''He is nothing but trouble''
does she hate him or love him? She is still inlove with her ex boyfriend or does she love both, shes going to have to figure it out one way or another.


1. My name is Chelsey Pointon

 ''Chelsey get up and get ready for school'' my mum said while banging on my bedroom door as hard as she possibly can, ''yes yes okay, no need to brake down my door'' I shouted. Getting up off of my bed I walked over to my closet looking what to wear to school today, I was way to tired today since I was up all night doing my stupid English assignment. Putting on a plain white crop top with black high waist-ed jeans I grabbed my flats and tied my hair up in a messy pony tail, not bothering to put any makeup on today due to cause im way too lazy. Jogging downstairs to find my mum has made me toast I wasn't hungry really. ''honey are you gonna eat your toast?'' she said in a curious but sweet voice, ''um no thanks I have to meet up with katy at school early, but thanks anyways'' smiling as I grabbed my car keys and my bag. ''cya later honey and make sure to come strait home tonight your father is coming home tonight'' she said as loud so I could hear her. My dad works at the mines he does some type of thing where he finds gold I dunno but I barley see him, he comes home for a week every month and leaves again, its kinda annoying because he doesn't even really acknowledge me. It's always about Lesley, Lesley is my older brother he gets favored way too much especially from my dad.


Driving to school I already see katy waiting for me beebing my horn at her she smiled and waved. Katy is my bestfriend we have been friends since grade 3 she always makes me happy no matter what mood Im in so seeing her today hopefully makes me feel a lot better instead of being so sleepy. ''heyyy girll'' katy said in such a girl tone of voice ''hahah you're in idiot'' I replied trying not to laugh loud. ''how is you and logan hey hey ?'' katy said while nudging me with her elbow, ''we're okay I guess he was calling me all last night'' I said in such a tired tone. Katy stopped and was frozen its like she seen a ghost or something, ''hellooo earth to katy?'' waving my hand over her face to get her attention. ''omg who is he?'' katy said not taking her eyes of of this boy, ''who, who?'' I said curiously, Katy pointed to the guy she was looking at. ''oh him I know him, his name is Justin bieber he was my brother old friend and then he moved away don't know where he went but hey I guess hes back'' I said like I didn't care, which I didn't. ''he is so dreamy'' katy said like she wanted to take him home on the spot, ''okay okay calm down missy its time to go to class and from what I've heard he's been with a few girls around her in Stratford'' I said pulling her arm as if to say lets go katy!! ''oh well in that case lets go to class'' Katy doesn't like guys that have been with a few girls, shes very picky.

                                                *5 hours later*

Katy left school early and left me by myself in maths my worst subject yet, Mr Newson doesn't stop talking it hurts my head. The bell rings and of corse i am the first out of the class, walking over to my locker i went to open it when someone slammed my locker closed making furious, im already having a bad day. ''Hey Chelsey right?'' a familar voice was heard, turning my head to see who it was, it was Justin bieber. ''Uh yeah'' i said like it was obvious, ''you do remember me dont you?'' Justin said looking deeply into my eyes making me feel extremely unconformable, ''yes i do remember you, what are you doing here?'' i said with a curious look on my face. ''Going to school obviously, hey tell Lesley i said hey and we should catch up, ok?'' he said giving me a wink walking away, nodding my head up and down closing my locker. Yano he has gotten alot more attractive since the last time i seen him which was 3 years ago, but man is annoying and still is surprisingly. Today has just been so stressful im too tired to pay attention to any of my classes, I can not wait to get home and just lay down and relax, until i seen Logan heading my way. Logan is my boyfriend im kind of trying to avoid him today because of what he did, he lied to me, he said he was going to his friend Jason's house when really he went to Kayla jepsons house the biggest slut in school and she knows it herself. ''Babe can we just talk'' Logan said leaning on my car beside me, ''Logan i dont want to talk to you, you lied to me... i dont think i can do this anymore Logan i have gave you too many chances.'' i said opening my car door, ''you cant break up with me.'' he said with a furious face, ''i just did now goodbye'' smiling starting my car and closing my door. When i pulled into my drive way there was another car parked in my spot at my house, all my brothers friends know not to park their cars in my parking spot, parking my car on the side of the road i walked inside not even bothering to yell at my brother and his friend for parking in my spot i just went to my room. Walking into my door was open, my door is never open i always have it closed always, i walked into my room to find no one is in there until a sudden movement was heard behind me i turned around to only find Justin in my room. ''What are you doing in my room, what are you doing here and did i mention what are you doing my room!!'' i said so confused and angry, he smiled and said ''calm down i was looking for the bathroom and well i opened the wrong door and landed in your room. it's cute, but ill be leaving if you want me to'' he smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. I'm not in any mood to talk to anyone so i just looked at him not really paying attention to what he said, ''uh are you okay?'' Justin said waving his hand in my face, ''oh yes im fine just stressful day, um im gonna get some rest, so yeah goodbye'' i said closing the door on him.


I woke up and had seen from my window that outside was dark, grabbing my phone and looking and looking at the time it was 1:10 am in the morning i gasped in shock, did i really sleep that long? crap i missed dinner too, oh well i wasnt hungry anyways but im sure as hell thirsty. Sitting up from my bed walking like a zombie with my hands at the front trying to see where im going, i opened the door and slowly walked down the stairs trying to be quiet as possible when i heard the TV on in the lounge room i immediately think Lesley left the TV on again. I walk out in the lounge room and turned the TV off, a voice out of no where "hey i was watching that'' Jumping and quickly covering my mouth so my scream didnt wake my mum up, a set of hands grabbing my waist ''sorry i didnt mean to scare you'' said a voice that sonded like Justin, but what is he still doing here? ''okay um what are you still doing here'' i said taking his hands off of me, ''well your brother wanted me stay over because he hasnt seen me in ages... hey you look down whats up?'' he said looking at me curious. ''okay we haven't seen eachother in 3 years and you hated me back then, why are you being so nice to me ?'' i said raising my eyebrow, ''you're attractive'' he said staring and my boobs, clicking my my fingers at his face ''hey my face is up here and im sorry but i dont want you.'' i gave him a fake smile, ''and why not?'' he said with a angry tone, ''well cause i know you Justin you try and get with every girl you think that is the slighted bit attractive'' i said walking past him, when he grabbed my arm hard, ''that hurts, stop!'' i said angry and loud but not loud enough for mum to hear, ''you dont fucking know me, dont assume everything and you aint the little princess everyone makes you out to be'' Justin was so angry like what i said wasn't that bad was it? ''excuse me but i would like to go to my room and get to sleep'' i said feeling so annoyed when he smashed his lips into mine.



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