Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

Copyright © 2014 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


13. Back To School

Sarah’s POV

“RISE AND SHINE DAY LIGHTS BURNING” I call as I walk into Liv’s room and open all the blinds.

“that’s okay it can burn I don’t mind” Liv replies as she turns over in her bed and covers her head with her sheets.

“Nope that’s not an option sorry, get your sleepy ass up and dressed” I reply as I crutch over to her bed and pull off the sheets.

“ohh noo now I’m cold” Liv complains as she tries to curl up into a ball to keep warm.

“My god you’re so dramatic! Get up get dressed then meet me downstairs, you have 25 minutes. Do not make me come up here again!” I say as I blow her a kiss and leave the room closing the door behind me.

Walking slowly into the kitchen I find Harry cooking breakfast.

“Morning Harry!” I say getting his attention resulting in him turning around.

“Morning Sar, how’s your leg going” he asked as he turned back around and continued cooking.

“It’s getting there, I can actually put weight on it now” I say as he turns back around and I demonstrate the very short amount of time I could stand on my leg, Harry lets out a laugh as he walked over to the toaster takes out the toast that just popped out.

“It’s a working progress okay!” I say replying back to his laugh.

“I didn’t say anything” he replies as he puts his arms up in surrender.

“You were thinking it” I say as I giggle and take a bit of the toast Harry had just buttered.

“Morning” I hear Liv call as she walks down the stairs dressed and ready for the day.

“Good morning baby…. I mean, I mean Liv” Harry says quickly correcting himself before walking to the pantry in embarrassment.

Liv looks at me unsure but I don’t answer.

“So where are you taking me today anyway?” She asked quickly changing the topic.

“Well just before the accident happened we were on break from school, then when it was time to go back we were in hospital so we missed the first few weeks. So I rang the school and asked for all the work we had missed and filled them in on everything that was going on, they were very understanding and asked us to come in today to collect everything we need to be able to graduate” I explain as Liv sits down and grabs a plate of food.

“So were graduating this year?” she asks with a mouth full of food.

“As long as we pass then yes! There isn’t actually much left to do just a few last things then we are finished” I continue as I walk with one crutch and place my dish in the sink.

“I don’t remember anything tho, the teachers, the people and defiently not any of the work we learnt what am I going to do ? I won’t pass..” Liv says frantically thinking about her future.

“Don’t stress, we will help you pass, I promise you will pass” I say reassuringly as I search through my handbag for my keys.

“Your driving I’m crippled” I say to Liv just as she finished her plate of food. I quickly chuck her the keys before walking towards the door.

“We will be back later on today” I call out as we walk out the door and to the car.


Liv’s POV

School. Can’t say I forgot this place. It was a place of struggle for me, I never really fit in. Walking through the long locker filled corridors although I remember the hallways I felt lost. As the bell went people started to flood out of the classrooms pushing past us like we weren’t even there, then there were the occasional people that would smile and others that would look at you with deadly eyes. Good to see nothing has changed really.

Trying not to lose sight of Sarah I followed her into room 134 to be greeted by 2 young female teachers.

“Sarah! Liv! It’s so good to see you both. How are you guys?” the tall blonde teacher asks as she sits back in her desk and takes a sip of her coffee.

“I guess you could say we have been better..” Sarah says honestly.

“Liv this is Miss Graham and Miss Perri. Miss Perri is our specialist maths teacher and Miss Graham is our Science teacher” Sarah continues as she point to the teachers while saying their names.

“Nice to meet you both, I’m sorry but I don’t actually remember you two …” I say embarrassed as I look down at my hand and start to fiddle with my ring.

“Don’t be silly there is no need for an apology we understand” Miss Perri says as she places a hand on my shoulder reassuringly.

“So we aren’t actually going to be coming back to school because of certain circumstances, we are here to pick up everything we need to finish the school year, I was told you would have everything ready?” Sarah says sounding professional as Miss Graham opens one of the draws in her desk to reveal two folders filled with papers.

