Ever live your life in a constant circle? Going back and forth between places doing the same thing every single day? Just waiting for that something to change your life, and make you live your purpose?

Well Anna Wilder was like that. Until one day five something's changed her life forever.


8. 8

•Anna• I was in my pair of new cotton booty shorts and one of Ashley's T-shirts. I had my hair up in a messy bun, due to the fact that it was curled earlier. My socked feet padded down the hallway to Andy's room. CC had been hanging out in our room with us ever since we got back to the hotel. They had convinced me to go talk to Andy in his room. It was almost one in the morning and the hallway was silent. I finally made it to Andy's room and suddenly wished at I hadn't left my phone in our room. I lifted one of my hands to the door and knocked on it with my taped up knuckles. My knuckles were cut up from punching Juliet so Ashley had cleaned them for me and wrapped them up. The door swung open and I my eyes met the blue eyes of Andy. He had been crying and he was in just is boxers and a Black Veil Brides T-shirt. "Yes?" he sniffed and rubbed his eyes. "Can I come in," I gestured a wrapped hand towards the room. He nodded and as I walked passed him, picked up my hand. "Is this what happened to your hands?" he gently held my hand in his own and closed the door with his foot. "Y-Yea," I stuttered at the way he was examining my hand with so much care. "I never expected her to do something like that," he shook his head as he turned my hand over in his own. "None of us did," I shrugged, "Is there anything I can do to help?" He responded by breaking out into a sob and hugging me. He wrapped his muscular arms around my shoulders and cried. I was stiff for a minute. I didn't know what to do. I was shocked, the man who had sent me mixed signals ever since I had been here, was hugging me. I slowly wrapped my two shaking arms around his torso and hugged him back. he pulled me in tighter, my cheek rested against his chest. I carefully rubbed his back and sighed. He placed his chin oh my head and every few seconds I could feel a tear land on my bun. We stood there in a peaceful silence. It was quiet besides the small sniffles that Andy made every now and then. As we gently swayed back and forth I didn't dare say anything in fear that I would ruin this perfect moment. We finally loosed out grips on each other and let go. "You hugged me?" I half asked. "I guess I did," Andy asked and sniffed. He cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck, "You're not that bad Wilder." "You're not too bad yourself," I shrugged. * I woke up peacefully and warm but with throbbing knuckles. I groaned and pushed myself to sit up in bed. My comforter was wrapped around me and most of my pillows were on the floor. Ashley's T-shirt had scrunched up around my stomach and the cotton shorts were so far up my ass that it was rather uncomfortable. I pulled down my shorts as I got out of bed and yawned. Ashley was asleep in his bed with his face down in the pillows. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his back rose and fell as he breathed. I scratched my stomach and padded quietly into the kitchen. I grabbed myself a water bottle and twisted it open. While doing so I caught sight of my knuckles. They had bled through the tape causing it to sort of stick to my skin. "Up already," Ashley yawned and stepped into the kitchen. "Ash it's ten thirty," I rolled my eyes. "Lemme see your knuckles," he yawned again as I showed him my hands. "Let's change the tape," he nodded and made me follow him into the bathroom. Once we were in the bathroom I pushed myself up onto the counter and Ashley grabbed a roll of tape from the cabinet. We slowly unwrapped my knuckled and threw the bloody tape in the trash can. Ash cleaned out my wounds over the sink with Peroxide and then dabbed them dry. He carefully wrapped up my knuckles once more and madre sure it would stay. "Thanks," I said and jumped off there counter while examining my knuckles. "No problem," he said and followed me out of the bathroom. I walked over to the living area and turned on the TV. I plopped myself in the chair and flipped through the channels. I finally decided on a movie that was playing on MTV called 'Fired Up'. About an hour into the movie CC, Jake and Jinxx came into the room. Fully dressed and looked like they were ready to go somewhere. "Hey do you two wanna go out to lunch? We're going to spent the day out and then go to a club later?" Jinxx asked and looked at both Ashley and I. "I'll