to the manager?" I ask the security guard.

"He's in the back!" The security guard responds pointing to the back.

"Hey excuse me, do you know where the manager is?" I ask a guy standing alone in the back corner.

"I am the manager, how can I help you?" The young brunette says.

All the girls look  at me for my que to talk.

"Hey my names Samantha what's yours?" I ask with a lot of flirtation placing my hand on his upper arms.

"My names Ashton" he says with a smile.

My hand doesn't leave his arm and I could fell it tightening.

"So Ashton I was wondering if you could do me a huge favour!" I continue moving my hand down his arm and getting a hold of his hand.

"Ahh sure babe" he nods with his face getting slightly red.

"Well we made a booking for tonight because it's our friends bucks night and we wanted to play a tiny trick on them and actually be the stripers..." I say stepping closer and closer to him.

"Ahh I don't know about that girls normally you need to book ages in advance" he shakes his head.

"Pleaseeee" I say softly wrapping my arm around him and using the other hand to slowly move down his chest.

He started to breathe heavier than before taking a loud swallow.

"Fineee!" He finally gives in.

"Yes! Thankyou so much!" I say giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Well we will be back here at 8 to get ready and get in disguise" I say before we rush into the car and immediately drive off.

"Hopefully we get home before the guys do, can you imagine if they see us like this" Jade says

We all laugh.

We soon arrive home and notice that the guys car is parked at the front.

"Shit!" I say and we all sigh.

"What are we going to do?" Sarah asks.

"Okay heels off hair up dress down boobs in!" Perrie says as we all begin adjusting ourselves.

"Well that looks a tad better!" Jesy admits.

"Okay I have a plan! Because I look the least dressed up I will go inside, distract the boys and bring them upstairs and then after you count 5 mins you go running inside and up to Liv’s room" Sarah says with a lot of hand gestures.

"Okay got it" Leigh nods along with the rest of the girls.

Sarah rushing out of the car bare foot into the house. Jade set a timer on her phone and we waited.

4 minutes had passed and we were getting ready to get out if the car.

"We need to run as fast as we can!" Liv says.

5 minutes was up and we sprinted out of the car straight to the front door, opened it and quietly but quickly ran upstairs.

"We made it!” Perrie says puffed out laying on my bed.

We all laugh in relief.

I grabbed all their clothes out of my wardrobe were the left them and we all got changed. As I was getting changed I could hear voices talking down stairs.

"Why can't I go inside?" Niall asks.

"Because there is a ahhh a...." Sarah can't find her words.

"Come on girls down me go!" I say clapping my hands and following behind all the girls who begin running down the stairs.

"Hello!" All the girls from little mix say trying to get Niall's attention off of Sarah.

Sarah let out a huge sigh of relief.


It was 8:00 and we were all sitting down on the lounge along with the boys. I texted Sarah "we have to go". And she forward it on to the rest of the girls.

"Okay guys, us girls have a movie night! Have fun tonight, but not to much fun!" Perrie says getting up and giving Zayn a kiss on the lips.

"No strippers!" She warns them with a smile as the rest of the girls get up and leave.

We get in car with me driving this time and Sarah in the front seat. I begin driving speeding a little so we have plenty of time to get prepared. We get there in less the 10 minutes and rush in side.

The security guard once again stops us and asks for ID. We show him and he signals for us to proceed inside. We rush to the back and the manager is waiting at the same place he was before.

"Hey Ashton we are ready, we're is the makeup and change rooms?" I ask desperately.

"Just at the back!" He laughs.

We all rush into the back to find half naked and naked girls just walking around.

We quickly find some chairs in front of a huge long mirror and begin to do our make up. Sarah finds some wigs in the back and comes running out with them.

"Okay Liv you’re going blonde, Perrie you’re going brunette, Jade you’re going purple, El you’re also going blonde, Leigh you’re going pink and Jesy you’re also going blonde" Sarah says handing us all our wigs.

"Liv you’re up first!" Sarah calls tapping the chair infront if her.

I quickly sit down and she begins to pull my hair back away from my face and clipping it low. She slides the wig on tightly and clips it into my hair.

"Can I see can I see?" I ask excited.

"Not you have to wait to the end!" Sarah warns me.

