Ever live your life in a constant circle? Going back and forth between places doing the same thing every single day? Just waiting for that something to change your life, and make you live your purpose?

Well Anna Wilder was like that. Until one day five something's changed her life forever.


1. 1


You know that creepy feeling you get when someone is watching you? Like you know someone is there, but every time you look over you shoulder you find no one?

I was walking up the street to my local gas station to get a soda and snacks for later tonight when I got that feeling. I blew off the sensation and continued to walk. I live in Salt Lake City so the traffic is fairly busy and down town Salt Lake is full of dangerous people. Especially at night. 

I passed the Maverik center, where Black Veil Brides was playing tonight. I would have given ANYTHING to go to their concert. But being a college student I could only afford school and trips to 7-11. The sound of their heavenly music could be heard from the sidewalk so I stopped to listen for a bit. 

That's when I got that feeling again. I turned to look around but no one was there. The thought of someone following me, have me goosebumps. I shivered and crossed the street to the gas station.

The little bell rang when I strikes through the door and the man that was usually at the counter looked up then continued to read his book. I heard straight to the back of the gas station, my galaxy patterned Vans not making a sound as I walked. I grabbed a Mtn. Dew and on the way to the register, picked up a bag of spicy Cheetos. 

"How are you today, Anna?" said the cashier, Tony.

"I'm ok. Really wish I was at the concert though," he both laughed a little. I grabbed a pack of gum and placed that on the counter as well. 

I rummaged around in my purse for my wallet. I pushed my inhaler aside and pulled out a small leather wallet. Did I mention I have asthma? Well if not then now you know. Tony handed me the small bag full of my snacks and wished me a good night. I said the same and headed out the door. 

The air seemed to have get colder as I stepped out side, so I zipped up my thin gray jacket and tried to ignore the feeling of being watched that came back. I let out a small cough, due to the bad air and shoved my 7-11 bag inside my purse as I crossed the street. Once on the other side of the road I could hear All Your Hate playing. I smiled to myself but folded my arms and walked towards my apartment. I heard a noise, not the sound of traffic or heavenly music noise, but something creepier that I could quite explain. 

Like a rustle and the sound of shuffling. I ignored it, hoping my brain was just playing tricks on me and turned the corner near the Maverik Center. I would take a different route home. I now know that it was a stupid idea, but part of me was hoping it was just the sound of traffic that was giving me the creeps. 

Anyway, I walked closer and closer to the Maverik building until I was certain there was someone or something following me. Yet I turned around and there was nothing there. I shivered and walked along the side of the Maverik building towards the back, looking for a door to lead me inside. Maybe the creeper would go away if it thought I was going inside. But I still heard footsteps and rustling noises. 

Then it all happened at once. 

An arm wrapped around my waist, lifting my small frame off the ground with ease. Then the second arm covered my mouth while another man snatched my purse from my arm.

It smelt like smoke and it didn't take long for me to realize that the man who was holding me had a cigarette in his mouth. His hands smelt like smoke and my lungs felt like bursting. It didn't help that his hand was covering my mouth so I couldn't cough, or get air very easily. The second man was scrawny, nothing compared to the man holding me, who was much stronger. 

I gasped for air, my eyes watering from the lack of oxygen I couldn't get. Fuck Asthma. 

"Got it," the second man said and held up my wallet as I began to coughing into the strangers hand. 

My eyes blurred as I watched the man take the fifty dollars that was in there. He dropped my purse and my wallet as the first man dropped me. And when I say drop me I mean DROP me. They both ran as I gasped for air, not getting any. My eyes were watering and my purse was further away than I had hoped. I coughed repeatedly and reached for my purse. 

"Goodnight everybody!" Ashley's voice echoed so every living thing within miles could hear it. I coughed louder and harder, barely being able to see the purse anymore. I pathetically crawled until I barley touched my purse. I felt light headed as I laid on the ground, searching for my inhaler. 

The doors to the Maverik Center opened just as I felt my eyes close.



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