go," Ashley said and pushed himself off the couch. He then turned towards me, "You coming?" "Nah I'm not in the mood to go out," I shook my head. "Okay well your tape should be okay for the rest of the night. Then I'll change them in the morning," Ashley told me. I nodded and watches as he got his wallet then left. So now here I was, watching the end of a hilarious movie, alone. Once the movie ended, I got up and headed to the bathroom. I turned on my 'My Chemical Romance' play list and got in the shower. * Nine o'clock rolled around and I looked through the fridge for something to eat. That's right, I spent nine hours doing nothing. I wasn't really hungry, but I had a spoonful of peanut butter in my mouth anyways and here I was, looking through the fridge. I was eating because I was bored. I was wearing my same cotton booty shorts (even though I already showered) with my Finn and Jake tank top. I had on my thin grey jacket over it and a pair of mismatched socks. My black hair was pulled up in a bun and I had on no makeup at all. A knock at the door made me shut the fridge and put the spoon in the sink. I grabbed and water bottle and drank some water, to clean the peanut butter smell out of my mouth and walked over to the door. I unlocked it and opened it to see Andy. He had on a pair of black sweat pants that made his legs look even longer and a grey hoodie. He had a box of popcorn in one hand and a stack of movies under his other arm. His feet were bare and his eyes looked a little puffy. "Movie night?" he asked. His voice cracking a little at the end. "How'd you know I didn't go with the other boys?" I asked and crossed my arms. He pushed passed me and into the room, "You're cute when you throw attitude around. And I texted Jake." "Ah," I said and tried not to blush at how he called me cute. "So what do you say, movie night? Because I was hoping for a yes. I don't want to look like a hopeless geek showing up with five movies," he rolled his eyes. "Well I was going to say no, but now that you tell me that I guess I have to say yes." "You were not," Andy scoffed and walked into the kitchen. "Maybe I was. Maybe I wasn't," I said and took the movies from his arms and sat them in front of the TV. I heard the popcorn popping and Andy walked back into the main room, "I knew you wouldn't." "How can you be so sure?" I said and sat on my knees the shuffled through the movies. "Because from what I've been able to tell, you're not like that," he said. I raised an eyebrow at him. He quickly shook his head and said, "I mean who wouldn't pass up a movie night when they're home alone." I laughed and rolled my eyes just as the microwave beeped. Andy stalked into the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with a bowl of popcorn. I was sitting in the middle of the couch with a blanket over my legs. "Did you pick a movie?" Andy said and handed me the popcorn. I shook my head and took a piece, "I decided to let you pick. "You're letting me pick?" he smirked. "Is that a bad thing?" I asked. "Only if you don't like scary movies." "Andyyyy," I whined and slumped my shoulders. "This is what you get for letting me choose," he laughed and put in The Conjuring. Andy sat to my left and every time I got scared, I unknowingly scooted closer to him. By the middle of the movie I was full on cuddled into his side and his right arm held me tightly every time I jumped. Of course he had to make fun of me. For the ending of the movie o was basically in his lap. My face was hidden in his hoodie and he was now holding me with both arms. Once that movie ended, I got up to pop more popcorn and came back to Andy sitting on the couch, with Texas Chainsaw Massacre put in the DVD player. "Andy why! I hate this movie." "Oh so you've seen it?" he smirked and took a handful of popcorn when I sat down. "Why would you put this in?!" "Cause I like watching scary movies with you," he shrugged. During that movie, I almost cried. No joke. For this movie I was In Andy's lap. I had my face buried in his neck and each of my knees on the sides of his hips. I was plugging my ears and only watched the movie out of the corner of my eyes. Andy's arms were wrapped tightly around my torso and I winced every time I could hear the chainsaw through my makeshift ear plugs. Of course Andy only laughed every time I jumped though. After that movie ended I made Andy put in the next one. There was no way I was getting off that couch. Thank the lord he put on Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep half way through. ~~~~
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