Ever live your life in a constant circle? Going back and forth between places doing the same thing every single day? Just waiting for that something to change your life, and make you live your purpose?

Well Anna Wilder was like that. Until one day five something's changed her life forever.


6. 6


"No I should get to share a room with Anna!" CC shouted

"No she wears my clothes more anyways!" Ashley rebut.

"Well since there is only three rooms how about Andy and CC share one, Jake and I share one and Ashley and Anna share one. Because I'm sure Andy is going to have Juliet over at some point so when he does, CC can just spent the night with Ashley and Anna," Jinxx suggested. We all agreed and went to our own rooms. In each room there was two beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Each room also had a balcony and the entire room was huge. Since we got some of the biggest rooms, we had this entire floor to ourselves. 

"Which bed do you want?" Ashley asked. 

"The one that is furthest away from the door so in case we get kidnapped them you'll get kidnapped first," I explained and walked over to my bed. 

"Ouch," Ashley pouted his lip and pretended to be hurt by my comment.

"Oh suck it up Outlaw," I rolled my eyes and walked into thew kitchen to explore the hotel room, "Oh by the way I'm going shopping later!" I called. 

"How? You got jumped!" Ashley said with humor in his voice.

"I still have a debit card! Duh!" 

"Well when are you going?" He asked as he followed me into the kitchen. 

"I don't know," I shrugged, "probably around noon." 

"Well it's almost noon now," he glanced at the clock. 

"Then I'll shower and get into my clothes then leave," I shrugged and looked through the fridge.

"And how are you going to get there?" he questioned. 

"I dunno," I thought as I grabbed a water bottle and closed the fridge, "I was thinking of walking down to the rental car place at the corner and getting one."

"So you can get jumped again?"

"Oh my god!" I yelled and broke into a smile, "It was one time ok!"

"Whatever," he laughed, "I'll just go with you."

"You? Go shopping with me?"

"Hey I'm good with fashion," he smirked and nodded his head. I only laughed and took a drink from my water bottle.


After leaving the rental car place with a white Mazda, we drove down to the nearest mall. We found an easy parking spot and walked into the mall together. It was more crowded than I've ever seen a Utah mall but it wasn't too bad. We quickly made our way to Wet Seal.

In the store I went straight to the shirts and took a few shirts off the rack. One was a white tank top with Finn and Jake on it, one was a Thor muscle shirt with a ripped back and the other one was a purple crop top. 

Assuming I wasn't going to be staying with them for long I only picked out those three shirts and walked over to the bottoms as Ashley shamelessly flirted with the girl at the counter. I rolled my eyes as the blonde girl puffed out her chest and batted her eye lashes. 

I went back to my own business and picked out a pair of high waisted shorts, a pair of leggings, and a pair of regular skinny jeans. Then I got cotton booty shorts and a pair of sweatpants for pajamas. After doing that I quickly grabbed five pairs of underwear (it was a 5 for $15 deal) and two bras. When I was finished I made my way to the counter and dropped everything on it.

"You know so much about fashion Outlaw," I said and rolled my eyes. He didn't help me one bit, but I didn't mind I was just messing with him. 

"Oh fuck I didn't know you were already finished," he scratched the back if his neck and blushed. 

"Well then, can you go over and get that pair of sandals for me?" I asked and pointed to a pair of golden sandals.

"Sure," he smiled and headed off. I turned back to the counter and watched the flirty blonde scan my leggings. There was a basket on the counter filled with socks and a sign declaring they were only two dollars. So I scratched a pair and sat them on top of my other clothes so the lady could scan them.

"Is that you're boyfriend?" the clerk asked as she continued to scan clothing.

I laughed, "No."

Ashley came back with the exact sandals I needed, "Your shoe size is six right?"

I nodded and gave the shoes to the lady. 

"You're total is ninety-seven dollars and forty one cents," she said and I nodded and handed her my debit card. I looked behind me to tell Ashley I was ready to go, but he wasn't there. Instead he was near the entrance if the store flirting with two more girls. 

I rolled my eyes and walked over to him. 

"Come one Outlaw," I huffed as I hooked my arm with his and dragged him out of the store. 


"Why don't we just order room service for dinner?" I suggested as I sat in the chair. I was dressed in my new sweatpants and the thin hoodie that I was wearing the night I got jumped. 

"Sure what do you want?" Ashley called back from the kitchen.

"Pizza, Always Pizza," I said.

"What kind," he called back.

"Plain pepperoni," I told him as he walked into the room with his phone to his ear. 

Andy's POV 

Juliet was supposed to be here tomorrow and I was super anxious. I shouldn't be but I was. I was afraid that she would break up with me when I surprised her tomorrow night. And the only person I wanted to talk about it with was Ashley. But Anna is sharing a room with Ashley and I don't want her in the middle of my business. After a long mental debate I grabbed my phone and headed over to their room.

"Thanks," Ashley said as a pizza guy walked away. Then he saw me, "Sup Andy?"

"Nothing I just need to talk to you," I said and walked into his room. 

Anna wasn't in sight so I plopped myself on the bed that had Ashley's bags on it. 

"What's wrong?" Ashley closed the door and sat down next to me. 

"I'm afraid that Juliet with break up with me or tell me that she doesn't want to get married anymore," I spilled. 

"Why would you think that Andy," Ashley sighed, "Juliet loves you I'm sure she's just been busy."

Anna then walked into the room with a slice of pizza in her hand. She was in a pair of sweat pants with a tank top on. She tossed her jacket on the bed and looked at us. We just stared at her and Ashley gave her a look, something I couldn't see because of where I was sitting. 

"Oh you guys are doing a guy thing," she said and nodded, "I'll leave." She walked back into the kitchen and Ashley turned to look at me.

"I really think something is wrong with our relationship Ash. I just feel really nervous for tomorrow night and I shouldn't be. She's not returning my calls either and barely texts me. When she does she seems annoyed. And when I text her a say that I love her she doesn't reply. Shit like this has been going on for a few weeks."

"Andy I think you're over reacting. She's busy, she has her own work schedule now and she touring. I'm sure she's just been spending a lot of time with her band. It's nothing."

"Are you sure it's nothing?" I asked. I felt over dramatic but I couldn't help it.

"I promise you. It's nothing."

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