Ever live your life in a constant circle? Going back and forth between places doing the same thing every single day? Just waiting for that something to change your life, and make you live your purpose?

Well Anna Wilder was like that. Until one day five something's changed her life forever.


3. 3

Andy's POV

I watched out of the corner of my eyes as Ashley made Anna laugh for probably the thousandth time that night. I waited patiently a text from Juliet. I had been texting her all day and she was kind of avoiding me. I even tried calling her but she didn't answer. Finally my phone vibrated.

Juliet: Hey what do you need?  I'm with some friends. 

Me: Sorry I did by mean to be bothering you all day but you haven't talked to me at all today, and you barely did last night. Are you still in Utah?

Juliet: Yea I'll be here for a while.

Me: Ok baby, I'll let you get back to what you're doing. Love you :*

Again  she didn't reply. What the fuck. I stood up and walked to my bunk as Anna laughed once more. I'll admit, she has a cute laugh.

Anna's POV

"So the entire you're he was getting pranked and everyone was in on it," Ashley finished his story. I laughed with him until my sides hurt, he was really funny and had some great stories. I glanced at the clock and Ashley followed my gaze.

"Its almost midnight we should probably get to bed. We have a concert tomorrow in Vegas," Ashley said.

"Ok that's fine," I nodded, wondering where I should sleep. 

"You can sleep on the extra bunk that's is above Andy's bunk, " He read my mind, "He doesn't really like anyone sleeping up there but he can deal with it."

I nodded and followed Ashley through the doorway. I haven't been back here yet because I didn't want to invade anyone's privacy. 

"Here," Ashley said and handed me a T-Shirt and sweat pants. I thanked him and headed to the bathroom to change. Once I was finished changing, I returned to the bunk area and thank Ashley again.

I climbed quickly into the bunk, not wanting to wake a snoring Andy. Ashley gave me an extra blanket and said goodnight. I quietly shut the curtain and got comfortable. It took a while but I finally fell asleep.


I woke up with a painful sensation burning through my chest. My throat was dry and I sat up gasping for air. I needed my inhaler. I opened the curtain and landed carefully on the floor. My chest heaved as I walked through the small doorway and into the living area. I spotted my purse on the table and quickly made my to it. 

As I was getting my inhaler, I saw a figure out of the corner of my eye. I looked at it as I used my inhaler.

It was Andy sitting in the chair with a cigarette.

"Really?" I squinted my eyes. 

"What?" he shrugged and took a drag from it. 

"What the hell," I gestured to the inhaler in my hand. I didn't mean to be rude to Andy, but he hasn't been exactly nice to me either.

"Oh shit," he said and quickly burnt out the smoke. Light traces of it still floated in the air causing me to use my inhaler once more.

There was a lingering silence as I caught my breath and stared at the crushed cigarette in a tiny bowl. 

"Why do you do that anyways?" I asked, breaking the silence but still staring at the bowl.

"Stress I dunno. I haven't really all tour but I've just been... stressed?" he said his voice raspy, yet calming.

"Well what's got you so stressed out that you would do that?" I gestured to the bowl and looked up at him. His gaze was in his lap and his eyebrows furrowed.

"You can tell me," I continued, "It's not like I'm going to spread it to the world." I pulled down Ashley's shirt and fidgeted with the hem of it as I took a seat on the mini couch. 

Andy's POV

Her hair was jet black. Like midnight black. It fell perfectly down her back I'm small waves as she sat down. I wanted to tell her why I was so stressed out, but I didn't want to look stupid. I didn't want her to know that it bugged me so much that Juliet has been acting funny lately. 

"What thew fuck are you guys doing awake?" CC asked and pointed to the clock. I already knew it was two in the morning but Anna's eyes bulged out of her head. 

"Smoking," I replied at the same time she said, "Breathing."

"Oh yea that's right," He pointed a finger at me, "You need to quit that if Anna is going to be with us."

"It's fine I have an inhaler for a reason," Anna held up the small object and shrugged, trying not to make it into a big deal. 

"No he should stop and you should got to bed," CC said.

Anna's POV

I pulled myself up off the couch and headed into new bunk area where I pulled myself to the top bunk. I slid the curtains closed and rested my head on the pillow.

I was about to doze off when the curtains opened to reveal Andy, "Fuck." He said and closed the curtain.

"What?" I asked and opened it again.

"I hate it when people sleep in that bunk."

"I know," I said smugly and closed the curtain again .

Sorry it switched between POV's a lot in this chapter. Oops.

Lots of love and Bierhug ❤


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