“This is everything you need!” Miss Graham says as she hands us the folders.

“Everything is in the folder, if you need help give our offices and call if not everything can be submitted through email. As long as it’s done by the due dates you guys will be fine!” Miss Perri says as she writes her office number on one of the papers in the folder.

“Thank you heaps” I say as I grab Sarah’s  folder from her  to make it easier for her to walk.

“No worried guys, good luck with everything” Miss Graham calls just before we walk back out into the hall way.

Walking through the corridor most of the students had already walked into the courtyard, yet there were still groups of people hanging around the lockers.

“Well if it isn’t Olivia Parker” I hear someone say in a sassy voice causing me to stop in my tracks and turn around.

“Sorry do I know you?” I reply unsure of who the guy was that was talking to me.

“Obviously not, but I know you and boy don’t you look different” The tall blonde haired boy say as he starts to make the space between us closer than before.

I walk backwards unsure of what to do only to be stopped by the wall that was now behind me. Looking to my right I notice Sarah had not stopped walking obviously not realising I had stopped.

“So what’s changed Liv? You all of a sudden seem very attractive” the boy said as he placed a hand on the wall beside me making our faces only centimetres apart.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know you…” I say as my heart starts to race at the distance he was now from me.  Who is this guy?

“Sure you do, we go way back” the guy says as he leans into my ear and places a kiss on my cheek.

“Back off Ben!” I hear Sarah yell as she slowly makes her way back to us. He rolled his eyes quickly before he looked over at Sarah.

“Nice to see you again Sarah” Ben says with obvious sarcasm in his voice.

“Do you mind not harassing my sister, thanks that would be greatly appreciated” she replied back emotionless as she pushes his shoulder away from me.

“Aw relax Sarah she was enjoying it” he replies back as he looks at me and gives a wink

“How about you go crawl back up in your little corner and never come out again” Sarah replied back with a hissing tone as he grabs my arm and directs me away from Ben and his group.

“Ouch, that hurt” Ben replies back in a sarcastic tone as he places a hand on his heart and gives a sad face.

 Walking away I try not to look back at the group of boys, I keep my head down and try attract attention to myself.

“Who’s Ben?” I ask Sarah as we stop in front of room 210.

“No one you need to worry about Liv” She says with a smile as she opens the door and directs me inside the room.

“This is our last stop then we can go back home!” She says with a smile as she walks up to the teacher writing on the board.

“Hey Mr Stevens” Sarah says with a smile.

“Good afternoon, Sarah, Liv” he replies back with a smile.

“We are here to collect some of the final task to finish the year?” Sarah asks as a question to whether he was aware of our situation.

“Yes, yes I have a few last assignments I need you to complete. Mostly on the book we read before the break, you need to write an essay on the book highlighting all the key features such as the theme, symbols, language techniques, characterisation so on so forth and I need it to be in-depth for you to be able to receive a high mark” He says as he hands us a thick clear sleeve filled with sheets.

My heart sank as he explained the task. How on earth am I meant to complete a task that is needed for me to pass my final year when I don’t even remember the  book the tasks is on. I felt the colour drain in my face as I look down at the pile of papers I was no holding. Pulling out a few of the pages I skimmed over a few of the notes when my mind suddenly began to throb and my eyes went black. My mind began spinning as the events from this room started to come back to my memory. I quickly moved backwards and sat on the closest thing behind me.

Shaking myself out of my phase I put my hands on either side of my head felling my headache throb.

“Liv are you okay” I hear Sarah call as she made her way to my side before putting her hand on my back.

“I remember…. I remember the book and this class and the people in this class with us” I say as I look around the room confused before looking up at Sarah.

“Liv that’s great, your memory is starting to come back!” she says with a huge smile and a hug.

“But that’s all I remember, everything before, after and in between that is still black….”

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