I'd Rather Text Than Talk (Wild Grinders Emo Crys fanfiction)

Sara is the new girl in town. One day while skating to school, she meets a skate crew called the Wild Grinders. As some guy named Lil Rob introduces everyone, one person catches her attention...


1. First and Second Period

 First period, I had math with Lil Rob. "Good morning class!" said Mrs. Hwang. "We have a new student in class today." she motioned for me to come up to the front of the class. "Why don't you introduce yourself. I don't like speaking in front of the class, and that is the reason I failed my last oral book report. "Hello, I-i'm Sara, and I moved here from California because my dad had a new job opportunity here in Sprawl City." I said nervously. "And what king of things do you like to do Sara?" Mrs. Hwang asked. "I like surfing, drawing, writing and skateboarding." I said. "Okay, thank you Sara" I walked back to my seat, next to Lil Rob. He smiled to me and wispered "Nice job". "Thanks." I replied. Mrs. Hwang is nice, for the last 5 minutes of class, she lets us work on our homework.


 Second Period, I have social studies with Spitball. Our teacher is Mr. Williamson. We are learning now about ancient Greese. We were assigned a museum project that would be displayed in the mpr, and we could have partners, so I partnered with spitball, and we got the Terra Cotta soldiers (because the project could be from anything we learned all year.). And after school we went to get supplies and decided we would start on monday.

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