''He is nothing but trouble''
does she hate him or love him? She is still inlove with her ex boyfriend or does she love both, shes going to have to figure it out one way or another.


2. I hate him

All these weird feelings were coming to me, it felt like my stomic was doing cartwheels. omg Chesely what are you doing you just broke up with your ex boyfriend stop, you dont like him, thoughts were running in my head. pushing Justin off of me with a disgust look on my face ''what are you doing ?'' i hissed t him, ''dont act like you didnt like it chesely, i know you've always liked me'' ok i will admit it i had a little crush on Justin when i was young but hey doesnt everyone crush on there brothers friends like i dont like him anymore obviously im still inlove with Logan. '' you cant just kiss me like that! dont ever do it again. we will talk about this another time i dont want to look at you, goodnight'' walking away Justing just stood there without another movement, why did he kiss me? im so confused he has only been here for a few hours we only just seen eachother again in ages.. so weird.

Waking up to my phone buzzing i looked at the time to relise it's 9:00am in the morning and to see a text from Logan.

Logan:*hey, look im sorry can we have a coffee and talk about this?*

you:*sure monte carlo see you there*

shutting off my phone, i stood up from my bed and take a shower considereing i didnt have time to have a shower last night. getting put of the shower i put on decent clothes, it was abit chilly outside so i made sure to wear a jacket. Jogging downstairs mum was at work she always works early on a Saturday, grabbing my handbag i was about to open the door until i felt something warm on my neck, slowly turning around of corse it was Justin. ''where are you going ?'' Justin's eyebrows shot up, ''im meeting up with my ex, now if you'll excuse me i dont want to be late'' turning around and grabbing the door handle until Justin grabbed it before me, ''dont go..'' Justin let go of the door handle ''sorry i have to goodbye.'' walking out the door and getting into my car.


Justins POV

Chesely closed the door walking out of the house, ''bitch'' i hissed, Chesely has the best body, id do anything to get that. i kissed her last night because i thought it would lead to sex but obviously not, she's harder then i thought. Chelsey is pretty but she is definitly too bitchy for my liking. i bet her ex boyfriend broke up with her because shes such a bitch, i swear she has Bipolar. Walking into Lesley's room i thought id wke him up since he sleeps through the day and see if he wants to have any fun tonight, if ya know what i mean. ''WAKE UP MOTHERFUCKER ITS 10:00 IN THE MORNING'' i yelled and jumped on Lesley to make sure he is awake. ''what the fuck are you doing? get off of me man'' Lesley said with a groaky voice, '' we're gonna get so fucked up tonight, bro theres are party tonight and we ae going'' i damended ''bro i dont know if Kylie would want me going to partys'' Lesley is such a pussy when it comes to dating girls. ''Bro i havent been laid in 2 weeks, bro you can still go to partys weather you're in a realtionship or not, we are going.''  

*5 hours later*

Where the fuck is Chesely? she cant be with your ex for 5 fucking hours? it's not that i care but like seriously wo the fuck hangs out with there ex for 5 hours? defintily not me i havent had girlfriend in 4 years and im 18, i root and boot thats a good way to put it, girls get on my nerves. ''dude why did you come back?'' Lesley asked so curiously, ''um i had a fall out with my family so i had to move out i couldnt do it anymore yano ever since Jaxson died and we left here it didnt seem right so i moved into a apartment not far from the cemetary'' Justin looked down the whole time, ''im sorry bro, you can always stay here if you ever need company im always here for you. it's good to have you back man'' Lesley smiled. 

Chelseys POV

I went to the cafe me and Logan organised to meet up, we talked and sorted everyhing out, we lost track of tim and to only relise that we have been talking for 5 hours about crap we sorted things out 4 hours ago. It felt like old times laughing at nothing talking about how annoying school is and all our memories, not mentioning Justin kissing me last night, i didnt tell him because well he doesnt have to know and well Justin kissed me anyways it's not like i enjoyed it, i didnt know it was going to happen and Logan and i werent dating so it doesnt matter and it's never gonna happen again!! Logan and i decided to have a little break from eachother and maybe work things out with our relationship again. Unlocking the house door only to relise its already unlocked, i walked in and it's very quiet, Justin proberly went home, good no more Justin. walkng over to my Lesley ''has Justin gone home'' i said in curiosity ''i dunno ask him'' Lesley said smiling looking at a figure behind me, turning around i see Justin with nothing but a towel around his waist reveeling his abbs, his hair was messy but still looked good ''hey my eyes are up here'' he said in a attempt at my voice not saying a word i jogged up to my bedroom and sat on my bed plugging my earphones in my phone and starting listening to ''still'' when a knock was heard on my door i got up aggravated, answering the door it was Justin, but this time he had clothes on ''why can i never get some time alone ?'' i raised my eyebrow, ''how was your meet up with Logan?'' Justin said looking at me so curious, ''it was great we sorted things out'' smiling before i could say anything else ''how can he be with a girl like you anyways'' Justin shows no emotions its hard to see what he is feeling ''are you jealous ?'' i said gigling at the end ''jealous? if anything i feel sorry for the guy, you're bitch.'' Justin was so angry all the time '' excuse me MR Bipolar im not the one alwas annoying you, you always annoy me, knocking on my door and wondereing what im always doing, now go away i have to get ready.'' he is so annoying omg i hate him. ''Where are you going?'' Justin shot a gaze ''this is what i mean you always have to know what im doing, if you must know im going to a party tonight with my bestfriend'' i closed the door and went for a shower

