Ever live your life in a constant circle? Going back and forth between places doing the same thing every single day? Just waiting for that something to change your life, and make you live your purpose?

Well Anna Wilder was like that. Until one day five something's changed her life forever.


10. 10


"Dude wake the fuck up," Ashley said and smack my face with a pillow. 

I jolted up and rubbed my eyes. He was obviously hung over and had bags the size of elephant nuts under his eyes. I chuckled at my own thoughts and stood up. In the kitchen Jake was making eggs, Jinxx was lying on the couch with an ice bag on his head, and CC was eating a container full of ice cream while watching Peter Pan. Ashley plopped down next to CC with his own spoon and jabbed it into the ice-cream. 

Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me so I automatically assumed it was Anna. I smiled and turned to face her but instead saw a blonde. She had curly hair and brown eyes. Not to mention she was tall, like not as tall as me, but definitely the same height as Ashley. She is the exact opposite of Anna. Whereas Anna has perfect black hair, brilliant blue eyes, and is sorta short. 

I knitted my eye brows, "Who are you?" 

"I'm Tatiana," she smiled. She was in a silk pink robe that was thankfully closed all the way. 

"I brought her here last night," Ashley said and took another bite of ice cream. 

"Uh you know the bus is already moving right?" I said obviously. 

"Yea. I know. She's gonna stay," Ashley said and I scoffed. I didn't like this idea one bit. There was going to be way to many of us in one bus. I mean sure the bunks as big enough to fit at least two people, but I didn't like it.

I looked at the clock to see that it was almost eleven so I walked back into the bunk area and rested my elbows on Anna's bunk. 

"Wake up doll face," I said and ran my finger down her chin. She scrunched up her nose and wiggled it, making me smile. I mean hey, it was adorable as fuck.

"I don't wanna," she whined and rolled over in her bunk, taking most of the sheets with her.

"Why not?" I whispered. 

"Because my bed is warm," she said drowsily. 

"I bet my arms are warmer," I said with a hint of amusement in my voice.

"Yeah..." She trailed off.

"You know there is some body else here?" 

She rolled back over and opened her eyes, "Who?"

"Some girl that Ash brought to stay with us. Her name is Tatiana," I shrugged. 

"Oh." She sat up in the bunk and dangled her legs over the side. 


"Want help down?" Andy asked. His hands were resting on knees and he looked up at me with those eyes. I just stared at him for a minute. I thought about last night, and the way he held me close. The way he talked to me and the way he got me to bed. The way he said he had warm arms and called me Doll Face. 

"Anna?" He asked. I zoned back to reality. He had just broken up with his girlfriend, and now he's acting like this? Really soon in fact. What if he's just doing this to get over Juliet. 

"No I'm okay," I hopped down from the bunk and walked through the kitchen then into the bathroom. A blonde girl was sitting on Ashley's lap, making me roll my eyes. I guess that must be Tatiana. Anyway I cramped myself into the tiny ass bathroom and started to brush away the morning breath. After that was finished I thought about the silk robe that Tatiana was wearing, and here I am in a pair of cotton pajama shorts and one of Ashley's T-shirts. My black hair as in a messy bun so I took it out and brushed it really well. After that I put it back into a messy bun but this time it didn't look as knotted. 

I stepped from the bathroom just in time to let Jinxx in it. I walked into the kitchen area and propped myself up on the counter. Talking my time to examine Tatiana, I noticed her hair was perfectly curled, like she hadn't slept on it at all, her skin was flawless, her body was petite, yet she was still taller than me. Her eyes twinkled when she laughed or smiled and her teeth were pearl white. 

"Hey," Andy said and stepped in front of me.

"Hi," I smiled and leaned back a little. 

"What's wrong?" He said.

"Nothing I'm just still tired I guess," I shrugged and looked over Andy's shoulder to see Tatiana get up and walk over to the stove. She turned it on and started making eggs. 

"Why is she cooking?" Andy whispered so only I could hear. 

"Hey I would have made you Mac-n-Cheese last night but you wanted to go to the amusement park," I laughed.

"But I'm way more happy that I chose the Amusement park," he smiled and wrapped his arms lightly around my waist. I smiled and Jake coughed. 

"Jake do you want some Hang over medicine?" I asked sweetly.

"Yes please," he gave me a weak smile. 

"Me too," Ashley raised his hand.

"Same," CC said and ate more ice cream. 

"Can I have some too?" Jinxx said as he walked from the bathroom. 

"Yea of course," I smiled and hopped down from the counter then slid passed Andy. I got an ibuprofen, water then some juice and honey. I got out four cups and started mixing everything I had gotten from the refrigerator and cupboards. When I was little I used to help my aunt make this for my uncle when he went out with his friends. 

"Where did you learn how to make that?" Andy asked as he leaned against the counter. 

"Oh uh my Aunt taught me the recipe for when my uncle had hangovers," I said and rinsed off the spoon then started mixing another cup. 

"Did you live with your Aunt and Uncle?" He asked, with confusion laced in his voice. 

"Yea," I said and gave him a simple smile. 

"Why?" He gave me a concerned look.

"I'll tell you later," I shrugged and put the spoon in the sink, "Want to help me with these?" 

"Yea sure," he smiled and gave Jinxx and Jake a glass. I gave the last two to Ashley and CC.

"I'm gonna go watch TV," I said and walked back through the bunks then into the back room. I flicked on the television and scrolled through until I found Girl Code. 

"Mind if I join?" Andy said and sat next to me.

"Well you already sat down soooo," I shrugged.

"Oh whatever," he rolled his eyes and elbowed me. 


That night I was making dinner for everyone. I had worn the same clothes all day but I didn't feel bad about it because so did Tatiana. I finished stirring the vegetables and sat down on the couch then texted Courtney. Who had been texting me ever since I had been with Black Veil Brides. 

"Hey your name is Anna right?" I heard a sweet voice behind me. 

I looked up to see Tatiana standing in the doorway. All the boys were in the back playing video games so I kind of figured it was her. 

"Yea that me," I said and stood up so she wasn't looking down on me. I stirred the pot of vegetables and flipped the chicken over that was in the pan. 

"So how long have you been staying with the boys?" She asked.

"Oh its only been like a two weeks," I shrugged thinking that I really haven't been here that long. Even though my stay here has felt like a lifetime. 

"Oh really? So does Ashley always let you wear his shirts?" She asked suspiciously. That's what this is about, she's jealous of me for wearing Ashley's shirt all day. 

"Sometimes," I shrugged, "But don't worry we're just friends." 

"Oh okay," she smiled, "Need help cooking?"

"Yea actually I do," I laughed, "I have to change my bandages." I showed her my hands. 

"Okay," she said and I ran off to the bathroom. 


"You comin' bro?" Jinxx asked. We had already eaten the amazing dinner that Anna and Tatiana cooked. 

"Yea sure," I jumped out of the tour bus and grabbed my jacket on the way out. I pulled the leather material over my arms and adjusted the way it was once I had it on. The gas station was dimly lit so we tried to hurry. We were only here because the bus driver needed gas. 

"I'll the the drinks you get the snacks?" I offered. Jinxx nodded so I went to get some drinks. I was taking my time getting the right side for everyone. I knew Anna was in love with Mtn.Dew so I got her a Mtn.Dew Kickstart. I got CC a Coke and one for Jinxx too. I got Ashley and Pepsi and a Tea for Jake. While I was deciding what drink Tatiana would like, I heard someone call my name. In fact the voice was familiar, a little too familiar. 



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