Greatest Wedding Ever.

Wedding of RainbowDashicorn and George Weasley.

Wedding of Skye Luna Everdeen and James Buchanan Barnes aka Bucky aka The Winter Soldier

Credit to Cambie Everdeen and R.D.M. Goldlight.

Details and Wedding in movella.


2. Skye's Guests


Irish Ice (Confirmed)

Ahlaam Nightshade (Confirmed)

TheFreakingFangirl17158 (Confirmed)

Snowy Writer (Confirmed)

EleosPhos (Waiting for Confirmation)

Doctor Who 23 (Confirmed)

mustscheluv14 (Confirmed)

fantasycat (Waiting for Confirmation)

Jay Everdeen (Confirmed)



Maids of Honor-

Rose Malfoy Weasley (Confirmed)

HermioneKatnissTris (Waiting for confirmation)

Camie Everdeen (Waiting for confirmation)

Izzy (-Insert Clever Name Here-) (Confirmed)


Book Keeper-



Flower Girl-

Tressa Everdeen

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