Don't Forget Where You Belong

*Sequel to Little White Lies*

Things are different now. The past has happened and the future holds unknown events. Will Olivia remember or will Harry become just a lost memory...

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15. A Scar?

My eyes flatter open as the light shines through the window! I let out a sigh and turn my head to notice the time. It was 10:30. A smile appeared on my face when the memories from last night came rushing into my mind, thats when i tilted my head and noticed harry wasn't there. I sit up in bed to look around the room and a small piece of paper caught my eye. I rushed over the bed and picked up the piece of paper that was placed on the bedside table.

"Goodmorning beautiful girl,

Me and the guys had to go to the recording studio really early this morning!

We shouldn't be to long!"

A small smile appeared on my face reading the note. Good that gives me some time to have a shower at least! I got up out of the bed and quickly straightened up the covers placing all the pillows back on the bed. I walked into the bathroom and surprisingly didn't jump at my sight! I was surprised my hair wasn't everywhere but i still stunk tho! I quickly go undressed and stepped into the shower! Goosebumps spread across my skin as the water hits my shoulders! I begin to wash my hair and body.

"She's not afraid of scary movies, she likes the way we kiss on the dark but she's so afraid on falling in LOOOVEEE!" I sing saving in the shower using the shampoo as a microphone!

After shaving my legs and washing my hair i switch the water off before stepping out if the shower! I grab the towel and dry myself off quickly before rapping my hair in the same towel. I walk into my bedroom with nothing but the towel on my head a quickly lock the door. I walk past the mirror then stop before walking back and standing infront of it! I turn to the side and let out a sigh! I am so fat! It's disgusting! I turn to the front and just stare the more i stare at my body the more i hate it. My eyes run up and down my body before stopping right under my stomach! What is that! I sit down on the bed and run my hand over a huge thick scar! I breathing started to get heavier and heavier and my heart started pounding faster and faster! How have i never notice a scar like this before!

"SARAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I say screaming as i unlock the door and sprint towards her bedroom without looking back. As I am sprinting i bang into someone landing straight on top of them but naked!

My eyes open and a huge smile on Harry's face appears. I am so slicked that i just freeze. I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Sarah's bedroom door opens and out she comes with a huge mouth full of tooth paste. She spits it out when she sees me but naked with my legs on either side of harry.

"Oh my god! Couldn't use atleast make it to the bedroom!" She says with a surprised little smirk on her face.

"Noo-it's not wha.." I try to day before being interrupted my niall, zayn and Louis stopping at the top of te stairs with their mouths dropped open.

"What is going on in here!" Niall says with a huge mouthful of chips.

"Omg nothing to see here folks!!" Louis says spreading out his arms and legs infront of my and harry staying to hide us!

"This is not what it looks like!" I say shaking my head.

"Close your eyes! All of youse!" I shout denanding!

"Why, it's nothing we haven't seen before!" Niall says with a cheeky grin" contributing to eat his chips.

I soon notice Harry's hand was laying on my butt.

"Hand off ass! Hand off ass!" I say grabbing the towel from my head and covering myself with it. I get up aggressively and throw daggers to all the boys.

"Sarah! My room now!" I say storming back into my bedroom.

"What why me?" She says still with toothpaste all over her mouth.

"NOW!" I shout

"Jeez okay okay!" She says rushing into my bedroom locking the door behind her.

"Explain this!" I say pointing to the scar.

Her face went from a smile then just dropped.

"Sarah?" I say trying to find eye contact.

"Im so sorry!" She says sitting down on my bed.

I quickly go grab some underwear and a bra putting it on before sitting down next to her.

"Well you and harry were serious! Like youse were official.. To the point were you got pregnant" she begins.

I could tell my face was pale, i didn't know what to say.

"And what happened to the baby?" I ask nervously not sure if i want to know the answer.

"Umm well in the accident you lost your baby" she said silently but loud enough that I could hear.

I dropped to the floor and started boiling my eyes out. I wrapped my arms around my legs with my head faces down.

