Ever live your life in a constant circle? Going back and forth between places doing the same thing every single day? Just waiting for that something to change your life, and make you live your purpose?

Well Anna Wilder was like that. Until one day five something's changed her life forever.


12. 12


The rest of that night was deadly silent. I sat in my bunk, curtains closed for hours. At around midnight is when everyone finally went to sleep; Jake being the last one to crash. I continued to stay awake, playing on my phone and looking out the window. I aslo used the light from my phone to write a note. Finally the bus stopped at exactly 1:47am. I grabbed my bags, inhaler and cell phone, then slipped from the bunk. I looked around to make sure everyone else was asleep and thankfully everyone was. Except Andy wasn't in his bunk. My whole plan was suddenly foiled, if he was awake, there is no way that I could sneak out. I peeked my head into the kitchen area to see Andy asleep on the couch. 

"I hate it when people sleep in that bunk." I recall Andy saying when I very first met him. Of course he would sleep on the couch because he's mad at me. Even though he was mad at me, he would never have the heart to kick me out of bed. 

I quietly snuck over to the door and slipped on my Vans. The bus driver had already exited the bus, to drain the sewage. Ew. I bundled up in my jacket, picked of the bags, and left the note on the counter top. With one last look, I left the bus. 

Once outside I immediately scanned the area around the gas station and noticed a bus stop across the street. As quickly and carefully as I could, I crossed the street and waited for about fifteen minutes until the bus came. I didn't even look back as I climbed up into the bus. 



I woke up early that morning because I was cold as fuck. The couch was no where near as warm as my bunk. After trying to get warmer and fall asleep for about fifteen minutes, I gave up and rose to my feet. I immediately noticed a change in the atmosphere. Something wasn't right, but I brushed it off and checked my phone anyways. 

Juliet: Good morning baby I hope you have a fantastic day :*

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes before replying. 

To Juliet: Don't call me baby, we're not to that point yet I only agreed to talk you you 

Juliet: I thought you still loved me though...?

To Juliet: I do, bit we're still not to that point yet. 

I sighed, sat down my phone, and turned to the fridge. I sheet of white caught my attention. It stood out against the cleanliness of the countertop. I quirked my eyebrow and gently picked up the paper that had handwriting sprawled across it. 

     Thank you so much for saving me the night I got mugged. I cannot thank you enough. It seriously makes me smile every single time I think about waking up and seeing my favorite band members there to take care of me. 
     But like all good things, our time together has (of course) come to an end. I know you guys we're worried about me leaving. Don't worry about me though, I promise I will be okay. I'm always okay, no matter what happens to me. And I wish you all the best, truly and honestly. Now Ashley, you can spend more time with Tatiana. (She is a jem by the way, great job bud.) CC, you can go back annoying Jinxx and playing video games with Jake.
      Thank you again for taking care of me, I cannot thank any of you enough. My time with you was definitely the best time of my life and I am so thankful. 

I love you all ❤ 
                                               Love, your sister. (Anna)

My breath became hitched in my throat and my chest heaved. 

"Ashley!" I shouted as loud as I could. "CC!" I gripped the paper and rushed into the bunk area. I ripped open Ashley's curtain, to see him facving away from me. He was spooning Tatiana whom was in the opposite side of him. Thank god they were both clothed. 


"What?" He groaned, not moving. 

"Anna's gone!" 

"What!?" He shot up so fast that he hit his head on the bunk above him and spun around. 

"She's gone?!" CC jumped out of his top bunk and gripped my shoulder. 

I started quivering my lip. I didn't want to cry, nor would I cry, but hearing everyone else say it was like me finding out that she was gone over and over again. 

"Yes," I said with a shaky breath and handed him the note. Jake climbed out of him bed and Jinxx jumped out of his right after. The four of them, plus Tatiana (who was craning her neck to read) silently read the handwiring that was written across the page. 

"It's your fault!" Tatiana shouted all of a sudden. 

"Babe?" Ashley raised an eyebrow, "Please don't start this now."

"No! Are you kidding me? If he hadn't blown up on her for no reason yestersay, she would probably still be here!" Her face was red and she was shaking. I felt a tear slip down my cheek, then drip off my chin. 

"Andy. Don't... Don't cry," CC said in a quiet voice.

"No she's right," I wiped my eyes after another tear fell. "It's my fault. All my fault." 

Oh my god guys I went to the BlackMass concert!!!! I went on November 20th and I'm STILL freaking out about it. I got to see Drama Club, Set it Off, Falling in Reverse and of course, BLACK VEIL BRIDES

I cried I'm not even joking. Ashley pointed at me (and I have evidence to prove it) Andy smiled at me, AND refenced to me and a friend when he was talking! Oh my god Andy is ALWAYS smiling while he's preforming I seriously loved it

Much Love and a Bierhug! ❤


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