Washing my self it was a long day with Logan i mean i love him too much and i just dont know weather i should trust him. Getting out of the shower i already knew what i was wearing i put on a pair of skinny jeans and a decent decent floral shirt revealing a fair amount of clevage, curling my hair and putting not alot of makeup up i grabbed my flats, looking happy in how i look i walk down stairs into the kitchen to see Justin and Lesley looking like they were going out as well. ''where are you two going?'' Justin looks so good right now, no Chelsey shut up you hate him, ''we are going where  your going to James party'' Justin shot a smile, ''you've gotta be kidding me'' great just great. *knock* i walk over to the front door opening it ''are you ready..'' before Katy could speak any further she saw Justin and quickly ran up stairs dragging me along. ''omg what is Justin doing here Chesely? omg. yous are having sex??'' Katy is annoying when it comes to boys, ''omg no katy ahaha he is my brothers friend and he is just sleeping over for a few days or something'' i shot a smile at Katy ''you look hot Chels, well we better go'' walking back downstairs Katy said bye to the boys and i waved walking out the door when Justin said ''seeya soon Chelsey'' not even turning around i just kept walking behind Katy. ''did you tell your mum you were going to a party?'' katy smiled, ''no i just said i was going to your house tonight and shes working late tonight anyways soo score'' Katy and i laughed.

Getting out of the car and walking to the door of the party we walked strait and first person i saw was Logan, smiling i walk over to Logan ''hey you made it'' Logan said smiling ''you look great Chelsey'' i shot a smile ''thankyou Logan as do you.'' we both smiled at that point he offered me a drink ''would you like a drink chels ?'' waiting for my response ''yeah sure thankyou'' smiling Logan walked off to go get me a drink i dont really party or drink but this week has just been so stressful so why not have a little fun. Logan came back with my drink although i could feel that someone was staring at me, looking around my eyes landed on Justin who was also staring at me with a jealous look on his face, hes walking over here oh god oh god nonono ''hey Chelsey'' Justin smiled looking at me, ''oh who's this '' Justin said to annoy me ''oh um Justin this is Logan my ex boyfriend, Logan this is Justin my.... friend'' looking down at my feet i just really wanted to leave ''oh so you're the ex boyfriend, yes i heard you cheated on Chelsey ?'' Justin was staring into Logans eyes ''i didnt cheat now if you'll excuse me i have to use he bathroom'' wishing Logan didnt go to leave me alone with Justin. ''you look good tonight Chels'' Justin shot a smile, ''cant say the same for you Justin'' gigling at the comment i made back, ''nice rack'' Justin was smiling looking at my boobs ''excuse me? Justin you're intoxicated'' he has no manners does he. Justin grabbed me by the arm ''lets go dance, please'' he was doing a puppy face ''doing the puppy face wont make me go on the dance floor with you'' i laughed ''please just for a little bit'' Justin smiled waiting for me to answer ''fine for a little bit but if you put your hands on me im leaving'' walking with him ''okay whatever'' he laughed. At the dance floor and i feel Justin grab me from behind i got butterflies, wait Chelsey you hate him ''what are you doing i told you not to touch me'' annoyed that he didnt listen to me before ''its abit hard not to when you look this sexy'' Justin looked at me up and down biting his lip ''okay Justin we havent even been talking for 10 minutes and you're already flirting, i think it's time you go home and got some rest'' laughing i went to pull Justin with me to take him home, ''i want you'' the words came out of Justins mouth like they werent supposed to. ''What'' looking confused im pretty sure Justin isn the dating type, ''i want you Chelsey'' Justin was intoxicated he wont even remeber what he said in the morning, wait dont people say when you're drunk the truth comes out, omg what if he likes me he cant like me omg. Thinking about all this i forgot Justin was even there i went to look at him to only relise he was gone, the party was boring me, i dont like to get drunk and having no idea where Katy is i texted her and told her im leaving.

Walking home because i wasnt capable of driving and plus the party was only around the corner from my house, getting home i walked him to relise my mum isnt home yet i walked up stairs to find Justin in my bed, thats where he went, he went home into my bed whatever ill sleep on the lounge not relising i said that out loud ''sleep with me'' a manly voice was heard obviously from Justin, ''um its okay ill sleep on the lounge'' if my mum came home to me in my bed wuth Justin she would flip ''well in that case if you sleep on the lounge i am too'' omg why does he have to be so difficult, sighing i got into bed with Justin ''if you touch me i swear ill hurt you'' i dont want him near me at all, ''babe calm down, if you always wanna yano we can'' did he just call me babe, omg what the omg why am i even in bed with him omg. we fell asleep i was half off of the bed i didnt want him touching me, i turned over to find Justin is sleeping extremely close to me and not only was he sleeping close to me he was sleeping shirtless. It's the morning and im in bed with Justin, oh crap im in bed with Justin omg my mum is gonna come in anytime soon, only to ook over to where Justin was laying, he wasnt there, he was gone.


*Sorry this chapter was so boring theres alot of drama comming soon so like this and ill keep updating*



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