"Whe..when where you planning on telling me this" i say with an angry tone.

"I wanted to Olivia, believe me i wanted to but the doctors wouldn't allow it" she says with a shaky tone.

I get up chucking my tracksuit bottoms and a tank top on and my converses before rushing out the room slamming the door behind me.

"Olivia!" I hear Sarah call out from my room.

I needed some air! As I'm making my way to the front door harry rushed over to me.

"Olivia what's wrong" he says before i quickly wrap my arms around him in a huge embrace.

"Im sorry" i say before letting go and rushing out the front door.

I really must if loved this guy enough to have a baby with him. What have i become. I walk Iut the house and decide to turn right as I know that that's were the shops are. I keep walking and. Finally reach a shopping centre. I walk inside and i see a bunch of girls looking and pointing at me. What do they want?

"Is that Olivia?" I hear one of the girls say as i walk past them.

As I walked through the shopping centre more eyes we staring at me! Some girls waving some others throwing me daggers. I walk into the nearest shop as i start to feel uncomfortable. It was a magazine shop. I swear it was filled with every single magazine in the world. I walked around trying to find my favourite magazine. The "OK" magazine. As I walked through the aisles i noticed the magazine. I picked it up and my eyes widened when I noticed a picture of me and harry on the front. I opened it to the page skimming through the article.

"Harry was last seen with Olivia before the accident took place, did harry cause the accident? Who was behind all of this? This accident left all 1D fans in tears......" I read bits of the paragraph. I dropped the magazine before rushing out the store to find a massive group of girls taking photos and screaming.

"Olivia. Olivia. Olivia. Can I have a photo?" I heard come from half the group of girls.

My hair was still wet from the shower and i looked horrible.

"Im so sorry girls" i say making my way through the crowd and out the shopping centre.

I didnt know it was going to be like this. I just wanted a simple walk to get away.... I dont even have my phone to call anyone!

I rush back home from what seemed like an hour walk trying to loose the first that were following me. The security guards let's me in and I couldn't help but notice Harry's car was gone. I walk inside and make my way staright upstairs trying my best to avoid gettings caught. But of course i failed.

"Olivia where have you been harry went out looking for you?" Louis says at the bottom of the stairs.

"I went for a walk!" I say continuing to make my way up the stairs.

I quickly make my way into my room burying myself into the covers. I feel bad for just running out like that and the thought if harry going out to find me was sort if cute i guess. I should probably call him to let him now im back. I left out a sigh just realising i haven't even got a phone, it got ruined in the accident and i haven't had anytime to go but another one.

"Louis could you come here for a second!" I call out really loud hoping he would hear me.

"Sure babe" he responds and a few moments later i hear footsteps making their way up the stairs. Louis soon makes his way onto in the bedroom taking a seat in the edge if the bed.

"Can i please have your phone to call harry?" I ask with puppy dog eyes.

"Only because I love you!" He says holding the phone out to me. I reach for the phone and he quickly moves it away.

"Say please!" He says holding to ohone in the air.

"I did!! Now give it to me!" I say whining with a smile on my face.

"Who is the bestest person alive?" He says raising an eyebrow.

"Louis Tomlinson!" I say snatching the phone off of him.

"Hurry up! And don't go looking through my history!" He says pointing his finger at the phone and then back at me.

"Why do you have something to hide?" I say reading him.

We both let out a laugh before he leaves the room.

I go through his contacts and find harrys name, i out the phone up to my ear waiting for him to answer.

"Oh my god louis i can't find her anywhere! Im freaking out, what if someone has hurt my baby!" Harry says freaking out on the other side if the phone.

I was shocked, i day there silently. i didnt know what to say, I can't believe he called me his baby....

"Harry it's me" i say silently

"Omg liv where have you been i was so worried!" He says curiously and relieved at the same time.

"Im sorry, i went for a walk bit I'm home now!" I say apologising.

"Don't ever do that again!" He says with relief in his voice.

"i won't" i respond before hanging up the phone!

I let out a huge sigh and just fall onto my bed.


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