Ever live your life in a constant circle? Going back and forth between places doing the same thing every single day? Just waiting for that something to change your life, and make you live your purpose?

Well Anna Wilder was like that. Until one day five something's changed her life forever.


13. 13

(Picture of Courtney)

The way home consisted of many different buses, a lot of sleeping, and stopping at tons of gas stations. But I made it home by the next evening. I was dropped off at the bus stop near the 7-11. The traffic was a bitch as usual, and the Maverik center was empty. I put my hands in my pockets and rushed into the gas station. 

"Hey Tony!" I said I as saw the familiar cashier. 

"Anna! What you been up to kiddo? Long time no see!" He smiled at me.

"I know right?" I said as I walked back and got a Mtn.Dew. On the way back to the cash register I picked up a bag of spicy Cheetos. 

Once I got to the counter I put my snacks down and tossed in a pack of mint ice-cream gum. I chucked to myself at the thought of CC. 

"You know what I'm crazy obsessive about?" CC walked into the room once more, "This gum." He held up the mint ice-cream gum that I bought last night.

"CC!" Ashely said, "We'll by you a new one."

"Alright total is five dollars and sixty seven cents," Tony said, breaking me from my thoughts. I handed over my debit card and within seconds he swiped it and have it back to me with my bag off snacks. 

"Thanks Tony see you later," I smiled and left the store. 

It was a quick and familiar walk back to mine and Courtney's apartment.  Technically the building we live in was a college dorm building, but it was a block away from the actual campus. They ran out of room to build there. 

I entered the lobby and the familiar and warming scent of vanilla filled my nostrils. I passed some students leaving the elevator as I stepped in and pressed the button for the eighth floor. Everything seemed old. It seemed like I had taken a step into the past. But in reality this was my life.

My life was not the tour bus. Or having a "thing" with Andy Biersack. My life was not sitting backstage at every concert or wearing Ashley Purdy's clothes to bed. My life was not being saved by Black Veil Brides or being best friends with CC.

As sad as it was, its the truth and this is my life. 

The elevator stopped and the doors slid open with ease. I picked up my purse and bag then walks to the end of the hall. In some way I missed being with the boys. I missed being ignored by Andy because at least I got to see him.  

Once I made it to my dorm room, I pulled my keys from my purse and carefully unlocked the door. The apartment was quite. The kitchen, and living room were both spotless, like they usually are. 

"Anna?!" Courtney called from down the hall. 

"Yea?" I called back and dropped my bag, purse and 7-11 bag on the couch. I was walking into the kitchen when I heard feet running from across the apartment. 

"Oh my god I can't believe you're finally home!!!" Courtney screeched and lunged herself at me once she saw me. 

I laughed and wrapped my arms around her also, "Glad to be home Court."

"So," she said after we let go, "Tell me everything!" 

So I did. I told her the basics first. Like what happened the night I got jumped, how I met all the boys and explained how they all acted, and even how Ashley and I went shopping together. Then I got into more details. Like how Juliet cheated on Andy and how he and I had a maybe "thing". How we kissed on the far is wheel and then he was a douchr to me after something happened in the gas station. 

She listened to each word as if it would be the last one I said; intently and with interest. After my story was finally over, we just sat in silence. 

"... and yea that was it," I shrugged and took a sip of the tea that Courtney had made us as I finished my story. We were both sitting up on the counter and sipping tea as the sun was setting out the window. The window in our apartment was the entire south wall of the living room, lighting up the whole apartment with natural lighting and giving us a view of the city at night. 

"Well what has happened since? Have you gotten any texts or calls?" She asked. 

"I have no idea my phone died this morning," I dug around in my purse until I found it and my charger. I scooted over on the counter a little and plugged it into the wall. I waited for the screen to show it was charging before I tried to turn it on.  Slowly it lit up, and everything seemed normal, until my phone buzzed furiously with dozens of messages and texts. 

"Holy shit," Courtney breathed out as it finally came to a stop.

34 New Messages
22 Missed Calls
6 New Voice Mails

"Damn girl you've got some stuff deal with."

"Whoa," was all I could say as I shakily unlocked my phone. 

Most of my messages were from CC, Ashley, Jake, and Jinxx. A few were from Tatiana and one or two were from Andy. 

Andy's messages read; 
I know I fucked up I should have just explained everything instead of shutting you out like that. 

Please for the love of god answer me. I'm driving my self crazy and nobody gets it, I need to talk to you.

I skimmed through the rest of the messages then went straight to my voicemail as Courtney jumped off the counter and rinsed out her cup.

"Anna please call me back! Why would you just leave us like that? We all miss you and I think we need a better explanation of why you had to go. Anyway before I run out of time, love you and call me soon," CC's voice rang through the speaker. I felt a stab in my heart as I continued to the next one.

"Hey you stole my shirt, but if I want you to keep it. Especially if I don't see you again. Look Andy told us everything and trust me I already tried to beat the shit out of him. But I want you to come home. And not home as in your apartment. But home as in where we are. Love you sis, bye," Ashley's voice made the feeling even worse, making me regret leaving. But I did what I had to do. Right? 

"You know everyone is going absolutely crazy without you here," started Jinxx.

"Andy's panicking, Ashley's pissed, and CC is quiet and calm all the time," Jake spoke into the phone.

"Yea and Tatiana is just trying to keep a grip on us all."

"We had a show last night," Jake said after Jinxx finished. "And Andy didn't want to perform. The show wasn't as up beat and lively as it usually is."

"Anyway call us back soon. Love you, bye,"  Jinxx finished and the voicemail ended.

I couldn't even fathom a thought as it switched to the next voicemail. 

" Anna," Andy's rapsy voice filled my ears and my heart stopped, "Will you come back? Is it my fault that you left? At least tell me something."

The next voicemail was from Tatiana, "Hey girly everyone here is kinda loosing their heads over you. I figured that maybe you would answer to me but I guess its just been a long day. If you need to talk to anyone you can always call or text." 

Andy was the person who left the last voicemail, "I know there is probably a ton of stuff you don't want to hear. Then again I have no idea what you would even want to hear at this point. Because it's no shock that I'm not too good when it comes to stuff like this. I really wish you'd call me back because I really do-"

The voice mail was cut off by the machine saying that the time was used up. 

"What was he going to say?" Courtney asked.

"I don't know," I shook my head and stared at my phone. 

"Are you going to call him back?" 

"I don't know." 



It was amazing and I almost cried! Anyways sorry for the wait but I hope the chapter was long enough! 

Lots of love and a Bierhug!❤ 

-MarvelNerd (I changed my user name sorry guys XD)


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