She began to finish my makeup and hands me blue contacts. I attempt to place them on but give up on the first try.

"Green eyes will have to do!" I say getting up and choosing my outfit.

"Wait I'm not finished!" Sarah call me to sit back down.

"What more could you possibly do?" I ask with a sigh sitting down.

She grabs a spray bottle with what liked like a tanned liquid inside.

"No no no you are not spray tanning me!" I say shaking my head.

"I'm not spray tanning you Liv, not sure if you've noticed your tattoos!" Sarah says pointing to my tattoo.

"Oh yeah!" I laugh.

"It's just like an air brush" she says and begins to move over the tattoos as they slowly disappeared.

"Okay who's next?" Sarah asks.

Perrie gets up and takes a seat infront if Sarah and she begins with the same process.

I haven't yet seen myself in the mirror I just thought I would get completely ready first. I was looking through a rack on clothes actually I wouldn't even call it clothes, more like matches of material. I flicked through then and found a fluro orange bikini that glows in the UV light. All the clothes seemed to glow.

Once I had put it on I placed a pair of high stilettoes on and walked to the mirror.

Wow. You wouldn't even recognise it was me, I couldn't even recognise myself to be honest. Sarah did a great job! After about half an hour all the girls were surprisingly done.

We all stood infront of the mirror and laughed. This was totally going to work!

"Say cheese!" Sarah says holding up her phone to take a picture of us. We all pose and Sarah took a quick photo of us on her phone.

"So Leigh and Jade you will be on the poles on stage and Perrie you lap dance Zayn, Jesy you are on Niall, El your on Louis and Liv your on Harry" Sarah says planning it out.

"What about Liam?" Jade asks

"Oh yeah! Umm okay Jade you are on Liam!" Sarah says straight out.

"Are you sure?" Jade asks.

"Yes of course, it’s just for a bit of fun!" Sarah smiles.

“Okay so I am going to make the announcement!" Sarah continues and all the girls nod!

"So just go along with it and most of all look sexy!" Sarah says causing us all to laugh.

The manager comes in with a smile ok his face laughing at the transformation.

"The boys are here and you're on in five, they booked a private room so there will be no other drunk guys distracting you! Here's your microphone!" He says handing it to Sarah.

"Okay so I'm going to announce the whole groom and stuff and then it's your que to go on" Sarah assures us.

"Okay I'm ready, are we all ready?" I say looking around at each of them.

"Yes we are ready!" They all respond.

We all took a deep breath before making our way on stage.

“So tonight we have a special guest it seems, a daring groom and his handsome groomsmen! Now Mr Malik stand up if you dare" Sarah says over the speaker putting on a voice.

All us girls walked up on stage, it was pitch black so the boys couldn't see us getting in our positions. While Perrie and Jade were posing on one pole and the rest if the girls posed on the other pole.

After the announcement Zayn shyly stood up and all the guys cheered.

"Get ready boys we have some very special girls here for you tonight!" Sarah continues to speak.

The music started blasting loudly and a light started to shine bright on stage making us visible to everyone. All the boys in the strip club started cheering. Perrie looked at me with a Nervous smile before proceeding down the steps to where Zayn was sanding. Perrie with no hesitation pushed Zayn down into his seat and wonders her hands all over his body. She begins to get up and slowly but sexy walking around his chair dragging her finger along his chest. She once again stops infront of him this time talking a seat in his lap and moving her ass around causing all the guys to cheer louder.

Jade, El, Jesy and me all gave each other a look before walking down to the rest of the boys who were sitting down on individual chairs. Niall has his eyes wide along with the rest of the guys. I walked slowly up to Harry stopping about half a metre infront of him. I slowly start to circle around the chair dragging my hands up and down his body teasing him in every way possible. I was standing behind him and I slowly dragged my arms down his chest, I looked at all the girls without making it obvious and at the same time we all aggressively ripping their shirts open with all the button flying off everywhere.

All the boys were going crazy.

I saw the expression on all their faces they were all surprised but shy at the same time, well except for Niall who had his hands all over Jesy the whole time. I sat down on Harry's lap slowly moving around. I could feel it, he was hard. I couldn't help but laugh but I tried my best to hide it. Perrie looks at me weirdly and I look away because I know I will start laughing.

Us girls proceed to wonder our hands all over their body's but stopping just above that spot. We started kissing up along their necks and I could hear some mumbling coming from Harry's mouth. I continued to kiss slowly trying to here was he is saying.

"I have a girlfriend, I have a girlfriend" he was repeating to himself quietly.

Goose bumps showed on my skin, and a smile appeared on my face. The song was nearly over and Harry at this point had his hand by his side like Zayn, Louis and Liam. Harry's head was thrown back and I continued to tease him by slowly dragging my hand up his leg. I looked at Perrie once again and she gave me a nod to assure me that the song was going to end. I slowly dragged my hand over his crutch causing him to shiver slightly while kissing him softly just by his lips. We all got up when the song finished and walked back stage along with Leigh who was pole dancing on stage for entertainment.

When we got backstage we all dropped to the floor laughing along with Sarah. That was probably the funniest thing we have witnessed.

"Liam was whispering Sarah quietly to himself!" Jade says and Sarah laughs.

"Yeah Harry that while time kept repeating that he had a girlfriend to himself!" I say laughing.

"Shit look at the time!" Jesy says.

We all look at the time and quickly begin to gather all our things. They boys should be back driving back home right about now! We ran to the car as fast as we could in heels and all got in.

"Go go go go go!" I say slamming the seat. Perrie drives off as fast as she can. She dodges cars and overtakes them, we come to a red stop light and you would not believe who was next to us. The boys, we have to get home before they do!


Niall’s POV

We were at the stop light and I noticed in the car next to us there was a whole bunch if girls freaking out.

"Hey Liam, look" I say pointing at the girls.

"Wait those are the strippers from the club!" I say putting down the window to wave.

At that point they all seemed to duck their heads down low so we couldn't see them.

I put my window back up and as soon as the light went green they speeded off and overtook us.

"Harry a bunch of girls are beating you!" Liam laughs.

"No I'm not going to speed and cause and accident!" Harry says firmly.

"Chicken! They clearly want to race us!" I say trying to convince Harry to go and catch up to them.

Harry looks at me then smiles before stepping in the accelerator to catch up to them. Harry drives into the lane beside them and beeps the horn.

From what looked like the girls celebrating turned into girls freaking out.

Liv’s POV

"Perrie break the car we have to lose them!" Sarah says tapping her shoulder.

"There's a car behind me!" Perrie says.

"No there isn't now break!" I say quickly.

Perrie steps on the breaks, reverses the car and turns into a side street. She starts speeding down the side street turning right every time until we reached the main road again. She quickly picked up the speed before turning down our Street and driving the car into the drive way. We got out and the security guards were laughing. We rushed inside and upstairs into my room locking the door behind us.

"Here track suit pants for you, for you, for you, for you, for you and you" I say throwing each girls a pair of my track suit pants. Yes I have a lot but that's just because I have one in every colour.

We took our wigs off and as much makeup off as we could before putting a pair of socks on and rushing down stairs into the lounge room. We switched the TV on and all jumped on the lounge scattered around with blankets and pillows before playing the movie 'bride wars' and skipping it half way through.

In that second we hear the front door opens and all the boys come walking inside.

"Girls were home!" We hear Louis shout out.

"In here!" El shouts back.

All the boys come walking in and finding a spot to sit amongst us girls.

"So how was your night guys?" Perrie asks with an interested look on her face.

"Yeah how was your night?" Jade adds in sarcastically.

"Ahhh yeah it was good!" Niall nods and answers for the boys.

"Were there strippers?" I ask causing all the boys to look at each other.

"Ahhh well yes" Niall admits.

"But they were like 5 metres away from us!" He tries to cover what he just said.

All the boys had nervous looks on their faces.

"How was your night girls?" Harry asks breaking the tension.

"Our night was great actually there was a mistake with the session times for the cinemas so we decided to go back home and have movie night" Sarah says firmly but nicely.

"Well that's great to here! We are actually really tired so we might go to bed!" Niall says and all the boys stand up before quietly making their way upstairs with a few whispers along the way.

All us girls look at each other once again and stair pissing ourselves laughing.

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